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Today I took a look at the story of Casey from TLC’s “Family By The Ton”, a show dedicated to following the journey of a real family’s weight loss. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the title of this show, but I decided to press on anyway and see if there was anything valuable to discuss. At his heaviest, Casey weighed 845 pounds and almost never left his father’s house where he stayed in bed and played video games all day. Today, Casey is employed, living on his own, and weighs under 300 pounds. His journey is nothing short of incredible, due in part to a supportive family, a strong medical team, bariatric surgery, and a commitment to improving his quality of life. Go, Casey!
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Casey King FBTT
Casey King FBTT Acum 4 luni
So far it's pretty spot on, I appreciate the honesty and professionalism. To hear someone speak from a medical standpoint it's easier to take in criticisms and I really appreciate him explaining everything out to help others understand the mindset and how things are. It wasn't a fun life, I was miserable, the whole jounrey has been insane and crazy to apart of. I appreciate Dr. Mike for putting this out there, shouting my channel out in the bio, talking on how I'm doing now and everything. This was a really great watch, thanks everyone for the love and support and thanks again Dr. Mike
Windows 7.7
Windows 7.7 Acum 3 ore
Larissa Castillo
Larissa Castillo Acum 7 ore
I think this was way more possible because of how honest and open you were to accept your faults. Your honesty and hard work got you where you're at right now. I am so proud of you.
Zack Acum 8 ore
Casey, you don't know me, but I'm still proud of you and your accomplishment!
Aspect Acum o Zi
@Doctor Mike how many more years do you predict this guy will live if he keeps doing the things he’s doing?
Nick Llama
Nick Llama Acum o Zi
Congrats Casey! Incredible achievement, you should be proud!
Michael M
Michael M Acum 33 minute
this man so fat that his t shirt had more x's than tailor swift.
Madalyn Bentle
Madalyn Bentle Acum oră
I have had 30 surgeries and I am only 13 years old. When I was a baby I had severe medical problems such as asthma chronic lung disease my hips were out of place eating disorder and so much more so I totally understand the fear of surgery!❤️
Mikołaj K
Mikołaj K Acum oră
Where I live if you're obese, you receive death wishes.
Isaac Acum oră
My excess skin caused black lines on my belly and they look like surgery scars XD
Sam Fenster
Sam Fenster Acum 2 ore
Your point about frank honesty from doctors being an excellent way of getting to patients really hit home for me. I was never as big as the man in this video, but I was pushing 300 lbs at my heaviest, and heart problems run in the family. My primary care provider telling me frankly that my odds of dying at 40 were dramatically higher as a direct result of my size really made the problem seem real, and pushed me to start losing the weight. I'm down to about 190 now, and it's entirely because I didn't (and don't) want my family to have to bury me young.
Jesh Acum 3 ore
This is real body positivity. Accepting obesity is a disease and taking action. ❤️
Gamb1ff Acum 3 ore
"Doctor's are fatphobic" You wanna suffer a heart attack? do what doctor's say
Sir Mediocre
Sir Mediocre Acum 3 ore
This went from being horrifying to absolutely heart-warming in the end. It's incredible to see someone make that kind of progress.
Kevin Franzen
Kevin Franzen Acum 6 ore
Videos like this one where you clearly illustrate empathy and a desire to help improve people's lives are the reasons I enjoy learning from watching your videos.
Cody Passmore
Cody Passmore Acum 6 ore
bruh if you fat enough to be sent to a zoo, its time to skip some burgers
ThatColin Acum 6 ore
Him: Dies Coffin Makers: Oh Fric-
Zee L
Zee L Acum 7 ore
I had gastric bypass surgery at the end of 2019. I've lost 50kg so far - 2020 was a great year for me.
ParroTiest Acum 8 ore
No offense but how in the hell can he walk around and how is his bed not broken and stuff. That is 711 pounds, he must be muscular to carry that amount. I’m not trying to offend fat people or make fun of him, but man that is crazy.
Aldo Mostert
Aldo Mostert Acum 8 ore
I have been fat my entire life, I got sick of it. I was 150 kgs and I am now 108 kgs
Aldo Mostert
Aldo Mostert Acum 4 ore
@Daya thanks brother 🙏with God on my side I will be
Daya Acum 4 ore
Congrats! Hope you will the rest of your live being healthy and happy!
Kosmos Acum 8 ore
As a 14 year old, this motivates me to lose a couple pounds as I’m a little overweight.
Matthew Sapochak
Matthew Sapochak Acum 9 ore
If u play to much football is it bad for u
Deadpool Acum 4 ore
No have fun
Russell Acum 9 ore
"Do you guys have elephant size tombs?"
crancrled Acum 10 ore
He can take two bullets of WW2 tanks. He maxed out his defense stat.
Evan Joseph
Evan Joseph Acum 13 ore
If u were my doctor i would be sick 24/7
tehs3raph1m Acum 13 ore
Hey Doctor Mike, with the enabler comments, it really is like addiction. Chemically so, that dopamine connection is like drug addiction. So unless you think a cocaine addict or heroin addict could just "willpower" through people bringing drugs to them, you are maybe missing an important treatment angle.
Stanley Shady
Stanley Shady Acum 14 ore
Doctor seemed genuinely happy for him losing all that weight and reaching his goal.. that's rare for american doctors..
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Acum 14 ore
Its sad to see someone in this situation
Kevin McGonigle
Kevin McGonigle Acum 15 ore
For me when bathing become an active chore that would be my breaking point to lose weight
AfrNekowMoshii Acum 16 ore
suddenly, I started working out
Victor Clabaugh
Victor Clabaugh Acum 16 ore
The cold hard truth is best. I fully agree with that statement. Perfect video the guy reached his immediate goals and felt better about himself and that is biggest battle.
FloodedFish Acum 16 ore
Really proud of how far he’s come
Javier Nathan
Javier Nathan Acum 17 ore
i rlly don't like the live action it doesnt have the same impact as the anime
TurtleSauceGaming Acum 18 ore
oddly enough, I switched from Soda to tea. I want to try to switch to water or flavored water, and I'm curious what you're opinion is on flavored water in the case where someone drinks excessively to mitigate caloric intake. Also, had a call one time where a woman got stuck in her tub. She actually created a vacuum in the tub from water and her own fat. We tried running toe straps under her, but that didn't work. The end result was we actually took the sawzall and cut the tub out of the bathroom and turned it on it's side. to roll her out. Also had an instructor who had a man die at 18 weighing 1000 pounds. He was a frequent flier with the ambulance service, living in a row home. The guy would walk down the steps and flop into the ambulance. Bad snow storm in '92 meant the ambulance couldn't back up to his door. Their answer was to make a mesh cot in the bucket of a front loader and throw a blanket over him and drive him that way. When he died, they had to cut out the brick front of the house and craned him onto a flatbed. Some crazy stories from my time.
Rebecca Lord
Rebecca Lord Acum 19 ore
I am a 290 lb 22 yo female who is in the process of getting bariatric surgery, and I want to let everyone know that it isn’t something to be ashamed of...If you’re trying, and you’re working on it, I’m proud of you. It isn’t easy, and it will take a lot of hard work and strength but you can do it. I believe in you.
I feel really bad for them it’s not okay for them to be so big it’s unhealthy 😭
R J Acum 19 ore
You have got to take care of yourself. So many 'victims' these days. Its personal responsibility. Its your life. This fat positive garbage from the left is just that... garbage. If they are so keen on being morbidly obese, why isn't there a diabetes positive? Or a heart disease positive? Or colon cancer positive?? Fat people are much more likely to develop those diseases and many others. We literally have 10 year olds that are already morbidly obese and developing those diseases. As a culture we need to wake the hell up.
Bruce Courtney
Bruce Courtney Acum 19 ore
Honestly if you can still walk, you have a pretty good shot at staying alive.
Outta Bubblegum
Outta Bubblegum Acum 20 ore
This guy doesn't look 700+
Angela Acum 20 ore
Yet there’s still a whole bunch of dimwits that hate on what they call “Diet Culture” and call it toxic
xSpengy3 Acum 20 ore
Deme Garner
Deme Garner Acum 21 oră
at least he ws up and moving around at 700 pounds
Nathan Robbins
Nathan Robbins Acum 21 oră
"but it wasn't a large amount of sour cream" 😂😂😂
Nathan Robbins
Nathan Robbins Acum 21 oră
I don't know if I physically can look at him as a whole. I don't have that field of vision
Aidan Acum 22 ore
bUT iTS FaT sHAmIng!!11!
chips Acum 10 ore
YeAh Be PrOuD oF uR DyInG BoDy!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1
Milliene Xu
Milliene Xu Acum 22 ore
But also this almost 800 pound guy who is unemployed, living in his parents’ house gaming all day (his words) seems very eloquent and fairly well spoken. Goes to show stereotypes in any discussion that may involve mental health is dangerous and harmful.
Munich FX
Munich FX Acum 22 ore
There's much compassion in this doctor's words, I respect that.
God Ladio3
God Ladio3 Acum 23 ore
Good sir I can’t look at this patient as a whole
Ever Forward
Ever Forward Acum 23 ore
Doctor Mike, do you make house calls?
Luke Ryba
Luke Ryba Acum 23 ore
guy studied for like 15 years to be named "Doctor Proctor." Never fill up my froyo dog, you don't know when to stop
Aspect Acum o Zi
I kinda want this guy to be my doctor. He’s smarter than my doctor. 🤣
RiseSleeper Acum o Zi
Dr. Mike can you do a video of reacting to scary parasites? I’m super worried about worms 💀
Bhat Muttalib
Bhat Muttalib Acum o Zi
Fat acceptance movement: We'll pretend we didn't see that
Citrus Wilson
Citrus Wilson Acum o Zi
In a video, can you talk about cosmetic surgeries, or just surgery in general? Im interested in the risks & chances now.
Mata the One-X
Mata the One-X Acum o Zi
Watching this while eating a double cheeseburger...
Mari ZenSoul
Mari ZenSoul Acum o Zi
its supposed to be pronounced CanDeeDa infection.
Mari ZenSoul
Mari ZenSoul Acum o Zi
yeah wouldn't want a Canada infection hahahaha
Kiwi_girl Acum o Zi
Ohhh so that’s why I can’t eat before surgeries huh
Your buddy
Your buddy Acum o Zi
Doctor Mike seems to have studied hard in med school, he must be very rich
Jesigh S
Jesigh S Acum o Zi
He's 711 pounds and Mike has 7.11 million subs. coincidence?... I think not!
Rohan Kishibe
Rohan Kishibe Acum 21 oră
H m m m . . .
James Blakeley
James Blakeley Acum o Zi
4:41 Ah Scotland, you fat, fat country. We really shouldn’t be selling so many deep fried Mars bars.
Ethan Acum o Zi
Why cant you be my science teachers
Robert S.
Robert S. Acum o Zi
The harsh reality is that you rarely see people this obese over the age of 40. This negative health activity tends to solve itself through death.
Rachael B
Rachael B Acum o Zi
Thats freaking heartbreaking. Having to take people to the zoo in order to get tests ran.
Broke Nerfing
Broke Nerfing Acum o Zi
The titles great 😂
Just Tim
Just Tim Acum o Zi
Monsters that are that huge should not be able to get disability, or any kind of govt help, it’s their own fault, it should be illegal for anyone to become that huge
Craft Eccentricity
Craft Eccentricity Acum o Zi
This is a great video, and one thing never addressed, is the food companies. Yes, no one has to buy it, or eat it, but a simple can of condensed soup can contain up to 16 teaspoons of sugar
Aldrin Fontanilla
Aldrin Fontanilla Acum o Zi
What a change. Good for the man, he earned it
Kerwin Carter Williams
Kerwin Carter Williams Acum o Zi
Wow doc's face 👊 4:00 he cares
Dababy Acum o Zi
Didnt read the last 2 words a d thought u wanted to punch his face 😂
The working Dude
The working Dude Acum o Zi
Pffft. I will fat shame. I have zero sympathy for 99% of obese persons. HTF do even get that big? I f i eat just a little too much, i feel nausea coming on.. Not too mention how much it must cost. And what happened to the bible warning about gluttony? Nah, you make your bed....
Ro Tee
Ro Tee Acum o Zi
Owen Edmundson
Owen Edmundson Acum 2 ore
Gia Marie
Gia Marie Acum o Zi
A doctor shouldn’t even be reacting to this. Everyone knows the human body wasn’t built to sustain this kind of weight. This is no more than exploitation and making money on ROkey. A kindergartner knows this isn’t good.
Trey Noe
Trey Noe Acum o Zi
Is this video not fatphobic?
Darky - Music Production
Darky - Music Production Acum o Zi
How would this video be fatphobic? The doctor isn’t insulting the guy for being fat, he is saying what he’s doing wrong and how he can improve.
dwayn_ Acum o Zi
Netflix adaptation of japanese bombing
Nikita O'Neal
Nikita O'Neal Acum o Zi
I wish more DRs were like you Mike. You are so kind and genuine. Yesterday was the first day I started water aerobics. I am motivated to keep going. Even tho at 357 I am no where near the guy in the video I still feel overwhelmed and hopeless sometimes. That's gonna change. Thank you so much for brightening my day.
James Blakeley
James Blakeley Acum 2 ore
@Nikita O'Neal I hope you have a lovely day and a lovely life! We’d better wrap up this well deserved compliment string or we may end up like hobbits giving, second and third thank yous 🤣
Nikita O'Neal
Nikita O'Neal Acum o Zi
@James Blakeley Kind stranger, you don't know me, yet you took the time out of your day to say such kind words. They are precious to me and I'll cherish them. Thank you so much and I hope you have a lovely day. I'll think of this little gift while I work towards my goal 💕💕
James Blakeley
James Blakeley Acum o Zi
Good luck! I’m glad you are on the right track. Even if it isn’t much, I am cheering you on!
Jake Acum o Zi
This guy must have a pancreas of steel I don’t know how he didn’t die of diabetes or a heart attack.
Sneha Valabailu
Sneha Valabailu Acum o Zi
Dr.Mike looks so much like Hrithik Roshan in this thumbnail. Thanks to my super fast internet, I started at the thumbnail for 5 minutes. Do I regret it? No
Hadi _HA
Hadi _HA Acum o Zi
1:22 ah yes, a gamer doctor
Sandra Meesala
Sandra Meesala Acum o Zi
Guys. I'm reading the comments, giving medical facts and being strict is very different from shaming. Shaming is belittling someone. Doctors do not and should never do that. We give patients information and work with them. Be strict and stern but never shame. That just makes u a jerk. A potentially harmful one too.
Jesus is God and loves you
Jesus is God and loves you Acum o Zi
Jesus loves you so much that He died for you:) He wants a relationship with you and wants you to come closer to Him, please repent from your sins
Oliver lord
Oliver lord Acum o Zi
I eat a ton and I am very skinny 😂
Lil Big Man
Lil Big Man Acum o Zi
Mr. Skeleton
Mr. Skeleton Acum o Zi
3:30 "There's some fiber and other nutrients in there" Fiber? To use an example, a BigMac has all of 3g of fiber (and 30g of FAT).
Kay Fay
Kay Fay Acum o Zi
Equal Acum o Zi
“You have to look at the patient as a whole” I could’ve made so many jokes but it’s just sad.
Joel Morder
Joel Morder Acum o Zi
That but about not blaming others regardless of right or wrong was spot on. When you take control from yourself it really just makes it easier to not make any changes. That goes for really any area of life. Eating, exercise, working, etc.
J Denavardez
J Denavardez Acum o Zi
I used to fit into a size 5 until a pill for hormonal regulation made me super hungry and I went from 5'7 130 to 190 in 6 months. People would say I still was beautiful and now it's been over a decade and I'm still a size 10. I still don't like my body but I've accepted it, but I don't like it when people say I'm a good weight and size because I don't like the enabling. I want encouragement to keep going on my weight loss journey until I get into a smaller size.
Brendon’s Life!
Brendon’s Life! Acum o Zi
Try being my size Amy!
Raul Adrian
Raul Adrian Acum o Zi
I am 5'5 feat tall and weight 130 pounds. It's incredible to me how people can gain wait so easily when I can't.
Moby Thicc
Moby Thicc Acum o Zi
I mean I'm like 6"1' and 130 so I guess your fine
Jayson Elliott
Jayson Elliott Acum o Zi
The thing you said about sweet tea is the the same like drinking lemonade
laura hiett
laura hiett Acum o Zi
Bro is that the doctor also treated Amy and Tammy??
DeborrahKim Palmer
DeborrahKim Palmer Acum o Zi
Love your comments!! Love that you highlight quality of life!! That’s my why with my clients!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Acum o Zi
I wash myself with a rag on a stick.
shiara ruiz
shiara ruiz Acum o Zi
You are better doctor than my own doctor he only told me to lose weight that is
April McPherson-VanRaalte
April McPherson-VanRaalte Acum 2 Zile
I'm a recovering anorexic at all my doctor offices I stand where I do not look at the number. If they leave me too long in front of the scale I will have a panic attack. All this said I feel for this guy's face when faced with the scale
Sierra Fox
Sierra Fox Acum 2 Zile
If this dude can walk around at his weight, then the fat people at Walmart don't need to be using the scooters.
GKeeper316 Acum 2 Zile
feel free to fat shame. fat people should be shamed. relentlessly.
Light speed Gamers
Light speed Gamers Acum 2 Zile
I now promise only to water be the only thing I drink I'll be get used to it, because I don't want this ,or even the chance
HCforLife1 Acum 2 Zile
But "Healthy in every size"....
Kill Me so I can Respawn
Kill Me so I can Respawn Acum 2 Zile
And then there’s me at 89 lbs, struggling to not get blown away by a good breeze of wind. It’s amazing how varying the scale can range when it comes to weight related health issues. I really hope he manages to live a long and healthy life, since I have a vague idea of how difficult it is when your weight is causing your health to decline. I’m actually being scheduled for surgery so I can try to eat more food (my disorder has me afraid to eat solid foods as I’ve choked on the past as my throat closes up whenever I try to eat anything thicker than tomato soup) though hearing this story makes me more hopefully that maybe I’ll be able to find the right sort of treatment to help with my combination of disorders and the resulting issues they’ve caused
GilKyu Kim
GilKyu Kim Acum 2 Zile
I don't know if this is healty, but personally...... the fastest way to lose weight is to walk, and eat 2 meals a day instead of 3
Patrick Tremblay
Patrick Tremblay Acum 2 Zile
Me in my mind: Why..?
Alois Please
Alois Please Acum 2 Zile
*"being kind to yourself and not pushing yourself is really important in the beginning."* 👏👏👏👏
Alois Please
Alois Please Acum 2 Zile
I love how he addressed that the weighing process in barriatric surgery. It was terrifying and embarrassing for me on my journey. This doctor is speaking the truth that may seem harsh, yes, but he clearly sympathizes with the mental side of how impossible weightloss seems. We can be completley stuck in tje dark feeling like we will never live again. Taking openly and honestly about these situations helps us struggling with our weight, disordered eating, and mental health in relation to it.
flyxright Acum 2 Zile
3:15: That's actually NoSalt which is potassium not salt.
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