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Over the last few years on ROkey I’ve reacted to 16 medical dramas. Today, in honor of counting down the New Year, I decided to rank them from least accurate to most accurate. Remember, just because a show is inaccurate doesn’t mean it isn’t an entertaining and fun show, it just means it fails the Doctor Mike realness-test. I also recognize this list is purely subjective, so if you disagree with any of my rankings please let me know in the comments below and let me know where you think these shows actually belong!
My med drama reactions (not in order, to avoid spoilers):
Chicago Med: rokey.info/key/video/jWuDpZeOq8mFqMo.html
Code Black: rokey.info/key/video/hXmDm9qioNWAqs4.html
House M.D.: rokey.info/auto/PLJRbJuI_csVD1-Zxkyd9WR8a-5zjCqwcU
The Good Doctor: rokey.info/auto/PLJRbJuI_csVDVvRQOkMZ4B0QZ68k_g9pd
The Night Shift: rokey.info/key/video/fIWIYtuao72mw7A.html
Nurse Jackie: rokey.info/key/video/a4x7h85vn5Sfm7g.html
The Resident: rokey.info/key/video/sIedaJyXgM2pmLw.html
-On SET with The Resident: rokey.info/key/video/kI-KpJiheMKJmqw.html
New Amsterdam: rokey.info/key/video/r46feLqwdqmF0bw.html
Grey’s Anatomy: rokey.info/auto/PLJRbJuI_csVD4Gv4kMaKQE5BJSwSwT9YF
Scrubs: rokey.info/key/video/eot3rd-Po8KN3bw.html
ER: rokey.info/key/video/m6eXlrCNbMx9p5M.html
Attaway General: rokey.info/key/video/hIKApJJ4l7iBq9Y.html
Doogie Howser, M.D.: rokey.info/key/video/eZuifq2ahMuGrKQ.html
Nurses: rokey.info/key/video/f4iXZs6EpsWTr7A.html
Transplant: rokey.info/key/video/j4uUZpdtepOWr6g.html
Royal Pains: rokey.info/key/video/Z4N5j6adqpqDy7g.html
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Ken Reilley
Ken Reilley Acum 39 minute
I agree with ER; I disagree with House. House's small pox quarantine episode alone should have ranked it much farther down the list.
William Sutter
William Sutter Acum oră
All Saints focuses on nurses, physicians, surgeons and paramedics (granted, some seasons you see less of the work of paramedics).
Mark Tudque
Mark Tudque Acum oră
Really?! What is the motivation here? You're pretty enough to be an actor. You should try it! It may be the profession in line with your motivation. I appreciate it when you cover medical/surgical issues.
Ollah Marie Macias
Ollah Marie Macias Acum oră
You havent see the Romantic doctor. Please watch it doc. Romantic doctor.. it is a korean drama that has 2 season.. pls pls watch and make a reaction video about it. You wont regret watching it i promise 😀
Askil V Johnsen
Askil V Johnsen Acum 2 ore
I know you didnt ask, but PLEASE for the love of god, watch house season 2 the last episode, episode 24. my all time favorite and ive watched them all atleast 2 times
Stacy Paris
Stacy Paris Acum 2 ore
I loved Royal pains because it was so farcical!! Dude is short of breath? Hmm wait until I'm on my drive home amd realise he's about to die, screech back to his house and perform an emergency tracheostomy with a bath sponge, some lego, a straw and a pineapple 😂
Nora Rodriguez
Nora Rodriguez Acum 2 ore
I loved ER!!!
SicChops Acum 3 ore
Spot on! ER is the best medical drama ever made and probably that ever will be.
Keijhan Najhiek
Keijhan Najhiek Acum 3 ore
Korean Medical Dramas are Idk...Good?
Eshika Acum 4 ore
I think Hospital Playlist should be #1
Carol Harris
Carol Harris Acum 5 ore
I dont get how the autistic doctor is realistic but firing an medical dept is not. Of course it is rare but not impossible so how does that mean its not realistic. I figure the unrealistic would come from actually the science, protocol and procedures on the show not whether they fire an entire department or romance around the corner thats just the spice of the show. Im not seeing how that makes the show unrealistic.
Sany Wildlife Fotke
Sany Wildlife Fotke Acum 5 ore
Didnt expect Dr. Mike to put Scrubs above Greys. I just love Scrubs, love the Comedy aspect of the Show.
Nikki Acum 6 ore
I’m actually surprised Grey’s was ranked as high as it was lol. I 100% agree with ER. I’ve always thought it was the most accurate.
Nyanna Ross
Nyanna Ross Acum 6 ore
I prefer New Amsterdam to Grey's Anatomy. I don't like the romance in Grey's. I'm only on episode 3 of New Amsterdam. Grey's Anatomy glorifies pointless divorce (and pointless marriages lol). I love House and the Good Doctor because it has the least amount of romance (in the 4 medical shows I've seen).
David J. Scott
David J. Scott Acum 6 ore
ER 100% deserves to be on the top of the list. I can't speak from a medical perspective cause I know absolutely nothing about the medical field, but it always has been a fantastic show. I felt like Scrubs should've been higher, but I'm probably biased because I love the show.
Matteo Lai
Matteo Lai Acum 8 ore
What about New Amsterdam
Michelle O'Brien
Michelle O'Brien Acum 8 ore
You should check out the British medical drama Holby City it’s very accurate and has been around since 1999
Isabel Moraes
Isabel Moraes Acum 9 ore
I liked Transplant. My favorite is the Brazilian drama Sob Pressão, I wished it had a subtitled version so you could react to it!
Juan Chávez
Juan Chávez Acum 10 ore
The Good Doctor, one of my favorites series 😍😍😍
that 1 Sha
that 1 Sha Acum 11 ore
I love ER. We have 2 hospitals in my city and because of ER, I dubbed one the "County" hospital.
Sorina Grosan
Sorina Grosan Acum 11 ore
for me on nr1 is Chicago Med. All Chicago series are incredible!!
*youtube name*
*youtube name* Acum 11 ore
I'm gonna throw some New Amsterdam episode recommendations out there. Season 2 episode 1 is good. Season 1 episode 10 as well. Season 1 episode 21 as well.
*youtube name*
*youtube name* Acum 11 ore
It absolutely kills me that Grey's anatomy was above New Amsterdam, The Night Shift and Royal Pains. New Amsterdam is definitely no.1 in my heart.
Granger’s Hack
Granger’s Hack Acum 11 ore
Why shouldnt The Good Doctor be the first in the list😅
Rick Rubella
Rick Rubella Acum 12 ore
# 16 isn't inaccurate, it's just a REALLY bad hospital. :P
Parthib Basu
Parthib Basu Acum 12 ore
If Mike was a teacher Student : howw to be doctor? Mike: just do chest compression Student : that's it! Mike: ummmmmm Ummmmmm Yeah that's it!
Mercury Ooi
Mercury Ooi Acum 13 ore
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏can you fine same time to see 911? I love to see you video, but is there any possibility to do a Chinese translate for subtitles?
Anna G.
Anna G. Acum 13 ore
I just binged the first two seasons of New Amsterdam. S2 E2 would be a great one to react to!
Lorraine Acum 14 ore
We are a family who loves medical dramas! ER-all time best show. Good Doctor-watch it every week! Code Black-Loved it and why, oh, why, was it cancelled?! Grey's Anatomy-I've been watching it from the first year...but I agree, it's a drama.
MD Akhjar
MD Akhjar Acum 14 ore
I knew lucky number seven is going to be "Grey's Anatomy" the way he was talking about it.
Danilo Borongan
Danilo Borongan Acum 14 ore
Truly is Grey's Anatomy having too much drama going on but I still love it. As a kdrama fan, I'm kinda expecting a kdrama to be on the list tho hahahaha.
DLB Dirty Little Bastard
DLB Dirty Little Bastard Acum 15 ore
My top three favourite medical dramas; are the top three most Accurate Medical Dramas, good to know. I am not that surprised that E.R is number 1; Michael Crichton wrote the script and he was an amazing writer, on top of that they used REAL Doctors and Nurses as extras, so they could make the show as accurate as possible.
Katie Spitzer
Katie Spitzer Acum 17 ore
I completely agree with ER being #1. I have watched it since I was young and have rewatched it so many times.
Monica Acum 18 ore
Doctor, you Should. Must. Really. Watch. Dr. Romantic season 1 and 2. It's really goooddddd
Jonalaine Dacumos
Jonalaine Dacumos Acum 16 ore
And Dr. Stranger, less the internal feuds and some other cliche parts. I mean, the medical scenes are good. I just don't know if it's accurate so I want him to show us a reaction video for this drama and for Romantic Doctor, too.
Natalie Olson
Natalie Olson Acum 18 ore
House is better than greys?!!! My absolute reaction: 😲🤨😳😞
Cecil Pili
Cecil Pili Acum 18 ore
Do some Korean Drama Reaction about medical doc mike❤️
E Ice
E Ice Acum 19 ore
For Dr House episodes I recommend the "House Training" from season 3 and "97 seconds" from season 4 are both interesting.
Yang Acum 20 ore
Ya know, as a fan of House, I'll take number 3
Catie Acum 22 ore
Dr mike should check out MASH and Emergency!. Classics
Nolan Penn
Nolan Penn Acum 23 ore
Fun Fact: The reason ER is so accurate is it's creator -- Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park), who was a real-life physician and academic. He is well known for his focus on realism, and his incorporation of grounded science into his fictional works from "Jurassic Park" to "The Andromeda Strain" to "Timeline".
Foxxie Lane
Foxxie Lane Acum o Zi
I just watched Grey's Anatomy for the romance and drama, House MD for the wildest medical conditions, Scrubs for laugh and ER is my childhood. Am planning to binge The Good Doctor next.
Beatriz Monteiro
Beatriz Monteiro Acum o Zi
can't believe The Resident is that low 😔
Allyson Acum o Zi
I agree with some (and yes ER is awesome) BUT.... what bothers me most about the inaccuracy in all of them is that there’s more than doctors and nurses. I’m tired of watching a nurse give a neb while hearing respiratory therapy (or older shows using the inhalation therapy) paged overhead. I’m sure many of us “ancillary services” would like to see ourselves counted as part of the medical team.
Ira Williams
Ira Williams Acum o Zi
Hi, Dr. Mike! I'm so glad to see House MD in the Top 5 of your list. Though I was really hoping it would be number one. Can you please do a review of House MD's episodes "Insensitive" (it's about a CIPA patient), "Paternity" (about Dawson's disease) and "Clueless" (about gold poisoning which is very rare) if you have time? 🙇🙏
Catie Smith
Catie Smith Acum o Zi
I’m training to be a nurse and love medical dramas, my favourites where in the top 5.... as in all 5..... makes me a little more confident about my choice to study nursing.
jeniffer domingo
jeniffer domingo Acum o Zi
Thanks for this doc. Im actually in to medical series now since House md. Have you ever thought of acting?
jeniffer domingo
jeniffer domingo Acum o Zi
Love house! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
J G Acum o Zi
Scrubs and house are two of my all time favorite shows
Real Mom Revelations
Real Mom Revelations Acum o Zi
I'm surprised Grey's Anatomy made it that high up
Gaming With Bella
Gaming With Bella Acum o Zi
I loved Nurse Jackie can we get more reations to that show please and thank you
Putu Kartika Devi
Putu Kartika Devi Acum o Zi
ER it is. Ugh...I feel old now.
fluffy and me
fluffy and me Acum o Zi
'' the good doctor'' really shows that you can be whatever you want if you don't give up on your dreams. My dad is a heart surgeon and he watched it with me and he says it's medically accurate and most of the terminology that they are using is correct. But most people don't really want the show to be 100% medically accurate because there has to be some drama and comedy in it.
Evelin Mersich
Evelin Mersich Acum o Zi
I started the resident yesterday, thanks to you, and now I'm in the middle of season 2... That would be awesome if you'd make reviews again of the new episodes🖤
Cosmo Acum o Zi
Was sooooo sad the resident was low. It’s my baby omg- I do admit, it can be a little much sometimes ⚠️ SPOILER ALERT ⚠️ (like when nic got stabbed when she was pregnant) but I loved its sooo much!
Isabel Acum o Zi
I didn't need more series to get me hooked on, but now you mentioned them, I guess I have to watch them all. Oopsie 😅😂
Kissy Nuggett
Kissy Nuggett Acum o Zi
All my med friends always felt scrubs was the most accurate and grey's anatomy was the worst. House was always a fun thing for them though like a great show just silly and inaccurate as far as how doctor/hospital relationships work.
Dywirnarch Acum o Zi
Maybe I’m mad but to me Scrubs it started in a way and became something different after ... it doesn’t really is on doctor’s work, more to how grew up and relationship between each other ....
Barry Durand
Barry Durand Acum o Zi
Please review MASH and Emergency. They do chest compressions in about every other Emergency episode. Keep in mind their age please.
Lollipop UwU
Lollipop UwU Acum o Zi
ok I know that this video was posted but can you watch private practice please?
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Acum o Zi
ER was the best and most accurate medical drama I've seen but Code Black was superb! I was so upset when they cancelled it! Code Black really hit the nail on the head when talking about the difficulties we face as medical professionals. As a cardiac ICU nurse, those hard conversations really stick with you and affect you after years of this emotional trauma. Good rankings Doctor Mike.
Jagielski Gaming
Jagielski Gaming Acum o Zi
Good Doctor more accurate than House? Please... No one would hire an autist as a surgeon or any higher position than a janitor. And by the way, I am speaking from experience as an Aspie with much less debilitating conditions that Sean/Shaun (not sure which spelling is correct), for example I virtually never get sensory overload - it has happened but not as often. And yet, despite programming since I was 10, no software development company wants to hire me because I "lack experience". In reality, Sean/Shaun would be laughed out of the room, never hired and he would be lucky if he got a janitorial job at Walmart (not to mention he probably would never get to med school to begin with).
Vitoria Louise
Vitoria Louise Acum o Zi
Dr. Mike, you hate on romance too much lol
Michael Bressler
Michael Bressler Acum o Zi
I love House M.D. and it's probably the only medical drama here that I've REALLY watched. I'm a bit surprised that it ranked so high. Since House would be fired i 5min in a real hospital... haha!
Random Internet Weirdo
Random Internet Weirdo Acum o Zi
None of the doctors I watch talk about Ted Danson's show; Becker. Please watch that show and review it if you haven't, and comment on accuracy and errors.
Kriss_yboo Acum o Zi
agreeed with the rankings but the good doctor is my #1
Triggered Waffles
Triggered Waffles Acum o Zi
MedAli Khaled
MedAli Khaled Acum o Zi
How accurate "The Knick" is?
Aorta Z
Aorta Z Acum o Zi
Go watch korean drama they're more real!
Mercedes HG
Mercedes HG Acum o Zi
This was very interesting to watch. I gotta say I think Grey's Anatomy should be a lower number. As a health professional I watch it since I was in college and I could already tell back then how medically inaccurate it was XD. One of my fav ones is code black indeed, as well as Chicago MD. I think they do a good job portraying the hard work of nurses. They are the backbone of hospitals and it pisses me off when I see them discarded as nappies changers in medical dramas. That's one of the issues I have w House MD. They do well w the terminology but they barely portray nurses or other medical professionals. Plenty of doctors went for medicine bc of this show lol. I hope I can watch more ER. It's an oldie but a goldie, thanks for the recommendation. Luv from Mexico
Matthias Emmett
Matthias Emmett Acum o Zi
2 words; Hospital Playlist.
Elizah Gomez
Elizah Gomez Acum o Zi
React to Hospital Playlist 🙂
Corey Moser
Corey Moser Acum o Zi
Please review Something The Lord Made with Alan Rickman and Mos Def about Doctor Blalock and Dr Vivien Thomas
InAnother Life
InAnother Life Acum o Zi
oh you should react to the Covid episodes for each show
InAnother Life
InAnother Life Acum o Zi
really glad to see House M.D and Scrubs are ranked higher than Grey's
InAnother Life
InAnother Life Acum 4 minute
@marissa haha
marissa Acum oră
i don’t like you
InAnother Life
InAnother Life Acum 2 Zile
please react to New Amsterdam Season 2 episode 10 - Code Silver
Kittylove45 Acum 2 Zile
Dr Carter was the first McDreamy
sam kreger
sam kreger Acum 2 Zile
M*A*S*H 4077. Pick one.
Michael Graham
Michael Graham Acum 2 Zile
I just agree with Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy is really good and I feel like it’s like number one
Gianna Willson
Gianna Willson Acum 2 Zile
Some people sing in the shower. But not Mike, he practices chest compressions.
Emily Stewart
Emily Stewart Acum 2 Zile
I knew ER was gonna be number 1 as soon as I started watching this, such a classic. Also awesome that House is number 3, definitely my favorite medical drama of all time.
ZackWester Acum 2 Zile
was going to ask how he would rate M*A*S*H?
blob fish
blob fish Acum 2 Zile
The resident is the best
Jadyn Burton
Jadyn Burton Acum 2 Zile
I personally think that The Good Doctor is #1 because the other #1 is too old to be with the times. Like come on man
Donna Rohdy
Donna Rohdy Acum 2 Zile
It’s still bingeable, it’s still quality, it’s still George Clooney
João Yokoyama
João Yokoyama Acum 2 Zile
You could check some medical kdramas
MintyFresh Acum 2 Zile
The Good Doctor is the only well adapted spin off drama coming from a Korean drama. They did a great job on it, I think it even surpassed it.
Sergio Calvo
Sergio Calvo Acum 2 Zile
Bullshit, the real number 1 is Cells at Work
Taisha Zevallos
Taisha Zevallos Acum 2 Zile
it's well the good doctor but I recomend you see korean version that is so fantastic too
Marie-Ange Rahir
Marie-Ange Rahir Acum 2 Zile
ER made me fall in love with medical dramas as a kid!! I love Code Black, lets BRING IT BAAAACK And currently watching New Amsterdam, and even I didn't find the first episode all that accurate. But it is raising even more awareness about issues, like insurance debt in the US, medical care in prisons, BLM, therapy and foster care, to mention a few.
Amna Ećo
Amna Ećo Acum 2 Zile
I recommend you watch Hospital Playlist and react to it. Since Good Doctor is remake of Korean TV show and you like it, you might like Hospital Playlist.
Elisa Pologruto
Elisa Pologruto Acum 2 Zile
I knew he was talking about Grey's Anatomy from the start 😂
Noelia Jaime
Noelia Jaime Acum 2 Zile
E.R and Dr.House are still my favorite medical dramas of all time, and I've watched most of them...Should have been a doctor.
Lol Grey's. I screamed when he said that but at the same time I also expected it to be lower 😂
Aira May I. Hortal
Aira May I. Hortal Acum 2 Zile
How about rating medical kdramas Doc? I'm curious on how accurate they are.
Yasmin Stadler
Yasmin Stadler Acum 2 Zile
What about "Once upon a time... Life"? It was one of my favourite tv series in my childhood!
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Acum 2 Zile
Greys is really good and my fave but not gonna lie it is like really dramatic cuz the bomb and the shooting and im like “nobody gonna shoot emself with a bazooka” but greys should be number one 😭😠😡
dehdesh Acum 2 Zile
Cells at Work didn't make the list?
Jim Thunderpants
Jim Thunderpants Acum 2 Zile
Hey, I just finished a Korean medical dramady called "Hospital Playlist" on Netflix. It felt like it was a story about people who happen to be doctors, as opposed to a more traditional western medical drama and I would love to hear your thoughts.
MisterJackTheAttack Acum 2 Zile
Honestly, I expected House, MD to be lower, so I was happy to see it with a bronze medal.
Daria Orme
Daria Orme Acum 2 Zile
1:25 Don't worry, felony rape of a child has always been not okay.
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