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Doctor Mike

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Welcome back to another Doctor Reacts Series Episode! House M.D is a popular medical drama and I constantly get asked both in-person and online to react to a new episode. Since we pretty much all are in quarantine it felt like the right episode to watch.

100+ Doctors Tell You The Truth About Battling The Coronavirus:

If you want to check out some House M.D. episodes they are streaming on Amazon Prime here:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches House MD / Real Doctor Reacts to House MD . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!

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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike Acum an
Greta Smith
Greta Smith Acum 11 Zile
Why do you ❤️ your own comment
Santiago Ortega
Santiago Ortega Acum 20 Zile
Make more about doctor house
Benjamin Cretsinger
Benjamin Cretsinger Acum 27 Zile
You should do House MD S1E4
jack247811 Acum lună
You never questioned Dr House and why have you not made another video to one of his episodes
Mitch Hendricks
Mitch Hendricks Acum 2 luni
"The Truth".
jorge noe maldonado
jorge noe maldonado Acum o Zi
House is inspired on Sherlock Holmes, so with a little info he can see the whole picture
Anna Marc
Anna Marc Acum o Zi
You should review the episode “Everybody Dies” it’s the 22 episode of the 8th season
Diana Rangel
Diana Rangel Acum 3 Zile
Actually, the whole plot of House's diagnosis its zebras and not horses. This is the plot of the show.
Logan Benner
Logan Benner Acum 3 Zile
House is a public menace.
Katie Donovan
Katie Donovan Acum 4 Zile
3:25 So you're just gonna let that go, now? A doctor on a show that diagnosed Erdheim-Chester with rapid onset and Creutzfeldt-Jakob in a 35-y-o with no prior history is going to dismiss a valid what-if based on low odds and you just....let it slide? Oh, come on! Are D.O.'s even real doctors? lmao
Chalky_ Fishy
Chalky_ Fishy Acum 4 Zile
Please do more House M.D
Munchlax Attacks
Munchlax Attacks Acum 5 Zile
That zebra horse line was legit quoted in scrubs
Foxy Cinnamon Kitten
Foxy Cinnamon Kitten Acum 6 Zile
Doxycycline I know that word at least
Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en]
Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] Acum 6 Zile
You can't imagine how he might've extracted that piece of information? Uhm, how about "what were you doing at the time when symptoms first presented?" or, because he's House and he looks for medical zebras, "what's the most unusual thing you've done lately?". Like. Scuba diving and finding a shipwreck and all that stuff is *really cool* and something most people would be pretty eager to share. I think that one's just a failure of imagination on your part, doc.
Özge Özge
Özge Özge Acum 7 Zile
Please watch House Md Funniest Clinic Duties video.
Katelynn Hawker
Katelynn Hawker Acum 7 Zile
Cuddy would be so happy to quarantine House after removing his infectious disease suit. He wouldn’t have to deal with people, and the population would be safe.
Katelynn Hawker
Katelynn Hawker Acum 7 Zile
Seriously though, I have to agree with Dr Mike. House throws his weight around. Cuddy and Wison spend the entire show restraining him, because he’ll kill everyone. His professional reputation that draws patients in need to him should be title-captioned “Medical Mania That Kills”. I detest this show just because he causes more harm then good. Experimentation by guessing treatment.
Joel Holveck
Joel Holveck Acum 12 Zile
What did you see about his eyes at 5:58?
SillyKicker64 Acum 12 Zile
A few good episodes i would recommend are "frozen" and "houses mind" from season 4
Jose Luis Rivadeneira Argudo
Jose Luis Rivadeneira Argudo Acum 13 Zile
Deductive reasoning. That’s how he knows.
bodgertime Acum 13 Zile
8:21 Janet Parker, Dr. Mike wins Jeopardy
Brad Hope
Brad Hope Acum 13 Zile
I wonder what year this was made? When I first started out we shocked (no compressions started yet) immediately if the arrest was witnessed!
Dixie Instrumental
Dixie Instrumental Acum 14 Zile
It could also theoretically be sent to USAMRIID
S B Acum 15 Zile
you guys remember ebola ? was a super serious thing then out of no where they stopped talking about it, cant wait for the same thing to happen with covid.
Lon Wolf
Lon Wolf Acum 18 Zile
I would prefer to never be diagnosed by House. I would go to the doctor for a rash and come out with some sort of 3000 y/o plague that fell from space and was created by cavemen and sent to space by dinosaurs.
J Ma
J Ma Acum 18 Zile
Surprised Dr. Mike didn't get multiple heart attacks 🤣🤣
Jared Vititoe
Jared Vititoe Acum 18 Zile
Its kind of weird how they use doxycycline for that deadly virus but I use it for my acne.
Newman Ortega
Newman Ortega Acum 18 Zile
The ablaze crayfish relatedly guide because microwave acromegaly please midst a literate art. innate, snobbish quart
Caoimhe O'Carroll
Caoimhe O'Carroll Acum 19 Zile
Think we need to start a drinking game... *shot every time "chest compressions" is mentioned*
Cheryl Hoffman
Cheryl Hoffman Acum 19 Zile
The loutish rose morphologically trip because reward micrencephaly wrestle towards a fuzzy limit. neighborly, kindly paperback
Sarchen Fredricson Skans
Sarchen Fredricson Skans Acum 20 Zile
I don't know if you still take suggestions, Dr Mike. But my all time favourite ep of house is S2 Ep13 'Skin deep'. It got it all. Not just a mysterious case but also a cute underaged teen model! Please please do this episode!!!
Karp Acum 20 Zile
The unhealthy board reassuringly improve because jaguar usually look inside a statuesque glockenspiel. hard-to-find, warm deodorant
FractalFoxette Acum 21 o Zi
House looks for zebras because doctors refers patients to him after they looked at all the horses. Dr House has a double specialty in infectious disease and nephrology. Thats why he knows all these weird diseases. His patients are either referred to him or seek him out specifically because no one can diagnose them. Thats why he always “jumps the gun” when diagnosing to something unusual. Thats one thing Dr. Mike is missing - not sure if he’s watched a full episode or just bits and pieces. At the very least pay attention to the first few episodes! House’s whole point is to look for the unusual. (Although it is funny to see his reactions as a doctor)
VampireNewl Acum 21 o Zi
Patient comes in with a bite mark "These bites are consistant with bigfoot attacks"-Doctor House
Secret Assassin
Secret Assassin Acum 21 o Zi
House is my fav show
Ian Cohen
Ian Cohen Acum 21 o Zi
EPIC! My Parent Company owns the company that makes that! I forget that a lot of Medical use it too!
Ian Cohen
Ian Cohen Acum 21 o Zi
House does not take common cases. He rejects cases all the time.
Nicholas Hartle
Nicholas Hartle Acum 23 Zile
This doesn't even sounds like looking for zebras. It sounds like looking for unicorns.
Noah D.
Noah D. Acum 23 Zile
I love how Dr. Mike is so over TV doctors not immediately compressing the chest when a patient flatlines at 9:25 he sounds exhausted and like he isn’t being heard 🥲😂
Ali Tahrei Sh.
Ali Tahrei Sh. Acum 23 Zile
1:18 that's why they don't make "Dr Mike" series!
Walter Green
Walter Green Acum 24 Zile
It is a TV show and they often take shortcuts to fit the problems into 45 minutes of allotted time.
Omar Abuseif
Omar Abuseif Acum 24 Zile
Doctor Mike, House Epi 5 season 1. House does chests compressions!
Mr Silver
Mr Silver Acum 25 Zile
"Foreman is 100,000% correct" - Dr Mike. Good to see you know how math works.
Nitidus Acum 25 Zile
That infection control stuff is kind of interesting... Someone I know went to the hospital for knee surgery that had been scheduled for months. He contracted Covid there from one of the hospital personell and died of it.
Alex Lange
Alex Lange Acum 25 Zile
Hey Doctor Mike, big fan of your channel however I think it’s time that you get back on the House Train! I have the perfect episode for you, it has a lot of good medical scenes I would like you to comment on, issues of patient information transparency and, of course, an unexpected final diagnosis. I’m pretty sure I can guess a couple of things you will comment on and am eager to see if I’m right! So without any further ado... Season 2, Episode 18: Sleeping Dogs Lie. PS there is a small reference to a different episode inside this one, as a side story, if your feeling generous; Season 2, episode 2: Autopsy (a very interesting procedure and ethics in this one) Btw just got my second vaccine shot, thanks for the great info there!
Hermanubis Acum 27 Zile
In France (probably elsewhere, too), smallpox vaccination was mandatory until 1978; it was done in schools on children of about 10 years of age. I don't know if they also did this in the USA, but if so, wouldn't the adults have been immune?
Kaiit Mosby
Kaiit Mosby Acum 27 Zile
Calling the CDC "i'm a film writer, is it possible for smallpox to survive under water for 200years in a glass jar?" I work in the film industry on hollywood productions and 100% have called certain professions to ask random questions like that, it's just part of fact checking. We don't always like the answers and something just run with it anyway but yep defiantly made those calls
alexandre Da Silva-Lockie
alexandre Da Silva-Lockie Acum 28 Zile
At 9:25 that actually looks like either artifact on the monitor or poss torsades, also I see that the red line on the monitor is for an arterial line pressure and the yellow looks like pulm artery pressure so they have a swan catheter and it was wedged that’s what killed him lol
Masumi Thakkar
Masumi Thakkar Acum 28 Zile
I love how House tackles only zebras and then to contrast that and to ease hypocrondriacs, the writers have the most mundane and exasperated free clinic illnesses.. To show that people who couldn’t get answers elsewhere after months come to House but the walkins he diagnoses ( HILARIOUSLY might i add ) in seconds with the simplest answers to the biggest worriers
Immoralize Acum 29 Zile
2:33 I thought the whole point of House was to be a last line of defense, the guy who gets to jump to zebras first because other doctors ran out of horses and couldn't figure it out.
Wardah Tynna Yusof
Wardah Tynna Yusof Acum 29 Zile
I contacted HFMD from my niece around 2 years ago. My throat felt like it was cut from inside out with a razor. 😫
TurtleSauceGaming Acum lună
Cool that you from Jersey Doctor Mike, but you from the wrong side lol South Jersey is better... just not too south. You start getting into the heavy metropolitan area near philly and it gets just as bad as north jersey. Ever taken route 30? It's like a game of dodgeball because the right lane is turning right and the left lane is turning left and you're just trying to keep going straight.
TurtleSauceGaming Acum lună
How does he know that she was in the shipwreck... Maybe he decided to talk to the patience for once? To be fair, patient history usually includes travel.
Seth Brock
Seth Brock Acum lună
The show clarified that they know you don’t go straight to the defibrillator and it was just for entertainment purposes
Quinntus79 Acum lună
Do you think doctors in Tanzania say, “When you hear hoofbeats, think zebras, not horses.”
Gokul Payyanur
Gokul Payyanur Acum lună
She was diving in water that had pirate ship sunk in it's waters
Rob Kercheval
Rob Kercheval Acum lună
I find it rather funny and interesting to see when House goes to look for the Eschars and his hands are on the patients body and he clearly has no gloves on. He was well exposed before even ripping off his protective hood. Talk about poor infection control on that part as well.
Cereth Painting
Cereth Painting Acum lună
House and his team get more history than most. The idea is that most patients that see house had been through a regular medical work up. Additionally, house is a genius like Sherlock Holmes. That’s how he knows these things based on the show.
SilantoA Acum lună
It’s entertainment, not a documentary 😊😉
Alauna White
Alauna White Acum lună
Who else is watching this 1 yr into the pandemic?
Dezzy Acum lună
Fun fact, the actor that plays the CDC Doctor also played the Therapist in Happiness.
Fish. Keep. Love.
Fish. Keep. Love. Acum lună
There is actually a number made for screen writers to call, with scientific questions. It was set up to limit the spread of misinformation through media
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick Acum lună
Somaya AR
Somaya AR Acum lună
Doctor mike : What is your favorite medical tv series?? 🤩
Lex Gold
Lex Gold Acum lună
Dr.Mike triggered is probably one of the most bittersweet things to see
This guy is jealous of house and fan of chest compressions🤣🤣🤣
scifirocks Acum lună
Shoutout to Edward Jenner! Vaccine MVP! Woo!
Fatal Reaction
Fatal Reaction Acum lună
They said in the show that usually by the time doctor house is seeing people that they have already been to other doctors. So they tried all the things it usually would be already.
Nabil Bsat
Nabil Bsat Acum lună
Can you do the TB or Not TB episode I really want to know what you think of Dr Sebastian and his demeanor
Yessica Schieckoff
Yessica Schieckoff Acum lună
You know the show is old cuz House has a sliding phone.
rowan byington
rowan byington Acum lună
igotta tell you i have some friends that know a bunch of SUPER random facts (that they have never really needed to study) so dr house knowing all these random things isnt to far off the truth
Troy Smith
Troy Smith Acum lună
The thing to remember, Dr. Mike, is that the central concept of this show is that House's team is an elite differential medicine group. By the time a case gets to House, all of the basic possibilities have been ruled out by other doctors -- if a case has easy answers, House is bored by it and won't bother to look at it. In other words, it makes sense for House's team to expect zebras because the horses have been corralled already.
Ami Bowen
Ami Bowen Acum lună
I had smallpox when I was a toddler. In the 1970s. I also had tuberculosis of the lymph nodes, (not chest), when I was really young. Some of my first memories are of being in the hospital in a crib with an iv in the bottom of my foot and having surgery to remove the lump on the side of my neck. I have a foggy memory of crawling out of the hospital crib to get to the playroom they had for kids in that hospital. It must have been before they put the iv in or I don't know how I would have done that unless the iv wasn't hooked up to anything yet and I hopped along the wall. I do remember my mom yelling for me and someone grabbing me and picking me up off the rocking horse I'd been having so much fun on and my mom saying I scared her to death. A little bit later I was back at that same hospital for a second surgery but on my left eye to correct Strabismus. I still have it in my right eye to this day. It's no wonder I gravitated towards the medical field as an adult and became a CNA with some of my earliest memories taking place in a hospital and my mother being an LPN. Lol.
Rhae Lunae
Rhae Lunae Acum lună
What would chest compressions achieve when no other personel is coming when chest compressions only buy time, what productive use of the time will happen? The team at house gets so much wrong, but that heart won't restart itself, and chest compressions won't restart it either. It is the incredibly rare situation where nobody will be coming to assist.
Ivan Baptista Kobal
Ivan Baptista Kobal Acum lună
Lets put one of the worse virus ever in charge of the only county to throw atomic bombs in civilian population out of fear of bio terrorism. Sounds cool!
MonotoniTV Acum lună
Dr. Mike should react to Scrubs S5 E20
Master Nataka
Master Nataka Acum lună
Hey, Doc. If you haven't reacted to the House episode 'Insensitive' yet, omg, please do.
Justin Ballew
Justin Ballew Acum lună
It's almost as if this show is fictional.
Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTG
Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTG Acum lună
when's the next one?
Poor Redneck World
Poor Redneck World Acum lună
Speak for yourself. I did not quarantine at all over the past year. And don't plan to
Extraneus Acum lună
house is a bad teacher of jumping to conclusions. SOOOO many times the fix is super simple and found in basic checks
CaleElahi Acum lună
I think part of the reason they go to shocking, other than the dramatics involved with it, is that chest compressions are difficult to act properly and to act through properly.
Taira McBride
Taira McBride Acum lună
Due to this episode, if I so much as sweat, I say "IS THIS EBOLA?! IS. THIS. EBOLA." because Dr. Mike's cadence is so perfect
Kinnor Djhs
Kinnor Djhs Acum lună
My guess is that he asks where they were and what they were doing. He looks angry and mean enough that they may get scared he’ll kill em if they don’t and tell the truth.
Carson Englhardt
Carson Englhardt Acum lună
He knows everything cause he is based off Sherlock Holmes (technically sherlock holmes is based off him but it is complicated), so he is just supposed to be a super genius, but rather socially wirhrdawn/crass
NutcaseIn A. Nutshell
NutcaseIn A. Nutshell Acum lună
Another example of these 'inoculations' is what they practiced in the Revolutionary War. Like you said, they'd take a piece of the infected pustule or the infected liquid and expose soldiers to it via cuts in the skin, but they would use the least deadly form of smallpox (they found that surviving the least deadly form of the disease would make the body immune to the most harmful form of it). Later, a doctor named Edward Jenner discovered the use of cowpox inoculation, a virus that was similar to smallpox but not as dangerous, and administered it to his patients.
Ace_ofchaos Acum lună
Wasn’t smallpox also combated by using a disease called cowpox? Something to do with cowpox being more dominant.
SnarkbotAnya Acum lună
That "I'm a screenwriter, is it possible" phone call really feels like one of the writers inserting a Take That, Me into the script.
UmbreonMessiah Acum lună
I feel the lack of chest compressions has more to do with theatrical shorthand than it does medical accuracy. It has been ingrained in the public consciousness than when someone flatlines, the paddles can bring you back. Whether it's accurate or not, people expect it, our brains demand to see it. A lot of medical dramas just skip the compression stage because it adds what are technically needless seconds to the run time. Inaccurate, but functional.
Martin Rabe
Martin Rabe Acum lună
Well the guy is dead room is not ventilated and it’s trough bites mostly, so u wouldn’t take the helmet off, but it actually doesn’t matter.
EP3nquin Gamer
EP3nquin Gamer Acum lună
I am curious who else reached for their iPhone when the alarm sound went off.
Aztec Man
Aztec Man Acum lună
G M Acum lună
@4:07 Did you hear about the two medical students smoking weed, talking about their shared ambitions to win the Nobel prize for medicine? It was Joint Aspiration.
Jong shing Ye
Jong shing Ye Acum lună
House is basically Sherlock Holmes in a medical setting.
NoGoat Acum lună
Now I want to see a pilot like Dr. House.
Talia Hurburgh
Talia Hurburgh Acum lună
I remember my French teacher once saying she had Cowpox as a kid.
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber Acum lună
Cowpox is mostly on cow but it can be transmit to human. Catching cowpox actually immune you to smallpox because they are really close viruses. It is less dangerous but not fun to have. This is less contagious vs smallpox and this is now pretty rare. People used to get cowpox voluntarily to protect themselves from smallpox. Some were dying but the probability was low so people was taking the risk anyways.
Jackson Bockus
Jackson Bockus Acum lună
When you hear good eats, think horses, not unicorns
JAY B - Switch It Up out now
JAY B - Switch It Up out now Acum lună
As a medical technician with a degree in microbiology, I'm screaming so hard at House right now.
JAY B - Switch It Up out now
JAY B - Switch It Up out now Acum lună
I know this is an old video but I'd really love if Dr. Mike did a video on EPIC and how it benefits doctors as well as Healthcare in general.
John Osterman
John Osterman Acum lună
LMAO If you put that into EPIC haha Hilarious!
José Francsico Nunes Marcondes
José Francsico Nunes Marcondes Acum lună
Here in Brazil we call Smallpox Variola (from the virus name)
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber Acum lună
In french we can it variole... so this is probably based on the name of the virus too.
Peyton Watson
Peyton Watson Acum lună
You never say “the odds are astronomical.” In a medical show!
Taylor Hagen
Taylor Hagen Acum lună
Please react to ER quarantine episode
SwollenRhino Acum lună
E-Coli is much worse
Jo C
Jo C Acum lună
You are just mad House is a better MD
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