Doctors React to Controversial Cosmo Cover

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Today I interview Dr. Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD., and board-certified bariatric surgeon about the recently released covers of Cosmopolitan magazine, depicting women of all shapes and sizes and boldly claiming “this is healthy.” Dr. Salles and I dove into the nuances of the Healthy At Every Size (HAES) movement, fatphobia, and reality of obesity. There are some difficult subjects in here, like struggles with insurance and diets/dieting, so please let me know your thoughts down below!
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My Response To Fatphobia Claims:
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Mike Granato
Mike Granato Acum 2 ore
Dr. Mike with the nuanced and patient-centered framing. Love to see it
Gorje Giron
Gorje Giron Acum 4 ore
Being obese is not good in any circumstance
Sarah Hutchison
Sarah Hutchison Acum 6 ore
We can be Beautiful in every size! We are worthy of love in every size! We are not Healthy in every size. Whether someone is anorexic, obese, or steroid-muscular ... that person is not going to be healthy. Health is the body's ability to have proper organ system function. I work in healthcare and most (occasional exceptions) of my sickest pt's are either geriatric or obese. Honestly, most of my pt's are geriatric or obese. My obese pt's usually have cardiovascular diseases, congestive heart failure, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, type 2 diabetes, respiratory distress, abnormal motor function, etc. That is not healthy. That being said, I do not judge or shame my pt's. I treat every pt's as beautiful human beings worthy of love and respect. But I do not lie to my pt's. Therefore I cannot tell them they are healthy when their vitals say otherwise.
Amanda Acum 6 ore
FYI diabetes is not a "fat or obese" person's disease and I am sick of hearing this mis-information. I am obese and I am not diabetic, I also know many people who are "normal" weight that are diabetic.
Kristina P
Kristina P Acum 6 ore
Isn’t there an obvious conflict of interest in asking someone whose job is weight-loss surgery what they think of health at every size? The very nature of this person’s job makes them biased 🧐
Moto Rola
Moto Rola Acum 7 ore
During all my life I was fat an had obesity and I be ok with that just because I don't want to have a better life style, but since pandemic start i become a lot healthier doing exercises and eating quit better and I have to say that I never felt so good about my body as I do now. Be fat doesn't make you ugly but make you unhealthy and I can guarantee that If you transform your body your going to feel a lot better with it.
Kiiandy Acum 9 ore
About the last part. Doctors mskr bodyshamming, they make other diseases invisible (from a sprained ankle to a headache) and they only say that whatever you have, it is due to obesity and they don't see anything else, that's why many people don't listen to the doctors, most (not all) are too insensitive and forget we all are humans and have feellings, you never known what happen in other people lifes. And believe me, I agree with everything you said.
Kafui A.
Kafui A. Acum 11 ore
these days (or maybe even back then) a lot of people shame folks for wanting to lose weight and be healthy. I've thought about the all size and plus size movement for a long time and realize that people like to brand stuff instead of trying to tell the truth and when someone says that losing weight when you're at high risk is necessary they're suddenly fatphobic. When lizzo said she wanted to lose weight a lot of people got mad because she's not "supporting the movement" when this is her body and her choice.
Annie Sym
Annie Sym Acum 12 ore
Thank you for addressing this. Very disturbing that Cosmo would put that out. Obviously obesity is not healthy and they are just trying to increase their readership sales. I’m not a skinny mini, but work really hard to be healthy and so far I am.
TheOldRepublic Acum 14 ore
I wonder if low failure rates with exercise and diet have to do with humans' evolution. Historically, we were scavengers and would eat whatever was available. Our brain/stomach connection is designed in a way that we do not feel full for a period of time following eating. Probably a catalyst for failed dieting. Also, I don't think humans as a species were built with "doing exercise" in mind. More likely, the things early humans had to do to survive were a lot more active and then as the species developed things like athleticism/sports began to shape how humans lost weight.
r e i - s a n
r e i - s a n Acum 15 ore
I really hate it when people are like this. They're like "I'm being supportive"! Are they really? Loving and accepting yourself isn't always the same. First you accept your flaws, that you are obese. It's alright. This could also be considered as loving yourself, but there has to be more actions. Love yourself by doing what's better for you and your health.
Oumaima Outani
Oumaima Outani Acum 15 ore
Dr Salles is my biggest academic crush ! She's just amazing ! Amazig doctor, amazing woman and fierce advocate. Dr Salles I ADMIRE YOU
Dragon Blast
Dragon Blast Acum 16 ore
I lost a bunch of weight yesterday (as I'm trying to get my weight to be in the Healthy/Average as I am slightly overweight ) and today I look rather bloated even though I do a controlled fast everyday and haven't eaten in over 12 hours now and it made me concerned, and I'm just wondering if anyone had the same
Crewmate CantSleep
Crewmate CantSleep Acum 20 ore
Im against fat shaming, but I also disagree with Health at every size. I think HAES is just a small group of extremes. You can stop bullying and prejudice against obese folks and I am all for it by calling out fat shamers but HAES trying to find science to justify that it is healthy is just a really wrong way to go about doing it.
Lareina Dsouza
Lareina Dsouza Acum 21 oră
HAES is health at every size, not healthy at every size. There's a big difference between the two. Should have got atleast that part correct.
Micheline Habashy-Santiago, DDS
Micheline Habashy-Santiago, DDS Acum o Zi
Great !
waka waka
waka waka Acum o Zi
The “health at any size” movement, is saying that you can eat healthy, exercise, and be in good shape right now with your current body. You don’t need be skinny to be more athletically fit or to be flexible eat organic foods. And physicians need to stop being lazy and trying to blame any symptoms of unrelated conditions on the weight of the person, instead of actually diagnosing their real condition.
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown Acum o Zi
Am I the only person who doesn’t care about magazine covers?
Nae Hinton
Nae Hinton Acum o Zi
What say you about the creator of the bmi doing so for eugenics & many doctors saying its not accurate for non white bodies?
a cats
a cats Acum 11 ore
Of course I'm not the doctor so I could be wrong (you should still wait for his reply), but neither of those things make sense to me. Judging a thing by the creator of the thing doesn't make sense, if I remember right the guy that invented MRI scans doesn't believe in evolution but that doesn't mean his creation is bad. The guy who invented BMI having stupid views on genetics doesn't mean his measure of weight is invalid. Also, the differences between human 'races' are negligible on all levels other than external features. (That is how evolution always works, only superficial changes at first, and different people haven't been separated for long enough for significant internal changes.)
Thrago Acum o Zi
I struggle with my weight and when I'm heavy I know full well it's not healthy. This kind of thing is pure Ignorance and could potentially be a dangerous message. People shouldn't be shamed for being heavy, but they shouldn't be lead to believe it healthy because it just isn't.
S H Acum o Zi
If you compare weight changes between the 1900s to current. you can see an upward trend of weight gain (overweight, obesity) as each generation grows up. People need to stop rewriting history, and trying to appease a group of people. Obesity as a medical term is not healthy and I’m sorry that our country doesn’t do enough to educate people about healthy eating and about nutrition facts. We can have balance eating but let’s not change the underlying issue which is that obesity can cause a host of problems including diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, etc.
Olga van Boltaringen
Olga van Boltaringen Acum o Zi
How is this video *again* about weight loss???? The cosmopolitan cover shows a yogini who's overweight according to general standards. And she's healthy, she eats healthy she works out. Why do you skinny people always have to be so condescending and shameful towards those of us who are not obsessed with dieting and sports?
Carolina CM
Carolina CM Acum o Zi
I think there is a big difference between acceptance, empathy..( which is what this magazines head line should been), and the fact that being overweight is ok. I would ve bought a cosmopolitan magazine for the first time lol But ok, let’s not roast this “fantasy magazines” many people love. Gracias por la información! Empatía y respeto a la gente con obesidad es una cosa pero publicar como si estuviera bien estar así no está bien. Como tampoco lo es la fantasía y obsesión por estar delgado como una modelo. Como le haremos para que más gente te siga en Mexico hay mucha obesidad aquí. Educación nutrimental es el futuro de los niños. Saludos 😃
KimJiMi45 Acum o Zi
You know, I was skinny and I am fat, I understand that being fat is not good for me and I do not approve promoting big size as healthy size. Buuut I really do not like when doctors says that every sickness is result of being obese. For half year I lived in pain and needed to take pain killers everyday because my orthopedic doctor said that it is due to being obese and I need to loose weight. Ok great but how I can exercise when I cannot walk or move my left hand due to pain? I met another doctor totally by accident and he recommended to try his therapy and it is now over the year and I do not feel this pain and I do not lose my weight since that day. What is more, these pains arrived when I started exercise, and I can feel that now when I try to loose my weight they returned a little but I try to control it now. And after half year of taking painkillers I done test for my liver and of course they weren't perfect, they automatically assumed that it is because of my weight. I understand that this is really big factor to this things but they assume that everything is caused by obesity but in fact it is not. Without story they shouldn't assume anything
Charis Kauika
Charis Kauika Acum o Zi
You took this at face value, you didn't do any research here, I feel like you didn't even attempt to read the article.
Charis Kauika
Charis Kauika Acum o Zi
I feel like you missed the mark on this one, you should've spoken to someone who is body positive. I think it's a bit sh.t actually. Like a cop out, a typical doctor reaction. You didn't even try here.
Tristan Xavier
Tristan Xavier Acum o Zi
The nervous train unknowingly trust because stocking phenomenologically stay barring a pale twig. discreet, amused nurse
Kimberley Jane McNab
Kimberley Jane McNab Acum o Zi
Here is a thought re access to gastric surgery... a system similar to the NHS. I know of several people who have had this and post weight loss skin removal surgery and all it cost was a small portion of your wages going towards our national insurance tax! It’s not communism as many Americans claim, just good sense, everyone can get the healthcare they need without going into years of dept!
Mamallennial Acum o Zi
As a pediatric NP I see how prevention is key here. The economic influence is immense from infancy. For example the foods young children are provided by government assistance (WIC) includes juice and other more highly processed foods. Even before that moms having access to adequate maternity leave and a work environment conducive to breastfeeding (known to reduce obesity) is not available to many women. This disproportionately effects low income populations and people of color.
Lilli Graham
Lilli Graham Acum o Zi
Wow Dr. Arghavan Salles is so knowledgeable and beautiful. I could totally see you two together.
Shie H.
Shie H. Acum 2 Zile
I was with you until you suggest bariatric surgery. That should be so far down the list. Diet and exercise is also unhelpful. We do know why bariatric works. It's fasting. Fasting cures diabetes too. Without surgery. Can these doctors listen to other doctors please? The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code goes over all of this - without surgery. Infuriating.
Leigh Barnhill
Leigh Barnhill Acum 2 Zile
This whole video... I see the good intent behind it, but there’s so much that needs to be worked through. How about prevention?? How about making more of an effort to end food insecurity & food deserts? How about identifying disordered eating before it becomes a full blown eating disorder? Or debunking ALL of the BS fad diets and TV docs who push them? How about making a better effort to support those of us who are in larger bodies by providing access to those health seeking behaviors that we KNOW help with weight maintenance - comfortable active wear, exercise equipment, size friendly accommodations? And putting the pressure back on those people who bully and shame us with their recording larger bodies working out or making unhelpful comments. Maybe if we could start being more proactive and encouraging body neutrality and joyful movement we wouldn’t need to amputate perfectly good internal organs for the sake of a smaller body.
SaTuRoChAn Acum 2 Zile
well the problem for the this kind of surgery where I live is, that you have to be soooo much overweight to get that surgery. Else you have to pay it on your own....and that is kinda sad...that you have to get fatter just to get help in that kind of regard if you just want to have that kind of help, because you don't fell full after eating at all...
Issy Acum 2 Zile
We definitely have a long way to go with obesity. There's way too much focus on dieting and fasting and exercising and quitting things you love. I think we need to look at the root of the problem. Why is obesity so high? Because people can sell absolutely anything as "fat free" or "low calorie" when that's not the case. Healthy food is not accessible. Mental health support is awful, and people turn to stress/depressive eating for comfort. Dietary education sucks. We live increasingly sedentary lives hugely because of how standard it is to work 40 hour weeks at a desk job we hate. It's a cycle that's basically impossible to break. I don't think saying "exercise more" or "eat less" is the right way to go about this. We HAVE to address the problems that obesity stems from because until we do, we can't feasibly and sustainably decrease rates.
gao Vang
gao Vang Acum 2 Zile
I honestly think that being a healthy size doesn't exist if we the owner of our own body choose not to find a healthy lifestyle then that's it. So I probably want to say if the person doesn't want to achieve a healthy body then dont judge or comment on them even if there other who look healthy and what they might not be mentally too.
Tosin Akin
Tosin Akin Acum 2 Zile
Being obese is not okay, but fat-shaming isn't helpful to anyone. Firstly, you have no idea what that person's situation may be, or what eating, mental, or medical disorders they may have that make weight loss difficult for them. Secondly, fat-shaming doesn't lead to healthy weight loss and lifestyle improvements. It leads to anorexia, depression, and unhealthy relationships with food. Thirdly, skinny doesn't equal healthy! If you're a skinny person who lives a sedentary lifestyle and eats junk food constantly, you're still massively unhealthy. Please focus on people's health and not their dress sizes! A lot of people will say that they care about people's health when they're actually just being toxic. Check your true intentions when you say things. Ask yourself if the things you say are well-meaning and constructive or rude and intrusive for no particular reason.
Hjonk Am Goose
Hjonk Am Goose Acum 2 Zile
This is all politics done by the left. It could kill people.
Jubayer Mufid
Jubayer Mufid Acum 2 Zile
I am obese, and I am NOT healthy. This is just bullshit
Max Default
Max Default Acum 2 Zile
Obesity is not healthy. Being a bit fat is completely normal. On the other hand. Being obese is a gravy boat on its way to a huge list of health problems. Im 6’3, I used to weigh 350. I brought it down to 170 when i was in my late teens. Now I’m a solid 250 in my 30’s. Trust me being obese is not healthy.
Vanessa Gomez
Vanessa Gomez Acum 2 Zile
Loving your body This is my body Beautiful at any size
Chad Bynum
Chad Bynum Acum 2 Zile
It’s sad that these two are so terrified to say that being fat is bad. What has the world turned into?
Fenyxfire Acum 2 Zile
this assumes you can go to the doctor at all. yall are jumping the gun and blurring the focus. address poverty. dont just brush on it
a cats
a cats Acum 11 ore
this is why america should create a free healthcare system
Fenyxfire Acum 2 Zile
i know its hard on a doctors salary to imaging a 5 dollar a week food budget that you would have to give up for months to get one prelim appt...but thats a lot of people
Valior Qwirtz
Valior Qwirtz Acum 2 Zile
That ain't woke. Just plain old path to stroke.
Melissa Skaggs
Melissa Skaggs Acum 2 Zile
How about acknowledging that many doctors contribute to obesity by prescribing drugs that cause obesity! In these cases, bariatric surgery won't help anyway. Not all fat people are fat because of how much they eat! I was never obese until my doctor told me that prednisone was my ONLY option if I wanted to survive. AFTER over 2 years of 80mg per day of prednisone, when I was dying anyway....then, all of a sudden I am informed that a TNF blocker called remicade will save me. It did, and I got off the prednisone. But not before I had gained 150lbs. The reason I wasn't offered the remicade first? Cost! Prednisone is cheap, remicade is expensive! I find conventional doctors to be outrageously hypocritical. Prescribing drugs that they know cause obesity, while simultaneously telling you to eat healthy and exercise to avoid weight gain. There are many drugs that cause weight gain no matter what you do! But when you start to gain, they blame you anyway!
Abood f Manna
Abood f Manna Acum 2 Zile
Honestly i am fat I'm above 34% Body fat I'm a 6Ft 23 YO and i know its bad what are these people trying to accomplish by saying its okay to be fat it's not! I am trying to lose weight but I'm largely lazy about it I'm not making excuses it's just me being a lazy ass.
Kayla Schregardus
Kayla Schregardus Acum 2 Zile
First step is to realize the US weight metrics is completely outdated and racist and sexist. Weight was based on studying white men way back in time. Ethnic people are usually curvier and heavier, look at ethnic people around the world, their curvy & big boned, yet america is still the fattest country. Doctors dont even need Nutrition class to become a doctor. THis is also another step that shocks me. Not saying their words are garbage. But knowing they are educated next to none in nutrition yet tell people to be healthy, seems hypocrtical. Our medical system is so screwed up.
Kayla Schregardus
Kayla Schregardus Acum 4 ore
@a cats any well rounded medical provider who knows a lick about nutrition anyways would know this. My naturopath who actually teaches multiple classes at the college i went too we discussed body size between cultures. And how the US weight metrics are way off and basically exclude women and non white people, it was based off men's averages years ago back when inequality was very much a thing. No offense, but you should do a little digging on this. I have known this for years, not just when it was taught at one point in college.
a cats
a cats Acum 6 ore
@Kayla Schregardus I know that America is the fattest country, but I don't see how going to other countries would prove that the difference is genetic
Kayla Schregardus
Kayla Schregardus Acum 7 ore
cats dude what do you want like an article?! Its obvious by going to other countries. And America Is still the fattest country, do you not know that? Do you want evidence for that? It's easily searchable as far as health and america
a cats
a cats Acum 8 ore
@Kayla Schregardus Evidence?
Kayla Schregardus
Kayla Schregardus Acum 8 ore
@a cats it is genetic LOL. A WOMAN from Kenya who is curvy isn't built the same as a woman from Sweden
two birds
two birds Acum 3 Zile
The PC "woke "culture has gone too far.
Kurt Sherer
Kurt Sherer Acum 3 Zile
Most of these political/social movements seem to have the same base: Denial.
adrimichelle Acum 3 Zile
I think it would have made more sense for the cover to of read "beauty at any size", because that in itself is true, in my opinion 🤷🏽‍♀️
donovan bradford
donovan bradford Acum 3 Zile
I like that one of the reasons for not getting surgery is because the medical community is devided on the subject of it not only working but being safe. Also some people who have joint or structural pain simply can't exercise a lot or at all. So the surgery may be the only option they, but if their primary care doesn't feel the surgery is safe then that person is in a tough spot.
David Lendl
David Lendl Acum 3 Zile
They are not "little bit misleading". They are absolutely preposterous and it's a shining example of idiotical 'movement' conquering logic and morality
Max Mirsky
Max Mirsky Acum 3 Zile
I think that we should have healthy people on magazines, not the overly thin and not the obese, there are plenty of beautiful men and women in the healthy range
Clari DS
Clari DS Acum 3 Zile
Obesity is unhealthy, the end.
Tylerio9 Acum 3 Zile
The comment section is so chill, wholesome, and respectful. what a wonderful community! Also Doctor Mike looks like he needs some sleep in this vid lol
Lauren M
Lauren M Acum 3 Zile
A little okay, but I don't agree that surgery is the answer. There are a lot of factors that make weight loss on your own a challenge, and I think that identifying and combating those factors is a far better option
SaarEskimo Acum 3 Zile
As an obese person the idea of health at every size that I have is that so many people automatically believe an obese person is unhealthy PERIOD. But health is not a black and white thing like that. I am very well aware that there's a lot of health risks related with my weight and I am aware that a part of my physical body therefor makes me unhealthy. But I also know that the quality of foods I eat are much better than what some 20-25 BMI people eat (such as more fruit and veg, whole grains, less processed food), I just eat too much and move too little. And so I score healthy on some aspects of life, but unhealthy on others and I think most people are in similar situations. If you exercise 4/week and have a "normal" BMI, but you are lacking many nutrients etc, does that make you healthy? Yes and No. And that's why for me the HAES movement tries to bring some awareness to that, the fact that you can't attribute a single label of (un)health based on what you immediately see. However it is true that a lot of people are almost abusing the movement as an excuse for unhealthy habbits and that's where for me the issue lies.
Chicken Person
Chicken Person Acum 3 Zile
The wealthy basketball predominantly owe because windshield comparatively suggest apud a closed robin. frequent, stupendous handsaw
Grace Sellars
Grace Sellars Acum 3 Zile
Thumbs up if you want to see Dr. Mike speak with insurance workers ⬇️
kyra ivey
kyra ivey Acum 3 Zile
I'm 4'10 and the bmi scale says I should be 90-100 lbs. I got down to 125 and looked sick. Every time I go to the doctor I'm reminded I need to lose weight and am referred to the bmi scale, when will that stop??? I will NEVER be 100 lbs.
a Milling
a Milling Acum 3 Zile
As an overweight person, I despise the "healthy at all sizes" idea. It's insane to think that the body can tolerate the stress on joints and bones. People shouldn't be shamed, but it shouldn't be normal.
Esdan Galvez
Esdan Galvez Acum 3 Zile
Fat pride is the only movement without movement
Fuk Off
Fuk Off Acum 3 Zile
Why dr mike's eyelids so red lol
Cassy Kennedy
Cassy Kennedy Acum 4 Zile
Based on weight/looks, I'm healthy. My pounds are nicely distributed. However, I an average looking person, was diagnosed with high blood pressure at a younger age. I'm NOT healthy. I want to lose weight to help with the high blood pressure.
Cassy Kennedy
Cassy Kennedy Acum 4 Zile
Don't worry, I'm working with my doctor to get my blood pressure under control. Unfortunately I'm battling genetics as well as covid weight gain.
John Doe
John Doe Acum 4 Zile
She's right. This is about lifestyle change, not about any temporary diet. No magic. Change what you eat FOREVER. Lose it slowly (a pound or so a week). I did it--45 lb. Kept it off. There is no way around facing this reality. Looking at what happened to your obese parent is a REALLY good fear motivator. Diabetes, blindness, Alzheimer's . . . it's like choosing between Covid shot side effects and Covid.
Tia Hauser
Tia Hauser Acum 4 Zile
Someone's number on the scale does not determine how that person should be respected! PeriodT. Everyone deserves respect
Denisse Medina
Denisse Medina Acum 2 Zile
It’s not about that, yeah nobody deserves disrespect but people those sizes aren’t healthy, their BMI is higher than it should be and they could have a heart attack at any time :(
Angel in Disguise
Angel in Disguise Acum 2 Zile
That’s so true 💜
Ali Ervin
Ali Ervin Acum 4 Zile
Love this! Had bariatric surgery December 2020 and it’s helped change my life for the better. Going to be 25 here in a couple days and wouldn’t have decided a better gift to myself then choosing surgery ❤️
ScalyLayde Acum 4 Zile
The goal of the body positivity movement is to leave behind the shame, stigma, etc, which leads to better mental health outcomes for fat people. Leaving shame behind might mean they're more likely overall to seek medical treatment for the underlying conditions that lead to their obesity, because they're less embarrassed about it and their self esteem is better. Plus it's just easier to make lifestyle changes when you're mentally healthier. All the focus of these types of discussion is on physical health, and people bristle at fat positivity and fat acceptance because of the negative health effects of being overweight, but I think mental health is an important part of the discussion too. If someone's mental health improves, their physical health is likely to improve too, either directly or indirectly. I think if the goal is REALLY about the genuine wellbeing of fat people, and not about enforcing beauty standards, then we should unclench a little about fat people being celebrated on the cover of a magazine.
Armita Iravani
Armita Iravani Acum 4 Zile
Healthy food is less accessible to lower income families thanks to lobbying of fast food chains. The root of the problem is politics and greed!
Kitty Bakura
Kitty Bakura Acum 4 Zile
I am technically obese and I mean I believe it depends on your health. I have low blood pressure instead of high blood pressure which shocks me today because other than that and my mental I am healthy. I was body shamed a lot as a young child and still get body shamed and I am also short for my age but being obese isn’t bad nor good.
Jaime Verling
Jaime Verling Acum 4 Zile
I believe that bariatric surgery can be a Godsend for those patients whose bodies simply cannot handle the actual exercise it would take to lose the weight. However, in every case where the patients body CAN handle the work, then I believe that that is the way to go. I'm no physician, but I assume that a 2 to 5 year weight loss off 100+ pounds will be easier for a body to balance out than losing this weight over 6 months or so. Then there is the dieting change that comes with bariatric surgery, which is FAR more difficult to follow that simply eating (reasonably) healthy to begin with...
Unus Annus Momento Mori
Unus Annus Momento Mori Acum 4 Zile
One thing that I hear a lot is "Fat people should just eat less!" Do these people not realise that food (especially junk food) can be just as addictive as drugs? Junk food activates the reward chemicals in your brain like endorphins and dopamine, so people with mood disorders like depression and anxiety turn to food to make them feel happy in a self-medicating sort of way. The best way to fight obesity and food addiction is treating the underlying psychological issues.
Geanna McDonald
Geanna McDonald Acum 4 Zile
I love how this topic is always one sided... let’s bring up the other end of the spectrum and how it’s has Always been glorified even though it also is very dangerous to ones health.
allisonchains Acum 4 Zile
Bariatric surgery is not an easy fix! I don’t think you should be advertising it like this. You definitely can cure obesity without bariatric surgery
Katie Rinaldi
Katie Rinaldi Acum 4 Zile
Really appreciate this video and the information in it. In my experience, a lot of doctors make assumptions based on weight, and refuse to look beyond it as a source of problems. Oh, you have frequent migraines, it must be because of your blood pressure and your blood pressure is outta wack because your overweight. The only time I've had issues with my blood pressure is when my body goes into distress, like when I was in labor or my kidney stone was acting up and I was in a lot of pain. They also approach weight loss very negatively. I tried to talk to my doctor about a medication and the response I got was a very snide. "Well, are you at least trying to eat healthy?" And comments that I must be prediabetic because of my weight. I am not nor have I ever been prediabetic.
Merle-Marie Emely Johannsen
Merle-Marie Emely Johannsen Acum 4 Zile
How could this possibly end up in a discussion about bariatric operation??? Btw. It’s health at every size not healthy at every size... feeling like there were lots of points missed and not proper researched what HAES stands for. 🧐
dauntless88 Acum 4 Zile
I like the balance in this video. I really thought you were about to shun HAES completely, which is way more than body positivity movement. I agree that advertising can be so off in every health aspect. Especially with a diet culture obsessed world. But I don’t think HAES is necessarily promoting gaining weight and obesity. There’s so much more to it that promotes gentle nutrition and movement by removing the guilt and obsession with food and numbers.
Victoria Blanchard
Victoria Blanchard Acum 4 Zile
Title of video: Doctors discuss this magazine cover Actual Video: Weight loss discussion focusing bariatric surgery Yeah you aren't helping your case against being fat-phobic. You really need to work on your PR
Tanz Acum 4 Zile
I feel like if fast food was more expensive and healthier food more affordable, there'd be a different outcome of health in america
Bookworm Acum 4 Zile
Is telling someone the harsh truth that they are obese also considered fat-shaming? And the reason magazines do these controversial covers because it sells copies. No one wants to see a normal healthy person, because normal people like us who have confidence in themselves will never read menshealth or cosmo. No one needs 6 packs and nor do people need to eat whatever they want. Eat healthy, workout a bit, and if u feel sick go meet a doctor, there u go 101 fitness.
Riya Patel
Riya Patel Acum 4 Zile
For people who do not understand this: Fat shaming never helps anyone, it just makes you hate yourself more and more each day! And I don't know why people do not get this, if you do not love yourself enough, you wouldn't be able to put in the effort that it takes to lose or gain weight. Nobody in the world would be able to help you out because you don't care for yourself enough. Fat shaming might temporarily push people to start working out, but if it doesn't come from within, you wouldn't be able to continue on with it!!! It's that simple!! Body positivity is the first step of losing weight.
Panda Power
Panda Power Acum o Zi
say it for the people in the back!! this is like rocket science to so many freaking dumbasses that are probably chubby or out of shape themselves anyway.
Emily N
Emily N Acum 4 Zile
We focus on obesity far more than we focus on anorexia because skinnier is more acceptable. When they stop sexualizing women who don't eat, then maybe this wouldn't be so controversial.Also, my "healthy weight" is 135lbs but that is no where near my baseline. There is a lot we need to improve in the healthcare system.
Ben Carr
Ben Carr Acum 4 Zile
Unhealthy fast food is really expensive too.
Christine Sizemore
Christine Sizemore Acum 4 Zile
The obesity epidemic is a big problem, but there's a lot of systemic issues that feed into it. There needs to be more awareness and responsibility brought further up the food web. If natural foods were as accessible and affordable as processed foods, if people had a survivable income and more time at home to make their own meals and being active, if portion control was an actual thing in restaurants... a "healthy weight" would be far more attainable.
Sarah Boudreault
Sarah Boudreault Acum 5 Zile
Type 2 diabetes is reversible without surgery.
Olivia Ball
Olivia Ball Acum 5 Zile
Cosmo want sensationalist "news" regardless of the deeper message. It is dangerously masking the conversation that needs to be had: obesity needs to be tackled as it puts people's lives at risk. This isn't shaming, hating or stigmatising. It is liberating people to find confidence while being mindful of their health.
Peach Pebble
Peach Pebble Acum 5 Zile
While I can understand the message here, I do feel a little iffy on it. I think some doctors, not all, but some, really obsess on talking about your weight when it's unnecessary. Speaking from personal experience, I have been roughly the same weight for many years. In high school my PC dr told me that I was obese. I didn't ask her about it, but she would mention it to me every time that I went to see her regardless of what the reason I was seeing her was. I want to stress that I wasn't really very heavy at all. I had people tell me I was skinny sometimes even, and I didn't have to shop in the plus size section. Repeatedly being told that I was obese according to the BMI scale by my twig thin doctor made me feel like a failure and I mess up. I've developed body dysmorphia as a result, and though I actually have lost and gained and lost again the weight that I had at the time, I have a deeply unhealthy relationship with my body as a result of those conversations. I switched to a different doctor because of insurance a couple of years ago, and despite being about the same weight as I was when I was told I was obese by the first doctor, my new doctor has not mentioned my weight as a concern ONCE. Not once in about 2 years over multiple visits.Now that I've been seeing another, very capable doctor who has never mentioned my weight or told me I'm obese, I find it hard to believe what my previous doctor was repeatedly telling me. And yet, the experience has lasted and morphed into a genuine issue for me: body dysmorphia. I've had friends who were slightly overweight who've had health issues completely unrelated to weight be told repeatedly that losing weight is the only thing that will help them, despite the fact that they still had the issue when they were at lower weights. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I wish that doctors would realize more that while yes, maybe you think it's important to bring up concerns of weight, the BMI scale is inherently flawed. For one, it doesn't account for muscle mass. I knew a guy who was in peak physical condition and super buff and he mentioned once that according to the BMI he was obese because of this. And while perhaps I was a few pounds over the ideal weight for my height, I was in no means obese. I was merely existing and that repeated nagging by my doctor actually contributed to a serious mental health condition down the line. It's easy to say "just tell your dr you don't want to discuss it!" but when you're a minor you don't know you have that option. Hell, when you're an adult you don't have that option. And the doctor that I went to probably wouldn't have respected that anyway, knowing her other bedside manner. There need to be better measurements for obesity than what currently exist. In the past few years that I've been unlearning the bad lessons I learned about obesity, I've been learning to be more in touch with my body and I've noticed that when I reach or pass a certain weight, there are obvious red flags that it's not doing me favors. For example, when I'm heavier I get heartburn more often. I'm more tired. Etc. These are things i've noticed happen when I gain weight, and when that happens, I start to work on the issue. But BMI doesn't tell me anything about my health besides shaming me about having a denser body than some others might, and that's not fair or scientific. There is nuance to everything.
Maria Jauregui
Maria Jauregui Acum 5 Zile
Weight loss is more than just diet and exercise. Let's talk about mental health too. I know too many think people who are "body healthy" but "mental health" impacted. It's about finding a balance
Jacob Croom
Jacob Croom Acum 5 Zile
Hey Mike, how come I shake like a $50 washing machine when I do planking exercises? Love your videos btw, hoping to go into med school and your videos make me believe it really is what I want to do
Virginia Wheeler
Virginia Wheeler Acum 5 Zile
In 2019 I got really sick. I lost 50 pounds in three months due to a small bowel blockage and other than feeling very weak, I felt good. But my lab numbers were kind of funky. Once the blockage was removed and I could eat again, the weight came back on. I’m now back to my original weight and my labs are good but my pain in my joints came back. I was not healthy at either weight.
holasirena Acum 5 Zile
Hey Doc! Recognize your own pretty privilege!
Heather Fuller
Heather Fuller Acum 5 Zile
I'm very obese and we can't normalize EVERYTHING just to Apese EVERYONE. Even if your active as a heavy person . Its still not healthy. We need to stop telling fat people its ok to be fat . Healthy food needs to be the same price as junk food then we will see change
09. Avani Verma
09. Avani Verma Acum 5 Zile
I guess they wanted to be anti-fatshaming and thats true, people really bring your self esteem down, its just that the cover exaggerated it for attention, obviously that weight is NOT healthy.
Kallie Graves
Kallie Graves Acum 5 Zile
I think Dr Mike is forgetting that the insurance companies are just that. Companies. They just wanna make that money. So why would they want to reduce the number of surgeries, etc cuz they take a cut 🙄
Maddie Acum 5 Zile
why are you interviewing someone who researches obesity and not a dietitian? every single claim she brought up is a correlation with no proven causal relationship. that’s like the first big no no of research. many of the health issues associated with obesity could just as, if not more likely be caused by the stigma of being fat. it is well and truly documented through research that everyone, fat or thin, holds an implicit bias against fat people. it is also well documented that many fat people avoid seeking medical treatment due to stigma, or medical trauma from doctors not taking them seriously or dehumanising them. i seriously thing you need to do some research on the societal causes of health issues. the maintenance phase podcast is a great place to start. . also by her definition literally no one is healthy if you want to be really accurate. everyone is going to have their health deteriorate and they will eventually die. measuring someone’s health based on symptoms they might present in the future rather than the symptoms they present now is dangerous and leads to massive medical malpractice. you yourself said in one of your videos that you experience back and shoulder pain, so by her definition you are also unhealthy. . your comment on disordered eating is frankly extremely offensive. disordered eating is strongly linked to OCD behaviours and is not caused by simply seeing what other people’s bodies look like. seeing fat people being happy to be fat and them being okay with being fat is not an eating disorder. eating disorders destroy your relationship with food so that you can never truly eat healthily again in your life. the diet industry is the pipeline to eating disorders, as it promotes compulsive behaviours and obsession over numbers that have no practical meaning such as calories and weight. . finally, trying to lose weight will make you gain weight. many fat people become fat BECAUSE OF ANOREXIA. dieting ruins your metabolism because you restrict your nutrition and go against hunger cravings. please please please do some reading, listen to the podcast, talk to a dietician. stop spreading the same message that is killing people
Peach Pebble
Peach Pebble Acum 5 Zile
wha about people who struggle to lose weight and cannot do so in a healthy manner? what about obesity being diagnosed by BMI, which can also vary based on muscle mass?
Keyna Darling
Keyna Darling Acum 5 Zile
I was wondering, how big is the stomach after bypass surgery?
Reticulus Acum 5 Zile
The confusion lies in the angle of the argument. Body positivity is an emotional one, but obesity/anorexia is physical. Both require balance.
Jonathan Hilt
Jonathan Hilt Acum 6 Zile
A doctor/nurse told my dad that once you have diabetes, you’ll always have diabetes. Im pretty sure that she’s wrong, but I don’t have much medical knowledge. Once you get your blood percentages back to a healthy state, are you still considered diabetic or can you be cured of diabetes?
niki e
niki e Acum 6 Zile
It's sugar addiction. Plain and simple. Sugar is doing this! These are addicts who don't want to be told to stop. Sugar is a substance, not a food!
Ariana nicole Leon
Ariana nicole Leon Acum 6 Zile
I mean I’m ok with everyone loving their bodies but you should still be aware of your weight if your overweight or obese and try to take care of it. Like I’m overweight , I have new stretch marks and I knowwww I still love myself but I know I need to do better to be healthy.
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