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Over the last few years on ROkey I’ve reacted to 16 medical dramas. Today, in honor of counting down the New Year, I decided to rank them from least accurate to most accurate. Remember, just because a show is inaccurate doesn’t mean it isn’t an entertaining and fun show, it just means it fails the Doctor Mike realness-test. I also recognize this list is purely subjective, so if you disagree with any of my rankings please let me know in the comments below and let me know where you think these shows actually belong!
My med drama reactions (not in order, to avoid spoilers):
Chicago Med: rokey.info/key/video/jWuDpZeOq8mFqMo.html
Code Black: rokey.info/key/video/hXmDm9qioNWAqs4.html
House M.D.: rokey.info/auto/PLJRbJuI_csVD1-Zxkyd9WR8a-5zjCqwcU
The Good Doctor: rokey.info/auto/PLJRbJuI_csVDVvRQOkMZ4B0QZ68k_g9pd
The Night Shift: rokey.info/key/video/fIWIYtuao72mw7A.html
Nurse Jackie: rokey.info/key/video/a4x7h85vn5Sfm7g.html
The Resident: rokey.info/key/video/sIedaJyXgM2pmLw.html
-On SET with The Resident: rokey.info/key/video/kI-KpJiheMKJmqw.html
New Amsterdam: rokey.info/key/video/r46feLqwdqmF0bw.html
Grey’s Anatomy: rokey.info/auto/PLJRbJuI_csVD4Gv4kMaKQE5BJSwSwT9YF
Scrubs: rokey.info/key/video/eot3rd-Po8KN3bw.html
ER: rokey.info/key/video/m6eXlrCNbMx9p5M.html
Attaway General: rokey.info/key/video/hIKApJJ4l7iBq9Y.html
Doogie Howser, M.D.: rokey.info/key/video/eZuifq2ahMuGrKQ.html
Nurses: rokey.info/key/video/f4iXZs6EpsWTr7A.html
Transplant: rokey.info/key/video/j4uUZpdtepOWr6g.html
Royal Pains: rokey.info/key/video/Z4N5j6adqpqDy7g.html
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Nate Eclipse
Nate Eclipse Acum oră
Grey's Anatomy should be lower
Shawn Ryu
Shawn Ryu Acum 2 ore
1:25 Wasn't Doogie Houser like..13>
Viva La Vivarium
Viva La Vivarium Acum 3 ore
I had a feeling that house was not gong to be #1, you know cause of well... house, but the science is amazing to watch. I'm a bio student and studying biology is kinda my life so learning all that stuff was amazing.
Jamie O'Donoghue
Jamie O'Donoghue Acum 4 ore
In a college (University level) anatomy class, I was told by my professor that E.R. was one of the most accurate medical dramas when it was actually on.
iulitus Acum 4 ore
House Is very unrealistic. The Good Doctor, instead, develops a very accurate diagnosis construction.
Team Rocket Grunts
Team Rocket Grunts Acum 4 ore
I need to know where you would place Hospital Playlist in this list. Maybe it's because I work at a hospital in an East Asian country, but for me, it accurately depicted both human lives and the art of medicine.
Another Duck
Another Duck Acum 5 ore
A funny thing about House is that the hospital has budget post for House-induced legal costs. Apparently the reputation to be able to handle those zebras is worth keeping House around.
Liz damn
Liz damn Acum 5 ore
code black is so underrated! I watched it three times already and it is just amazing! I'm becoming a nurse and I really really love it.
NCN8iveinOK Acum 6 ore
So, where would you put Marcus Welby, M.D. or St. Elsewhere on this list?
Mateusz Szczerba
Mateusz Szczerba Acum 6 ore
My mom, who is a nurse, used to watch the ER All the time. And I did too with her ☺️
Oppo Oppo
Oppo Oppo Acum 7 ore
Another med drama? Likeee.. Korean med drama ...pleased react doc!
Ashlyn M
Ashlyn M Acum 7 ore
i'm watching to see where house lands and that's it
ModestAlchemist Acum 8 ore
House is way worse than Scrubs.
ModestAlchemist Acum 8 ore
for real... one of the patients gets breast cancer in their knee. and their knee spurts milk. i'm not even making this up.
Carlo loke lim
Carlo loke lim Acum 12 ore
doctor mike is my favorite medical show
addison C
addison C Acum 12 ore
greys anatomy gets better
Kolya Kolya
Kolya Kolya Acum 12 ore
What about MASH?
Claudia B Vogas Ministries
Claudia B Vogas Ministries Acum 13 ore
What about Private Practice? Same level as Grey's Anatomy?
Rieke B.
Rieke B. Acum 14 ore
ER is definitely the best
Paul Winters
Paul Winters Acum 14 ore
Review osmosis Jones or cells at work that would be awsome
David Kearns
David Kearns Acum 15 ore
hold up, in that royal pains clip was he really trying to do the ole heart zap using bare wires? Wouldnt 60hz AC make things worse.
Poplar Picker
Poplar Picker Acum 15 ore
I can't believe scrubs is more accurate than greys
Anna Acum 16 ore
OK so this may be one that you may want to watch before you react to it because you react to season 15 episode 19 of Grey’s Anatomy
Loryn Taylor
Loryn Taylor Acum 17 ore
So my degree in Grey’s Anatomy means nothing? My heart. 🥺😢😂😂
Gregorio Margaglia
Gregorio Margaglia Acum 18 ore
I feel like House is more accurate than the good doctor. It's my favourite mwdical drama and one of the top 3 more favourite series af all time. I've seen quite a lot of the other series and i agree personally. I would not know, in terms of medical accurancy if House is better than E.R. because I did not see E.R. so far
mackinzi elizabeth
mackinzi elizabeth Acum 19 ore
5:42 how did i know
lisa foodie
lisa foodie Acum 19 ore
bring back code black...
lisa foodie
lisa foodie Acum 19 ore
greys antomy has faded into mediocrity...
catalina pielert
catalina pielert Acum 21 oră
i got so excited when er got 1st place
Tamara Dayaram
Tamara Dayaram Acum 22 ore
Love greys but the lack of allied health professionals still annoys me
Kat Acum 23 ore
House S06 E10, you won't regret it. ;)
athleticsdude Acum 23 ore
Did you know that the American Medical Association ranked Scrubs as the #1 most accurate show? Just to float that out there ;)
Vineet Honkan
Vineet Honkan Acum 23 ore
...trapper john md?
jannatul nayeem promi
jannatul nayeem promi Acum o Zi
I knew the good doctor is going to be in high position in this list.Its just amusing to see dr shuan improving his communication problems and the medical accuracy is really educating to me as I hope to go med school one day.and the fact that it was inspired or adapted from the kdrama the good doctor is really a matter of proud for me cause I am a kdrama fan too
xxIluvyouguysxx Acum o Zi
I love Greys but I’m surprised it wasn’t lower down lmao
GamePlayer553 Acum o Zi
If you haven't already, I'd be interested in seeing Doc Mike react to M*A*S*H*. Absolutely love that show
zack nelson
zack nelson Acum o Zi
You forgot M.A.S.H!!!
ItsPronouncedJoel Acum o Zi
Doctor Mike says: hit me in the comments Me: 🤜💥👨‍⚕️ It's a joke btw
Ashley Zhu
Ashley Zhu Acum o Zi
kafka35 Acum o Zi
I disagree about Chicago MD. sometimes they get waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to involved with their patients, to the point of violating laws. I'll find an episode and share. I agree E.R. is number one, we watched that show on the regular in my home. My mom is a former surgical tech and I had basic medical training in the Navy. Plus we have several nurses in our family so we really appreciated E.R. And Code Black, oh my god, that was a second for me. It was so good after so many terrible medical shows between E.R. and code black for me and my mom. You should check out St. Elsewhere, if you haven't already. That was my first medical tv show.
gr13 Acum o Zi
House Md)
WaffleGamer XOX6
WaffleGamer XOX6 Acum o Zi
House MD season 3 episode 2, “Cane and Able” plssss
Bridget Anderson
Bridget Anderson Acum o Zi
We both know you would’ve put greys down lower if you weren’t afraid of the fans lol
Maya Normasbutt
Maya Normasbutt Acum o Zi
House being that accurate is scary, those doctors broke into a lot of houses
1592sandra Acum o Zi
I agree...binged ER at start of pandemic and enjoyed it just as much! I feel later med shows owe a lot to it. Was my fave show first time round and remains a fave. Scrubs and House are also in my list. New Amsterdam is my present fave, used to like Grey'Anatomy but stopped around season 7. A friend has recently binged it and loves it, never misses an ep. I think I will have to catch The Good Doctor and Code Black but the others have passed me by. One of my earlier favourites was St Elsewhere(yes I am going back a lot😂) do not know if you can ge5 it but would be good to know what you think. Love what you do, thanks for making me smile and educating me too.
Adwaith S Gopal
Adwaith S Gopal Acum o Zi
Does anyone know 'Doctors' kdrama? 😅
Karen Melamed
Karen Melamed Acum o Zi
Mash, st elsewhere and general hospital
Colin Healy
Colin Healy Acum o Zi
So... I feel like saying Doogie Houser MD is outdated and then saying ER is number 1 and it's super old is a little skewed for sure.
Doctor, Tell Me Why
Doctor, Tell Me Why Acum o Zi
Honestly nothing can be worse than New Amsterdam it’s (1) REALLY BORING (2) INSANE (running a major hospital while saving your marriage AND fighting cancer lol) (3) INCREDIBLY PREACHY AHA!
Doctor, Tell Me Why
Doctor, Tell Me Why Acum o Zi
Can someone please tell me that I’m not alone in my frustration with New Amsterdam?
mainframeapocalypse92 Acum o Zi
I think the list la pretty good and accurate, so haters can go to “attaway general” if they want
Dimah azizi
Dimah azizi Acum o Zi
What about casualty?
Kathy Rogers
Kathy Rogers Acum o Zi
ER is my favorite. Love House, too, but sometimes wonder why in so many episodes of House patients a. vomit blood and b. have liver failure. So, so many!
Here's the list 1. ER 2. Good Doctor 3. House MD 4. Code Black 5. Chicago Med 6. Scrubs 7. Greys Anatomy 8. New Amsterdam 9. The Resident 10. Nurse Jackie 11. The Night Shift 12. Royal Pains 13. Transplant 14. Nurses 15. Doogie Howser 16. Attaway General You're welcome 😊
Holz C
Holz C Acum o Zi
Definitely time for you to watch some UK medical dramas such as Call the Midwife, Casualty and Holby City.
Tanya Meerkotter
Tanya Meerkotter Acum o Zi
Yes! Yes! Bring back Code Black!
Isaac - Runs on Spite
Isaac - Runs on Spite Acum o Zi
I'm not a Fan of House cause there was an Episode where House "cured" someone's Asexuality, which was just no. Not okay. That was so messed up.
OsculumSanctum Acum o Zi
Could you do a React video to the medical scenes of Mr. Robot?
Marisha’s Vegan World
Marisha’s Vegan World Acum o Zi
I stopped watching Chicago med when they destroyed the relationship between Ava and Connor. They are the best ship!
Marisa Jo McDowell
Marisa Jo McDowell Acum o Zi
Your entire ranking was correct. Also, love that Code Black made it so far up.
Marisa Jo McDowell
Marisa Jo McDowell Acum o Zi
I knew before I clicked that #1 had to be er.
Vlog Zarick
Vlog Zarick Acum o Zi
Doctor make a react to the episode of Grey's Anatomy about covid, I found it extremely respectful and extremely necessary, folks liked it for him to see my comment
Ms. Megan Louise McKenna
Ms. Megan Louise McKenna Acum o Zi
Does everyone still forget about CNAs or med techs?
Oskar Lee
Oskar Lee Acum o Zi
When you begined 7 I thought it was good doctor
• Pepe •
• Pepe • Acum o Zi
But where do we put The Amazing Dr. Pol and Breaking Bad?
James Kuffner
James Kuffner Acum o Zi
Just watched this. No St. Elsewhere on your list? No Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? For shame Doctor Mike. For shame. Otherwise a good video.
Ashley Hales
Ashley Hales Acum o Zi
WATCH "3 Rivers" it's a hospital drama strictly about transplants. Really cool if you can find it. Only lasted one season.
Passionatelies Acum o Zi
The Good Doctor is a spin off from the Korean drama called Good Doctor. That's cool to see it ranked high on your list. 😁
Jeffrey Sica
Jeffrey Sica Acum o Zi
Thanks for putting this up, opened my eyes to a lot of new med drama's to watch. Been stuck on grey's but it's overly theatrical
James Jones
James Jones Acum o Zi
Scrubs should be number 1
Atraxis Z
Atraxis Z Acum o Zi
I'm currently obsessed with the resident and it should definitely be top 5. It's amazing
Runar Andersen
Runar Andersen Acum o Zi
I am impressed he found 16.
Pittsburgh91 Acum o Zi
You put the Good Doctor at number 2?!?!?! Dude you need to watch more episodes, Shaun should have been fired at least 6 times so far, the show has really gone downhill in terms of medical accuracy.
Hyacinth Bannister
Hyacinth Bannister Acum o Zi
I haven't watched all my list wouldn't be the same as yours....ER, Grey's ,Good Doctor , Chicago Med and New Amsterdam these are the only ones I believe in my region
Bree-Ann Ramats
Bree-Ann Ramats Acum o Zi
I wish they would bring back Code Black too!!!! 💖
patrickhasachannel Acum 2 Zile
the number of times i tried to be an extra for Chicago Med and didn't get it turned me off lol call me salty, I get it
Haneen Ebrahim
Haneen Ebrahim Acum 2 Zile
I love these videos so much because I’m always wondering whether it’s medically real and accurate, and I’m looking for something to watch that is medically true and enjoyable, and this just made up my show list so thank you
nini 06
nini 06 Acum 2 Zile
1. E.R 2. The Good Doctor 3. House 4. Code Black 5. Chicago Med 6. Scrubs 7. Grey's Anatomy
nini 06
nini 06 Acum 2 Zile
There are bunch of Korean dramas that are very specific to details of the story and The Good Doctos is one of the many great ones
SayaCeline Acum 2 Zile
My #1 will always be Scrubs because of how well it hit the life in a hospital for me, including the great doctor having a breakdown after losing multiple patients in a day during COVID. That show kept me going through nursing school!
Cunning Estep
Cunning Estep Acum 2 Zile
House and The Good Doctor are written by the same guy, good doctor is newer, so it makes sense it's above house. I was actually expecting it to be number one, but I might just have to give ER a watch.
ii Owlsii
ii Owlsii Acum 2 Zile
is it just me or does he look like derek shepard
Shawn Wilson
Shawn Wilson Acum 2 Zile
I'm just happy that Scrubs is in the upper half. Might be time for a fresh rewatch of the series
Ender Squish
Ender Squish Acum 2 Zile
The fact that Chicago med was #5 made me happy. I really love that show
Bunny Love
Bunny Love Acum 2 Zile
Please watch 911, I’m not sure but I think they get some medical stuff right.
Daniela Fuentes
Daniela Fuentes Acum 2 Zile
A i'm SO happy with ER ♥️♥️♥️
my cats
my cats Acum 2 Zile
I've never seen many of the ones on this list. I may get ratiod for this, but Grey's Anatomy is absolutely terrible. It was on while I was in waiting room & couldn't change the channel. There was a marathon. I felt like I was losing brain cells. The music was too loud, the directing was bad (awkward cuts from scene to scene), and the acting was horrible. I loved Scrubs and ER.
Dumaine Camille
Dumaine Camille Acum 2 Zile
Let's bring back Code Black!!! Yessssssss
Jasmeet Kaur Bhambra
Jasmeet Kaur Bhambra Acum 2 Zile
As a person doing PhD, Greys Anatomy is pretty inaccurate in research outline and incredibly arrogant where surgeons are doing all sort of experimental procedures with surgeries. Seriously they can do all growing stem cells, gene mapping and virology who needs scientists anymore
Sam Jimenea
Sam Jimenea Acum 2 Zile
Give The Resident some credit 😂😂 i suggest you watch the covid episode, seanson 4 Episode 1 I’m a Ph nurse and I love it
MJ Mckenrick
MJ Mckenrick Acum 2 Zile
ER will always be my absolute favorite!!!
Nelson Enegbuma
Nelson Enegbuma Acum 2 Zile
House is the best for me After a while, i got bored of the good doctor ER is a classic New Amsterdam: doesn't hold my attention as hyped I think i will check out code black Not a fan of the rest
joan angeles
joan angeles Acum 2 Zile
Chicago Med minus the messy romance 🤓
Timofte Victor
Timofte Victor Acum 2 Zile
Hi, wach "Rush" and tell me your opinion
lnnocent Njazi
lnnocent Njazi Acum 2 Zile
yes am with you lets bring code black back....to me its number 1
Lindsey Mathias
Lindsey Mathias Acum 2 Zile
Oh wow I really didn't think attaway hospital or whatever it's called, was real. What I saw when he watched it was absolutely awful and cringey!!
freespirit Acum 2 Zile
Yes please resurrect Code Black! I love New Amsterdam, ER and Good Doctor too even if some situations in the former are unrealistic, I agree with the list.
Esther Fontenele
Esther Fontenele Acum 2 Zile
For me, only thing I’d change is Chicago Med’s position, instead of The Good Doctor being number 2, I’d put it as 5, and Chicago at 3 or 2, House MD would be above it
Caity Sams
Caity Sams Acum 2 Zile
you should react to an episode of private practice
Kayla Layer
Kayla Layer Acum 2 Zile
Haha on Chicago Med Dr Choi tells the student Sarah how to do chest compressions. He's not a nurse!!!
Combat Fritos
Combat Fritos Acum 2 Zile
Cells at Work is the real #1
Lily Tucker-Prittchet
Lily Tucker-Prittchet Acum 2 Zile
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