Doctor Reacts To Bizarre Health "Hack" Videos

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Doctor Mike

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I’ve reacted to bizarre health posts I’ve found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok... you name it. Today I decided to dive head first into ROkey’s ocean of clickbait and see what medical videos existed out there. Oh boy, are there a lot. Channels like Brightside and Craft Panda are regularly putting out videos with “health hacks” and “medical tips” that aren’t based in any reality or verified by an ounce of evidence. Today I set the record straight regarding things like heart attacks, brushing your teeth, sneezing, bruises, fevers, colds, pressure points, going to the bathroom, headaches, arm numbness, and the truth regarding love’s impact on your body.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Robert N
Robert N Acum oră
I'm really surprised that you don't know about photosneezing, it's a real phenomenon.
Artikit Acum oră
The sneezing when looking at a bright light is called photonic sneezing. Its just a weird thing that only effects some people. Its genetic and from what i remember has theories that its effect the same parts of your brain as epilepsy .
Tasha Florence
Tasha Florence Acum 2 ore
How does cholesterol, which doesn't really have a pigmentation, turn your ducking bacterial culture purple. Just wow
Jayee Acum 3 ore
Inducing a sneeze from a bright light source is a reference to Photic Sneeze Reflex. Some people have this gene where if they were to look at a bright light (like the sun), it'll trigger a sneeze response. Derek from Veritasium has this gene.
Murasakibara Vivian
Murasakibara Vivian Acum 3 ore
Thanks to you, I haven't tried any of these hacks, or else my doc would be mad at me for rubbing my elbow to shut down a fever : )))
Kody be gaming fox pack
Kody be gaming fox pack Acum 4 ore
everyone has already disproven all of 5min hacks
Kody be gaming fox pack
Kody be gaming fox pack Acum 4 ore
the calf and bladder one works for real
anonymous Acum 4 ore
As a "kid" we are NOT cool lol
The Mona Lisa
The Mona Lisa Acum 4 ore
Rubbing a bruise with a egg is just strange thing they do in China.
Kool Kat Kid
Kool Kat Kid Acum 5 ore
Is it a coincidence that I got and advertisement for omaze?
Zimel ahmed
Zimel ahmed Acum 5 ore
You are such a inspiration! I love your show!
Viking Acum 6 ore
Saying "watermelon" cures hiccups. I have no idea why.
conmann89 Acum 6 ore
More effective life hacks include, eat healthy, drink more water (except for the small number of people who already are good at this), exercise more often, and sleep better. our bodies are actually quite capable of healing some of these infirmities if we treat them well. saying this more for me but I'm sure someone else needs to hear this too.
conmann89 Acum 6 ore
so am i the only one doing a bunch of these "hacks" with the video? im calling most of these busted.
NoOne Special
NoOne Special Acum 6 ore
I love how Dc Mike is just wanting to sneeze and then he looks at the light and says "light". Then just sneezes.
Cruncho. Acum 7 ore
Oh? Your kidney is shutting down. Do a handstand.
Shindinru Acum 7 ore
@3:00 Guess Mike's never heard of a "Sun Sneeze".
Saifeldin Megalaa
Saifeldin Megalaa Acum 7 ore
no ngl the light thing is true when i get flash banged my eyes water and I sneeze
Where's Waldo
Where's Waldo Acum 8 ore
The sneeze one does work, ive always done that since I was a kid. If I was trying to sneeze cause I was clogged in my sinus or I just wanted to make a sneeze happen cause I felt like I needed it to happen I would rub my sinus til they tingled and would look at a light to make the sneeze go.
Zack Zean21
Zack Zean21 Acum 8 ore
2:59 I always do this if I want to sneeze really bad 😂
Mari Machado
Mari Machado Acum 10 ore
The sneeze thing has always worked for me, everything else is wack
Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell Acum 11 ore
blinking my eyes for 1minute just made my eyes dry😑
Max Mclellan
Max Mclellan Acum 12 ore
Ah yes, if you have a sore throat, press your arm. Totally makes sense 😒
Ayman Naisam
Ayman Naisam Acum 12 ore
Hey mike I had like a ichi felling on my ear but I know that this I caused bug my throat rubbing why I do that is because I hav allergies to tea and I drink it I don’t know why I do that
TheRandumbGuy Acum 13 ore
Hey I'm all for prizes but when you get a house like that YOU have to pay for every thing else like they pay for the house then you do the rest and also when you get that much money the gov takes it that you MADE that much so they still take some away but I'm pretty sure tax is up to like 8 percent now so you'll have to pay more on your taxes
Brionna Carter
Brionna Carter Acum 14 ore
the light sneeze thing workss
Shannon Garcia
Shannon Garcia Acum 15 ore
The encouraging eyeliner neatly fear because volcano astonishingly obey barring a giddy agenda. yummy, standing deodorant
Cheekim-BreekimYT Acum 15 ore
Medical licensee loss speed-run
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia Acum 16 ore
Why would anyone ghost you?
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia Acum 16 ore
The ice pack one does actually work too. I put a heating pad under my feet and lay on a gel ice pack.
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia Acum 16 ore
I’ve used most of the techniques they showed, like looking at a bright light to sneeze, scratching your ear for an itchy/sore throat, scratching the back of your chin to reduce urgency to pee and they actually do work. It may be because I’m very susceptible to placebo effects, but they have worked so I don’t care why.
Hollow War
Hollow War Acum 16 ore
2:56 Whenever I have problems to sneeze, my mom always tells me to do that XD
Lia Cameron
Lia Cameron Acum 16 ore
“If you see a lion or a bear” I love that he put a picture of bear💜
Comment something random
Comment something random Acum 16 ore
I tested the bathroom thing and well umm it most definitely didn’t work.
Aud Vlogs and games :D :D :D :D
Aud Vlogs and games :D :D :D :D Acum 17 ore
Bro everyone that has broken a bone knows that first one we’re not stoopid like wha- is that headache
Cheyanne King
Cheyanne King Acum 17 ore
floof tail
Not So Innocent
Not So Innocent Acum 17 ore
Basically *NO BRIGHTSIDE!*
ExcitedSun3 Acum 18 ore
I sneeze when I look at bright lights am I okay
Paranoid Bee
Paranoid Bee Acum 18 ore
All of these are stupid but if you blink super fast for one minute it makes your eyelids tired which HELPS you to fall asleep.
Jynxedlove Acum 18 ore
The biggest issue I have being an Ehlers Danlos Syndrome patient is it's most impactful symptoms just frequently mirror heart attacks, so I'm just regularly going to the doctor to keep an eye on the shrodingers' prolapse in there to make sure that the chances it's a heart attack and not just like, swelling in my abdomen from who-knows-what. It's not fun having a prolapse that is there and not there depending on the day of the exam and who reads it, and then have the doctors working from that imaging wanting/thinking different things about it. There has to be a better way to have some kind of baked in care coordination for the chronically ill.
Jynxedlove Acum 19 ore
10:18 I have a connective tissue disorder. I have been explicitly told to use a soft brush, and brush through the blood because "well your tissues will do that". I'm skeptical but I'm listening....
Jynxedlove Acum 19 ore
4:09 I think this one is probably a sensory trick. People, even who don't have sensory issues, can get temporary relief from anxiety via tactile sensations. I tried it and it reminds me of the feeling of my service dog licking my hand to help my brain get the bit of relief (distraction by something physical, thus likely needing more immediate attention than generalized anxiety. These kinds of grounding techniques are pretty widely used in psychiatric services, but it is probably the light sensation (close to tickling which, if I am correct, is close to pain) that allows you to short circuit rumination on problems and instead focus on now. My best guess on why that works would be some kind of hijacking of the fight-or-flight circuitry in the head.
Kirstie Thrasher
Kirstie Thrasher Acum 20 ore
Looking at a bright light when I need to sneeze definitely works for me
theIrishKitty Acum 20 ore
The looking at a bright light to sneeze thing does work for some people who have a photosensitive reaction. My mother is one of them. I have also used an ice pack to the back of the neck to help treat migraine. It's not guaranteed, but it does help most of the time.
alma_of-shadowFox69 Acum 20 ore
it only causes pain
alma_of-shadowFox69 Acum 20 ore
Im that person love is bad for you Organs
mrquacksalot Acum 20 ore
Next Video Be like: How to heal a wound scratch it a bunch then add some eucalyptus oil
Campbell Chuter
Campbell Chuter Acum 21 oră
2:56 that’s actually correct. I look at the sun when I’m about to sneeze 😂👍🏻
SyD tHe ScIeNcE kId
SyD tHe ScIeNcE kId Acum 21 oră
I have tried the brain freeze trick and it has worked. But I will agree, most of these “facts” sound like Bright Side made them up on the fly.
MoonlightGaming Acum 21 oră
the head spin for numb limb works for me
Sarah Acum 21 oră
Me: gums are bleeding Me: just rinses my mouth with cold water and ignores
Sarah Acum 22 ore
*ignite the sneeze*
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Acum 22 ore
You can tell a lot of this stuff is produced by non-native English speakers. Are these part of a Chinese misinformation campaign?
Kris Zieliński
Kris Zieliński Acum 22 ore
Forget bright side the most important tip is KNOW TGE EMERGENCY NUMBERS ITS NOT 999 OR 911 IN outher country's before your trip check the number for emergency vehicles if the destination your going to
Léo Mounier
Léo Mounier Acum 22 ore
For the sneez thing it's not everyone but some peeps got the trigeminal nerves connected to i don't remember wich part that trigger sneezing when expoosed to bright light (it's a thing)
Joshua Austin
Joshua Austin Acum 23 ore
The only one on here thats actually true is the light to make you sneeze! When im on the verge of sneezing i look at a bright light, sun, or even my phone flash light and for some reason it actually makes me sneeze lol
Jacob Acum 23 ore
I dont know why they said bright light. But looking at the sun triggers a photic sneeze reflex in certain people (like me) so going from a dark room to outside will make you sneeze sometimes.
ISAAC Lalnunzira
ISAAC Lalnunzira Acum o Zi
as much as i hate to argue, looking at a bright source of light HELPS ME SNEEZE!!!!
CJ Wolf
CJ Wolf Acum o Zi
The light sneezing thing is real. It's a genetic phenomenon that works for some people. It's called your "Photic Sneeze Reflex".
Edward Clark
Edward Clark Acum o Zi
Doctor Mike, if i met you i would just take my glasses off then probs screexh
Edward Clark
Edward Clark Acum o Zi
I feel like the spoon one was by a synthestethe
Edward Clark
Edward Clark Acum o Zi
The thumb makes me more nervous-
Edward Clark
Edward Clark Acum o Zi
People are allergic to light-
Trippie Trove
Trippie Trove Acum o Zi
When I have a tension headache, and I can't get to pain pills. I press down on the pressure point between my thumb and index finger. It only works for about 5 mins.
ljs4 Acum o Zi
lmao I actually do the look at the light thing for sneezing but it only works for about 25% of the population its called photic sneeze reflex
Lucía Bruzual
Lucía Bruzual Acum o Zi
my dad didnt check in with the doctor about his heart even though he had a very high chance of getting heart disease... :(
Pleasehelpmegetto100subs Acum o Zi
With the bright light and the sneeze this is the most common syndrome that affects 10-35% of the population. It is called A.C.H.O.O syndrome.
Colleen McEvoy
Colleen McEvoy Acum o Zi
Hi Doctor Mike! I'm a recent fan, enjoy lots of your videos! I have an reusable ice pack for my head to help alleviate migraines. Sometimes I use it while sitting in a warm bath (Obviously not soaking my head). I also take aspirin or Excedrin upon onset of symptoms. The ice and bath can help if I did not take medication as soon as symptoms started. I would say it's a bit uncomfortable to freeze my head but the warm bath helps me from getting too cold. Hope that helps!
ゴ ゴ ゴ BlueAquaSN ゴ ゴ ゴ
ゴ ゴ ゴ BlueAquaSN ゴ ゴ ゴ Acum o Zi
5:51 I thought my iPad is using the alarm cuz that's my alarm sounds
Old Toby
Old Toby Acum o Zi
Wow these are right up there with "how does the shaman make the lightening ". Lol
cottage core
cottage core Acum o Zi
3:22 placebo
N3on Cyb0rg
N3on Cyb0rg Acum o Zi
"Significant drop in IQ levels in patients who have recovered from Covid 19"
Taylor Stevens
Taylor Stevens Acum o Zi
Mike talking about his problems Me:same
Taylor Stevens
Taylor Stevens Acum o Zi
After I tried to rub my stomach with one finger it started making noises and then made my stomach hurt...don't try this
Potatoe Acum o Zi
2:59 this is actually true lol when my friend looks at the sun he sneezes xD it’s hilarious
Mr Nar
Mr Nar Acum o Zi
I have so many things wrong with me it's not even funny!
hamza abbas
hamza abbas Acum o Zi
3:15 this actually works for me, I feel an itch in my nose, and if i look at something bright enough i sneeze. never seen anyone actually recommend it in a video, but it does work
Lina k
Lina k Acum o Zi
I acctually thought the toilet thing was real 😂
Meg Smith
Meg Smith Acum o Zi
“Let’s see how fast I lose my medical license” - that made me laugh 😂
Liverpool5563 Acum o Zi
Dr Mike said Hemophilia. I have Von Willebrand’s disease type 3 which is pretty much the same thing.
Csigafutar 1233
Csigafutar 1233 Acum o Zi
9:03 Nononono, you see Bear, and you pet him 😃
James Connors
James Connors Acum o Zi
I have always sneezed when I look at a bright light. Not even joking on that one.
Queenmoreta Acum o Zi
The sneezing from light does work, I can't explain it but it certainly works. May not work for everybody though. I have tried pressure points to help with headaches partially to debunk and found only certain pressure points have helped but not for all headaches. For me if it's a migraine headache, yeah no result! closing my eyes is the best. Dehydration headache, drink steadily and get my fluids back up, maybe rubbing temples. Sinus headache, Sinutab is my best friend. love your videos! but Bear is such a delight to see too!
Caitlin Dupee
Caitlin Dupee Acum o Zi
im pretty sure if you do blink fast for a minute or two it can make your eyelids heavier.
maybeme8 Acum o Zi
I will say that looking at a bright light does make me sneeze, so do minty things like toothpaste lol.. I dunno why.
guga gaga
guga gaga Acum o Zi
1:05 they misssed1 when creeper blows u up in minecraft hardcore=your head blows up
Paige Olsen
Paige Olsen Acum o Zi
About 20% of the population sneezes when they look into bright light
this video is so funny im literally dying because of the stupid health hacks
Kaklam Chow
Kaklam Chow Acum o Zi
i like it when he used the inner elbow side when he was sneezing
shakshitha bts army
shakshitha bts army Acum o Zi
He is so trustfated becauee these hacks 😂😂😂
Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore Acum o Zi
whenever i get a brain freeze, i shake my head around, clench my jaw and breathe in. it works, somehow XD
Aeizn Acum o Zi
The blink fast to fall asleep faster one is actually pretty true. It fatigues the muscles in your eyelids, making it easier to keep them closed. So it kinda helps if you're struggling to keep them shut
Drdestructo gaming
Drdestructo gaming Acum o Zi
the sneeze one is actually true
Michelle Bloch
Michelle Bloch Acum o Zi
Dr. Mike, the blowing on your thumb to ease your nerves did not work because you were laughing. You weren’t doing right, therefore it didn’t work 😉
sheeesh Acum o Zi
The "If you can't sleep, blink fast for 1 minute" thing sometimes works for me. Maybe like 2% of the time. Idk why tho
Green Acum o Zi
5 Years ago I was in the hospital for god knows what, just felt super weak and light headed. I will never forget, when they took my blood pressure and measured my heart rate, the doctor told me I have the heart rate and blood pressure of a young girl (super low and slow) I was a 22 year old male. I don't know if that was good or bad. Hopefully that means I have a POWERFUL heart. XD
Isabelle Ramirez
Isabelle Ramirez Acum o Zi
I think I found out why this "look at a light-sneeze thing" works, if you look up it will open up your throat, and let the air come into your nose. I think..I'm thinking idfk
Marsha Smith
Marsha Smith Acum o Zi
I get migraines and have daily headaches. If they get too bad I will put a heating pad on my low back and ice packs on my neck and forehead. I often fall asleep due to the relief.
Nissassa Yzark
Nissassa Yzark Acum o Zi
The bright light with the sneeze actually works
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