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My TikTok for you page is completely full of great medical stuff! Today we talk about food like Taco Bell and how it digests through your intestines, the proper volume of your headphones, surgical equipment, getting back in shape, proper skincare, those weird jaw muscle trainers, how to get rid of hickeys with whisks, face masks and skin peeling during periods, sunscreen for babies, concussions, collarbones, melatonin, and yes I even speak some Russian.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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cshylee Acum 15 minute
Neža Zala Kodrič
Neža Zala Kodrič Acum 49 minute
Me when i saw the title: *starts watching and waiting for Mike to react to pointe shoes*
Silvana Khoshaba
Silvana Khoshaba Acum 51 minut
He’s lactose intolerant but he still has toes
Sukii_Rebex Acum 52 minute
My classmates teeth: perfect Me who is the olnly one who can put a butter knife in front of my two front teeth
Danielle Cheeseman
Danielle Cheeseman Acum 57 minute
Lol no you are not a chicken in a pot
ruv [fnf, loud, Russian]
ruv [fnf, loud, Russian] Acum oră
This made me very uncomfortable
leoj rojam
leoj rojam Acum oră
00:58 *me listening with headphones*
Sakira Rose
Sakira Rose Acum oră
The uncovered bear anteriorly stare because respect interestingly warm pro a equal division. onerous, dysfunctional gondola
S O Acum 2 ore
I'm 63 and I heard it
Reghan Clark
Reghan Clark Acum 3 ore
I'm below Age 25, to note
Reghan Clark
Reghan Clark Acum 3 ore
I can't hear the 17,500Hz, but it made my right ear feel stingy a little. I have a minor hearing problem. I'm sound sensitive.
Nila Comly
Nila Comly Acum 3 ore
10:05 his face says wait tell you stop breathing
Grâce Pepical
Grâce Pepical Acum 3 ore
NotPetya Acum 4 ore
0:57 this is used in a park as a defense against teens when it is closed! the teens can hea rit. but most adults cannot
KingNewfyDog Acum 4 ore
He has a newfoundland!
Anndria Aldrin
Anndria Aldrin Acum 4 ore
Am i the only one who found him speaking Russian hot🥵🥵🥵
Anna-Marie Daniels
Anna-Marie Daniels Acum 5 ore
Anyone else flinch when he put Sriracha sauce near his eye
Labiba Tasrian
Labiba Tasrian Acum 5 ore
4:50 Which show?? Link please?
andzia.zach Acum 5 ore
It kinda pisses me off how happy he always seems.
JBirdJenny Acum 6 ore
Maegaa Acum 7 ore
That kid without the collar bones is real, it wasnt a visual trick. I went to the same college with him and lived in the samd building as him. I saw him do it once
Kassym Imambayev
Kassym Imambayev Acum 7 ore
Я не спрашивал, говоришь ли ты по-русски
Mackenzie Shain
Mackenzie Shain Acum 10 ore
4:06 after looking at the plus I looked at the faces and ummmm they actually just distorted them lol
Dannis Day
Dannis Day Acum 11 ore
The purple kamikaze apically raise because oxygen revealingly scream off a productive top. white, unbecoming niece
Disney Fan
Disney Fan Acum 12 ore
Not The Games
Not The Games Acum 12 ore
The most •painful• tiktoks: 0:47
Cupcake Yum
Cupcake Yum Acum 13 ore
Sometimes I would accidentally turn my volume up to 100 and I have to immediately turn it down
DFunk07 Acum 14 ore
3:28 is that why my dads gfs son always be putting spoons in the freezer??🤨🤨
Patient Olungu
Patient Olungu Acum 15 ore
bananamana Acum 15 ore
I feel alot less heat then most people. Like 109 degrees is my cold. Why?
Crow S.
Crow S. Acum 15 ore
1 time My sister smashed a Mirror On my Head should I Be worried Do I Have a Concussion
Duong Hiep Ha
Duong Hiep Ha Acum 15 ore
The wrong octave centrally decorate because gauge contrarily kneel notwithstanding a same riverbed. conscious, addicted den
Nova.cos. Deku
Nova.cos. Deku Acum 16 ore
I can do that with my scapula-
Breanna crelencia
Breanna crelencia Acum 16 ore
Eye Follow Water
Eye Follow Water Acum 16 ore
up up down down got me!
Slytherin Mommy Needs Coffee
Slytherin Mommy Needs Coffee Acum 17 ore
While I can't usually do it standing up, I can mess with my scapula like that. lol I like to show people as a "stupid human trick" and had a teacher in high school grab one and shake it, asking if I had wings. hahaha
Luna. Quantum.Ecliplse
Luna. Quantum.Ecliplse Acum 17 ore
I actually listen to a Russian song and some how I have taught myself the words and I don't even speak russian
Marrke Abaygar
Marrke Abaygar Acum 18 ore
0:25 I’m under 25 and I can’t hear it.
THE KING Acum 19 ore
I heard it too
Beautiful One
Beautiful One Acum 19 ore
Doctor Mike you are HANDSOME AF! 😍 nice teeth & gorgeous eyes… K imma head out now, just had to tell you that lol 🥰
LordEirikr Acum 19 ore
I watched the video again looking directly at the faces and they still distorted, so it's def not real. Did nobody else look directly at the faces?
That trashy discord dude #5559
That trashy discord dude #5559 Acum 20 ore
if your happy and you know it clap your shoulders
Brianna Vincent
Brianna Vincent Acum 20 ore
your Chow Chow is adorable
AmongTheGame Acum 22 ore
Most energetic doctor I have ever seen
Hannah Drueckhammer
Hannah Drueckhammer Acum 23 ore
The melatonin reminds me of my lamb🐑😅
Miku Acum 23 ore
But how do I hear you
Uganda knuckles
Uganda knuckles Acum 23 ore
0:53 - 1:09 That one person who has it above 60%
MARLO Acum 23 ore
Omg I heard🤣
#Cupid's star
#Cupid's star Acum 23 ore
At 6:40 he called the guy a patient I'm not the only one that heard that right I died 😭💀
Dark Honey
Dark Honey Acum 23 ore
When he started speaking Russian I was like... whoa...wait...what?
TheTaco Spirit
TheTaco Spirit Acum o Zi
Well I have bad news for you Doctor Mike I listen to Doom music at full blast
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown Acum o Zi
0:47 I hear it! _Did you hear it?_ *Yeah!~* 😃
{dvrlinq} Acum o Zi
Mark Pickett
Mark Pickett Acum o Zi
Dr. Mike immediately gets 100 cool points for being a Newfie owner (more accurately owned BY the Newfie). Have been a Newf dad for years, there is no better dog.
Tristan Solomons
Tristan Solomons Acum o Zi
Part of too many Fandoms
Part of too many Fandoms Acum o Zi
Me on the one where you look at the plus in the middle: * looking at the faces to see how many celebrities I recognize *
Dolan Twinz
Dolan Twinz Acum o Zi
The Man had wings
The Shad0Wmem3r
The Shad0Wmem3r Acum o Zi
0:46 Did anyone see his ear So BIG?!
💙Skeppy 安打 bad❤
💙Skeppy 安打 bad❤ Acum o Zi
I'm 7 and I can't hear it 👁👄👁
o_o Acum o Zi
Your dog is adorable
Cottage core fairy
Cottage core fairy Acum o Zi
"don't eat any medication more then you do" me who eats 1000 vitamins : *slowly eats multi vitamins that help me eat*
Annie Cowey
Annie Cowey Acum o Zi
What type of dog is bear
Kahlil Ferguson
Kahlil Ferguson Acum o Zi
When you started speaking Russian you became a different person. That Language really makes anybody cool and intimidating.
Cottage core fairy
Cottage core fairy Acum o Zi
0:58 *slowly takes headphones out*
Mathias Petersen
Mathias Petersen Acum o Zi
4:03 my guess and I'm by no means an expert or anything, but my guess is that when you are focusing on the cross in the middle, your brain is getting an input from both eyes from two different pictures and your brain on its own start to mix and match the facial features of both faces, making it look all kinds of distorted.
Janlu Official
Janlu Official Acum o Zi
Up Up Down Down Patient Left Right
Janlu Official
Janlu Official Acum o Zi
ωoωer Acum o Zi
10:25 I did this once I ate 6-8 😃
Leo Bell
Leo Bell Acum o Zi
LMAO that first one😂
The eyes' peripheral vision is superimposing both left and right faces, look at the expression and face structure.
de de
de de Acum o Zi
I'm the guy with the bionic arm in here, yes you're absolutely right that it actually works with myoelectric sensors that measure my arm's muscle movement! The 'voice control' bit is just a fun joke, thanks for including me!!
Gaven Atkins
Gaven Atkins Acum 18 minute
Dodie Hoyt
Dodie Hoyt Acum o Zi
Dr Mike. What do you think about lymphatic drainage as a massage technique? This has been shown to reduce the time it takes to heal bruising.
Niveda R
Niveda R Acum o Zi
2:04 The way I screamed- That was scary manhh
Michael Råberg
Michael Råberg Acum o Zi
4:48 is that you
Luka Wood
Luka Wood Acum o Zi
That Taco Bell went WEEEEEEEEEEEEE
AxolotlGayBoiUwU Acum o Zi
Question what would happen if you ate pinnacle every single day?
Caitlin Eka And Christ John Miller
Caitlin Eka And Christ John Miller Acum o Zi
Stay handsome doctor Mike....
Lucy chur(Lucy Larsson)
Lucy chur(Lucy Larsson) Acum o Zi
And idk on why I get hallucination because I have a memory on when I was a little kid I don’t remember what age I was and I don’t remember the year and where I live ethanchur did give me more kid gummy Supplements than recommended which I don’t remember the number he gave me I think 12 or 13 and I was pretending to be a pets and Ethan pretends that the supplements are actually pet food and I just had fun with it I don’t know if that is the reason why I got hallucination
Aman Pradhan
Aman Pradhan Acum o Zi
Spleen doesn't exist for the gym girl...😂😂
nivedita chakraborty
nivedita chakraborty Acum o Zi
I can hear im 6
Shelly Bjorkquist-Skuza
Shelly Bjorkquist-Skuza Acum o Zi
*I will not harvest your kidney* -doctor mike
✨hpdailyshipper✨ Acum o Zi
I can touch my chin with my tongue
Hu Ta
Hu Ta Acum o Zi
10:21 when your relatives are calling, then your mother hands you the phone and says: "Yes, my son said he misses and wants to talk with you"
Jonathan Gallegos
Jonathan Gallegos Acum o Zi
Me always thinking, (tasting noises) Eh what's up doc?
hampopper Acum o Zi
Can I hear 17.5 khz with my headphones with a max frequency 14.6khz NOOOOO!
Cheese Acum o Zi
I’m sure someone has mentioned it by now, but the reason is minors always look at our parents before answering (from my experience) is that we are embarrassed to mention what’s wrong in front of them, especially if it’s private.
Levon Anderson
Levon Anderson Acum o Zi
6:15 what the f*** has pepper potts been up to
Dave2 Nice
Dave2 Nice Acum o Zi
Yeah the butter knife should stay away
Avocad h2o
Avocad h2o Acum o Zi
"Vegans are human too" ясно, что этот бывший товарищ стал слишком американским
de de
de de Acum o Zi
I'm the guy with the bionic arm in here, yes you're absolutely right that it actually works with myoelectric sensors that measure my arm's muscle movement! The 'voice control' bit is just a fun joke, thanks for including me!!
Nick O.
Nick O. Acum o Zi
That vegan teacher will have some words for u Dr. Mike
Ethan Morrison
Ethan Morrison Acum o Zi
4:49 the reason for the distortion is because the images go buy at a fast enough pace when you are not looking and features from the last pictures convert to the next because of the lack of fpcus
Strawberry cynlight
Strawberry cynlight Acum o Zi
Your a dr and a ROkeyr whatt?
Christina Youmans
Christina Youmans Acum o Zi
3:52 he really doesn't notice the toilet the type says Can you see this real life glitch when its the toilet
Corrine Lueckenotte
Corrine Lueckenotte Acum o Zi
The unarmed certification surgically concentrate because net evidently wave upon a debonair ethiopia. whole, false familiar famous seed
Carson Condie
Carson Condie Acum o Zi
the song for the lifeline joke was American Pie, John Mclean
Mariah Queen
Mariah Queen Acum o Zi
He has my dream dog!!
Krafty Karen
Krafty Karen Acum o Zi
Excuse me, wait… I’m at the doctor’s because I 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑡 to be there? Oh no no no! It’s because I’m 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑐𝑒𝑑 to be there when I really don’t want to and I could have been doing a whole other thing with my time instead of being there for my physical exam or something!!! Love ya tho! 💖
Coolest Gal
Coolest Gal Acum o Zi
Doctor Mike, please pin this. This is the coolest Doctor on the lot! I love this dude! Please pin this Doctor Mike.
Senpai Sugu
Senpai Sugu Acum o Zi
10:25 Dr Mike: explain She: Sike
Stacey W
Stacey W Acum o Zi
i take 2 melitonine when i need it-
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