How Often You Should Shower And Wash Hair | Responding To Comments Ep. 22

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Doctor Mike

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You’ve been sending me some really interesting questions recently, so I decided to do another episode of Responding to Comments to get to the bottom of some medical mysteries. Today I talk about how often you should shower and wash your hair, why we kick when we sleep, what causes an itch, why we administer vaccines in the shoulder, ringing ears, runny noses from spicy food and hot wings, posture correctors, electrolytes, stomach growling, and the truth of getting 10,000 steps a day. Drop a comment down below if there’s a medical question you’d like me to answer!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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armyaj Acum oră
DogeBeLike Acum oră
Why can’t i get rid of my sleep paralysis 😪
colby kutch
colby kutch Acum oră
I have a nut allergy what causes it love your channel ❤️
S. LNdC Acum 2 ore
Hi from France Dr. Mike, I like watching your video, it teaches me lots of vocabulary ! I had a question : why is it that when an intense or prolonged effort is made, one can feel pain in the stomach (or is it the bottom of the lungs ?) ? I witnessed it was even more painful during winter time when the body and the air are cold
Hargis Pennington
Hargis Pennington Acum 2 ore
I don’t trust a doctor that doesn’t have grey hair.
nate dog75
nate dog75 Acum 3 ore
I shower everyday cause I work out in the heat so I’m very sweaty
Sammy G.
Sammy G. Acum 3 ore
Some folks have bad BO while others not so bad, why is that? Is it real that you are what you eat or is it genetic.
Christopher Ordonez
Christopher Ordonez Acum 3 ore
Actually there are quite a few tests out their that evaluate nutrients. Oats nutrieval etc great plains labs genova labs. These should be common practice and known in the main stream sad it isn't
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Acum 4 ore
Dr. Mike: “actually burnt foods are bad for you” Me: eating my daily burnt marshmallow
Free Movies Lol
Free Movies Lol Acum 4 ore
Really glad they changed where you get shots-
Ryan Mathew
Ryan Mathew Acum 4 ore
how do we dream?
Sign Girl
Sign Girl Acum 4 ore
When he said histami I thought he said hiss at me
andzia.zach Acum 4 ore
1:14 wtf? is that some inside joke?
Sounak Guha
Sounak Guha Acum 5 ore
Ahmed Twam
Ahmed Twam Acum 5 ore
I completely DISAGREE with how this man said Tinnitus
john treat
john treat Acum 6 ore
¿Cocoa? Acum 7 ore
Heres a question, If your brain rests when you sleep, what is the reason of sleep talking/walking or moving in your sleep?
Erv Taub
Erv Taub Acum 10 ore
Many people are sensitive to mint flavored toothpaste, causing them to gag. Try non flavored
Albert Molina
Albert Molina Acum 10 ore
Got to shower everyday.
Kathy Bentley
Kathy Bentley Acum 12 ore
I wash my hair every other day, or every two days. I asked my then hairstylist about it, and she recommended that for me, I should do every other day, to every two days. She also had mentioned that it's different for everyone, but since she knew my hair, that's why she made the recommendation for me.
SilverVampire42 Acum 14 ore
For the gag reflex just hum. Most dentists will tell you to hum because it’s extremely hard to gag and hum since it uses similar muscles
John Paul Barrientos
John Paul Barrientos Acum 14 ore
I like pickles too. I’m cool now.
bananamana Acum 14 ore
I feel like a very medically strange person is it normal to have a few weird medical things that most other people don't have?
bananamana Acum 14 ore
I also do math and think differently than any of my class mates, most of which do math a certain way
bananamana Acum 14 ore
Also, I randomly twitch for no reason,like my whole body jumps or something
bananamana Acum 14 ore
I can pop my neck on accident like as easily as moving my arm or popping my knee it is just an action I have
bananamana Acum 14 ore
I can always pop my neck, my knee can go out and I do it on accident when I am nervous, I am constantly itchy somewhere, it takes about an hour or more to fall asleep, my mom thinks I am a little A.D.D., my mind travels a crazy unusual amount, and my hair is always greasy even after taking a shower.
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Acum 16 ore
You are my sugar bear
Christian Robles
Christian Robles Acum 15 ore
u are my sugar mama
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Acum 16 ore
muah muah
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Acum 16 ore
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Acum 16 ore
Christian Robles
Christian Robles Acum 15 ore
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Acum 16 ore
Christian Robles
Christian Robles Acum 15 ore
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Acum 16 ore
I love you
Christian Robles
Christian Robles Acum 15 ore
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Acum 16 ore
Hey boo
Christian Robles
Christian Robles Acum 15 ore
Callie Remeikis
Callie Remeikis Acum 17 ore
Sometimes I randomly hear a ringing in my ears? Do check it out or wait till COVID gets a little better?
Suburban Burrito
Suburban Burrito Acum 17 ore
Tom Brady says you should be drinking half in water each day. *Stay hydrated*
The Nd
The Nd Acum 17 ore
I always wash my entire body waist up I don't like leaving oily parts on my body lol
A Man A Cat and his Dog
A Man A Cat and his Dog Acum 17 ore
Is an inverter good for the back.
Zeeshan Naseer
Zeeshan Naseer Acum 17 ore
When your a doctor (or a parent who is a doctor)you don’t need to go to the doctor for check up you check up yourself (or get your parent to do it)
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen Acum 17 ore
Sometimes when I go to hotels I don’t really take a shower that often because either I was lazy or I have to go go but I don’t know it could be beneficial for you my mom makes me take a shower
Andre doorman
Andre doorman Acum 18 ore
Did you say muskskeletonboobies
Useless TV
Useless TV Acum 19 ore
How do you get out unwanted graphic image out of your head
Waffle Pot
Waffle Pot Acum 19 ore
I need help to when I dream and if I feel like I slipped in the dream or fall off something I will wake up in 1 second and I will either skip a heartbeat or slip, either I will freak out and get up of bed
123 Acum 19 ore
Boutta tell my girl about the gag reflex trick
Rasma Cox
Rasma Cox Acum 19 ore
I'm 30 and recently have had lots of hair loss could that be due to lack of nutrition?
BearBooYah !
BearBooYah ! Acum 19 ore
While you’re explaining why my stomach growls my stomach actually growled
- k a t r i n a -
- k a t r i n a - Acum 19 ore
Is it only me or did i get an itch during the “what causes a sensation of an itch?”
Duck Lee
Duck Lee Acum 20 ore
Here after that STUNT austin and mila pulled, gotta say I agree with them
Devun Goodwin
Devun Goodwin Acum 20 ore
I have a question for you why do I burp when I swim in a lake
Brandon West
Brandon West Acum 21 oră
Just what we need, fewer people showering and going out in public. GROSS.
anonymoususerrr Acum 21 oră
fly to Bermuda so u can be my doctor plz
MrChrissy Acum 21 oră
You look like a younger Andrew lincoln
Luke Amparo
Luke Amparo Acum 21 oră
I want Dr. Bear to answer some questions in uniform please🙏😷
Miss Martha
Miss Martha Acum 22 ore
I don't wash my hair everyday. I wash my hair once a week, sometimes twice a week. I live in Az and is hot as H here, so I shower everyday. As a female, when I don't have to wash my hair, I take quick showers because I find it very important to always smell fresh...if you know what I mean😉
Nikoletta Hasznosi
Nikoletta Hasznosi Acum 22 ore
I would like to correct/add to the hair washing question :) As a hairstylist and someone with fine hair who has been through a pretty serious skin condition which made me unable to wash my hair for over 2 months, I can tell you both professionally and from experience that nobody - especially people with fine hair - should shampoo their hair more often than once a week. I do it every 2 weeks now, very often not because I need it, but to have that nice smell and my hair is better than it has ever been. Our natural oils are actually the best styling products, my hair feels much fuller, has way more volume than when I used to wash it every other day with volumizing products. Of course if you are someone who washes their hair very often you ajve to change that habit gradually, because right now your body is overproducing oils (because you keep washing them off), that is why your hair feels greasy. But if you gradually increase the time between washes, you will experience a positive change for sure. Or you can go cold turkey like I did (out of neccessity not to irritate my skin) but than you will have to go through a pretty ugly greasy period….also, you should never use conditikner on your scalp, only on the length/ends of the hair because it will make your hair greasy.
Bianca Mars
Bianca Mars Acum o Zi
I don't dream is that a problem
Rhett Mueller
Rhett Mueller Acum 23 ore
You do dream but you just don’t remember your dream
Jazzy Sparkle
Jazzy Sparkle Acum o Zi
Hey doctor mike! Why can’t I loose thigh weight I’m only 13 and insecure about them and can’t loose it at all what do I do?
Colden Calhoun
Colden Calhoun Acum o Zi
Hey me and you both have the front line worker Funko pop
Carlos Alberto Brasil
Carlos Alberto Brasil Acum o Zi
I'm Brazilian laughing loud here
Plushirl Something
Plushirl Something Acum o Zi
For the gag reflex one, I had that problem and it helps if you actively try to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth (worked for me anyway, thank you to my dentist)
Bobbi Shaw
Bobbi Shaw Acum o Zi
I usually shower every 2-3 days, unless I need to. I wash my hair about twice a week, but I'll use dry shampoo between washings. I found that when I'm not obsessively washing everything, my skin and hair look and feel better. I feel like eliminating the amount of products used helps a lot too. I stopped using lots of perfumes and lotions (mostly because I have hamsters who are sensitive). Just a bit of body wash when I do shower, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, face moisturizer and sunscreen. I use some coconut oil topically too (face, skin on my hair the evening before washing) instead of using lotions. But I worked in another job where I'd come home covered in dust and grime (plus glitter, lots and lots of glitter, and not even holo gilitter) and I'd have to shower and deep clean everything daily to get that off. Plus dissociate. My skin was not happy. I looked as rough as I felt.
Sherrie Fehring
Sherrie Fehring Acum o Zi
Thank you !
KareemTheDream 21
KareemTheDream 21 Acum o Zi
Him talks about itch Me start itching
Alex VanDeVoorde
Alex VanDeVoorde Acum o Zi
When u work as a mechanic I’d hope u shower everyday 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Mandita Acum o Zi
No one: Me: aww the little bacteria’s are farting 🥺🥰
Noah Emshoff
Noah Emshoff Acum o Zi
I learn more from 1 minute of a doctor mike video than I do in 7 grades of school
Goat Page
Goat Page Acum o Zi
And mfs better be shower everyday can’t stand to be filthy
Goat Page
Goat Page Acum o Zi
Your suppose to take cold showers
Anish Chhetri
Anish Chhetri Acum o Zi
This guy seems to be a lot interested in human biology. He can be a doctor someday.
gamer man
gamer man Acum 5 ore
yea his name is already dr. mike its perfect
Ae Velasco
Ae Velasco Acum o Zi
Hi doc, does sleeping with your hair wet has a bad effect in our health?
Katelyn Acum o Zi
Yeah I try the thumb under fingers trick while I’m doing other things
Aiden Tikalsky
Aiden Tikalsky Acum o Zi
Tinnitus is a forever flashbang with out the flash
purple emperor
purple emperor Acum o Zi
i love this channel so much it teaches me some thing and entertains me
G N Sharma
G N Sharma Acum o Zi
I am just 19 years old, but recently my hairs have started to fall more often than before. I had dandruff earlier, but hair never fell until recently. Also, some of my hair strands have partially our completely turned white. What's the reason and how can I prevent this?
Firenze Ong
Firenze Ong Acum o Zi
What are you munching?
Kelley Trevor
Kelley Trevor Acum o Zi
The abiding parrot synthetically entertain because afghanistan timely entertain after a wide epoch. lively, jittery ptarmigan
Lee Steal
Lee Steal Acum o Zi
Dr. Mike, you are a little on the nasty. 3-4 minutes for bathing?
Maleja Hernandez M.
Maleja Hernandez M. Acum o Zi
Lee Steal
Lee Steal Acum o Zi
Ok, people. You need to shower twice per day if you go out in the day time. Shower at morning before you go out and at night before you go to bed. If you're home all day, shower once per day. Women's hair can be washed weekly depending on your hair type etc. Not showering everyday is NASTY. You may think nobody can smell you but they can. If you stand next to me, I can literally smell down there. Go bathe. This is America. We have enough soap. Hygiene is important.
twix Acum o Zi
Hey Doctor Mike I have a question, what is the best way to calm down?
Aidenrocks7373 Acum o Zi
Parent's: you can't learn anything on youtube Me:
Axo Acum o Zi
Why do my ears ring for short periods of time randomly? Its not constant and is very random. It happens when its silent or I get into a car. My ears are earwax free and im 13 so is it the same as hear loss or whatever you referred to it as?
Echo Acum o Zi
Haha! So in reality, my laziness was actually a health choice! *Take that, Society!!*
Everleigh Culler
Everleigh Culler Acum o Zi
Is it bad if I wake up and my hands are numb?
iblink Acum o Zi
I shower daily, at least twice a day. It's hot and humid in Malaysia and it's an obligation to shower everyday or else no one will come near u :D When i travel overseas, it becomes a habit although it's winter. This lady needs to shower, no matter what :)
Bailey Brown
Bailey Brown Acum o Zi
Am I the only one that pronounced it as Ten-I-Tus?
LiveEyeGuy Acum o Zi
I personally don’t shower everyday. Only every second day unless I feel really gross. To be fair I do shower for 30 minutes in room temperature/ slightly warm water whenever I do shower.
charles paris
charles paris Acum o Zi
My cheesy doctor says I have aspergers, does this mean I have asscheesepergers?
PINK Skittles55
PINK Skittles55 Acum o Zi
One time when I was 5 years old I had to get a shot and I screamed so loud it made my mom's ears ding for probably over 2 months 😐😐😐😐😐
VeloxGamer28 Acum o Zi
i dont shower at all
wolf kid
wolf kid Acum o Zi
i need help i have sensitv teath how do i fix it
Slappy Bigalow
Slappy Bigalow Acum o Zi
It really depends on how much filth and grime is covering your body at the end of the day. Some proffessions require multiple showers a day.
Hxrper Acum o Zi
I have trouble sleeping, how do i fix that? Im around 10 if that helps.
Eduardo Colgan
Eduardo Colgan Acum o Zi
*clutching pearls in Brazilian* SHOWERS ARE OBVIOUSLY EVERYDAY??? What is wrong with you guys over the northern hemisphere???? (yes, even when it's cold, there's a thing called heating, you can skip a day once two weeks sometimes, tops, don't push it)
jeffywuu Acum o Zi
I've seen a new method to doing CPR and that's to do compressions on the upper back with the patient lying stomach to ground. Any thoughts?
perdykool Acum o Zi
"Thanks Dr. MIKE!"
Benji The Fox
Benji The Fox Acum o Zi
Are Beyond Burgers really healthier than real hamburgers?
CsoCool259 Acum o Zi
Yea that's cool and all. But how do I take .9 of a step
Angelica Walden
Angelica Walden Acum o Zi
Tech Guy
Tech Guy Acum o Zi
Older generations often showered less and washed their hair less.
Fatma Zhraa
Fatma Zhraa Acum o Zi
Because they didn’t have as much chemicals in the air as we have today
Radiyas 13
Radiyas 13 Acum o Zi
Doc Mike: U only need to wash your armpits and groin! 😀 Everyone but me: YAAYY! 😁 Me: and the backside? 😭
Sydnee Sheriff
Sydnee Sheriff Acum o Zi
I shower one day than bath alternating days if that helps
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