Doctor Reacts To Sus Medical Memes Ep. 17

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Doctor Mike

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More medical meme review! Today we talk about yoga poses, spinal structure, CPR, the benefit of milk on your bones, skeletons, The Body Exhibit, back pain, garlic health hacks, double cheeseburgers, anesthesiologists, MRI machines, Lego Star Wars, Sims 4, the cost of healthcare, veiny arms, antibiotics, probiotics, poison oak, sleep studies, CPAP machines, pizza, atrophy, sleep struggles, DNA and RNA, Darth Vader, and chest compressions ;) If you’ve got any memes you want me to check out send them over!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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misslexie Acum 20 minute
What is the best position to sleep in
Hbcf Ghcgnkjc
Hbcf Ghcgnkjc Acum oră
Sussy baka doctor
Tywo Acum oră
I wake up in weird sleeping positions, too. I always sleep on the right side of the bed yet a week ago I woke to me falling off the left side of my bed only to hit my chin on the dresser.
The chosen one is a nano virus
The chosen one is a nano virus Acum oră
Dr mike, what's the difference between cardiac arrest and a heart attack?
3310 3310
3310 3310 Acum 2 ore
2:04 *Titan music intensifies*
Dodo Pson
Dodo Pson Acum 2 ore
"If you do this you will end up in my office 48 hours later with a delayed onset autoimmunereaction" - all the thirsty guys and girls are going out in the woods looking for psn ivy 😂
Dodo Pson
Dodo Pson Acum 2 ore
Who plays minesweeper? Meeee, theres even a minesweeper app in playstore 😌 but solitair& suduko are also fun.
kitkatlover !
kitkatlover ! Acum 2 ore
Solitaire, minesweeper, snake. These are some good games
Andre Landry
Andre Landry Acum 3 ore
Did u react to dr who?
Игорь Колосов
Игорь Колосов Acum 3 ore
Minesweeper rocks!
Tyler O'Leary
Tyler O'Leary Acum 3 ore
I play Minesweeper
Rathaus Level 3
Rathaus Level 3 Acum 3 ore
9:10 i wish i could :(
Marci Patterson
Marci Patterson Acum 3 ore
“Because who sleeps like this?” *I do, every single night* And also would sleeping in a position like a soldier help my back? I have really bad pains at the top of my back and I have noticed a bit of change but my back still really hurts whenever I sit down or lay down/get up. Anyone able to help me here?
Mimi 50
Mimi 50 Acum 3 ore
He still missed the Darth Vader one. Darth was choking the Dr with his fingers LOL
Jasmin Bebe
Jasmin Bebe Acum 4 ore
LMAO the vein meme… fun story: Back when I was 17 I worked at a McDonald’s. I was in “back cash” which is the order taker for the drive thru, and I had paramedics come through. As I’m handing him his change he looks at me and says with a serious face “You have incredible veins.” I was entirely creeped out until I took a pause to remember part of his job is to start lines. Apparently I have great veins!
Annelise Kubecka
Annelise Kubecka Acum 5 ore
I feel dumb asking this but I'm an American so I have to wonder in countries with free healthcare how do doctors make money?
S Acum 6 ore
Not a dash it’s a hyphen
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Acum 6 ore
Mr.Spudniks Acum 7 ore
aliensrock is good at and playes minesweeper sometimes
ehixxz Acum 7 ore
You sleep like 13 when you’re at a sleepover and you’ve finally had enough of everyone
Some kind of Garf
Some kind of Garf Acum 7 ore
>Poison Ivy most painful rash What a coinidence, I just watched the backyard scientist rub Gympie-Gympie on himself. Apparently poison ivy is aloe vera in comparison.
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Acum 7 ore
9:43 Dude I literally wake up either on the floor or on the other side of the bed lmao.
Quinoa Acum 8 ore
while watching the video - me: hahaha I scare him (grin)
Brittany Blier
Brittany Blier Acum 9 ore
3rd shift lab tech here. I play minesweeper on slow nights 😬
Curled Up
Curled Up Acum 9 ore
Heyy i play minesweeper i even have it in my phone. Who’s with me
Karen Puckett
Karen Puckett Acum 9 ore
Ok, hear me out, I don’t know the “why” I just know that sometimes when you smack it, it does just stop hurting 🤷‍♀️. Like when you have one of those random nerve pains that buzzes out of nowhere. 💥 SMACK 💥 it’s gone.
Oliver Wu
Oliver Wu Acum 10 ore
i have juvenile idiopathic arthritis it sucks
David Baldwin
David Baldwin Acum 11 ore
Surgeons! always check you have your wristwatch still on?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Acum 11 ore
Random guy: eats apple Guy next to him: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Mike: your not welcome here
Kota The Great
Kota The Great Acum 12 ore
Yes I am a psychopath I sleep on my back
Itz_TheOneAndOnly Acum 13 ore
When People say " You should drink Water 8 times!" Me "Tries to drink 8 times and gives up bc I can't do it 8 time a row"
Nath0900 Acum 13 ore
Not me playing minesweeper instead of writing my essays all high-school :) 😂
Maleficent the wicked
Maleficent the wicked Acum 14 ore
OMG😱 I thought I was the only one with a weird sleep pattern!
Elizabeth pring
Elizabeth pring Acum 14 ore
I have to sleep with my hands down to my side otherwise I wake up and my hands are so numb it almost hurts sometimes it does hurt really bad ad for days at end
sKurvy Acum 15 ore
I play minesweeper :(
Hannah McLaughlin
Hannah McLaughlin Acum 15 ore
I'm a phlebotomist, when we see veins popping out so much, it makes us so happy lol.
Eric Harrison
Eric Harrison Acum 15 ore
The 1-8 meme was fire. I can’t help my dark sense of humor.
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Acum 15 ore
flowers for the dead
flowers for the dead Acum 15 ore
I sleep in the "tiger kick" position. My husband sleeps with his eyes and mouth open and he sounds like Satan is clawing up through his windpipe.
Lusio Romero
Lusio Romero Acum 15 ore
The missing Sponge is under the sea
s r
s r Acum 15 ore
React to ice cream sandwich hospital animated story
trixbedrik Acum 15 ore
I was told that of you scratch rush from poison oak or ivy and touch somewhere else, it is not transferable. Also, l am from Ukraine but live in USA. And when my mom came to the doctor and they gave her a note how to collect a stool, translated from English to Russian, that was hilarious. Because stool translates as chair. So, the note said: how to collect a chair...
TheHattrickCreation 2.0
TheHattrickCreation 2.0 Acum 16 ore
savanah 1
savanah 1 Acum 16 ore
0:31 23 sleep like in a ball
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith Acum 17 ore
Me immune to poison okay. My brother that bullied the hell out of me wasn't. Yes sweet sweet revenge.
Ma’ayani Acum 18 ore
Im sad to say i suffer from apple syndrome, its a very serious disease
Rose Flame
Rose Flame Acum 19 ore
0:23-0:33 they are just practicing their death
MoonlightGaming Acum 19 ore
me being so close to having a panic attack and dying with the muscle system thing pictures
Noturdad Acum 19 ore
0:25 I sleep like 13 fool😭😭😭😭
Leni Mayer
Leni Mayer Acum 19 ore
My best guess: Stuhlgang -> "the walk to the stool"/throne because you sit on it and can easily cut a hole for a plank toilet...
Jennifer Acum 20 ore
I've done a few sleep studies, and you literally feel like the first science experiment ever conducted. You're more wire than human.
piglin brute
piglin brute Acum 21 oră
When you accidentally write doctor in thurkish DOKTOR
Angelica Cosme
Angelica Cosme Acum 22 ore
I slept like 13th and was scared of myself.
roselover411 Acum 23 ore
There's a reason sleep studies will involve writing prescriptions for patients such as Ambien or Lunesta for that one night. It's hard to fall asleep in a place that's not familiar to you with a bunch of things attached so they will give you medication that makes you sleep so that it's easier.
Tina Shi
Tina Shi Acum o Zi
Lisa-Ann Martel
Lisa-Ann Martel Acum o Zi
By the way, in this episode, the sponge got stuck under the doctor shoe 🤪
Avery Concepcion
Avery Concepcion Acum o Zi
Don't rub poison ivy on you but mint works as bug spray when you rub it on you
Divyadarshan R- 540
Divyadarshan R- 540 Acum o Zi
അന്തസ്സ് വേണമെടാ അന്തസ്സ്..... മുകേഷ് അണ്ണൻ uyir😂
Eshan Garg
Eshan Garg Acum o Zi
Doctor Mike - Where is the stool coming from in the stool sample? Me - From where the hell do 50% of the medical terms come from??!!
Dr. Ago
Dr. Ago Acum o Zi
8:35 thats just how you spell doctor in german
Leoplayerofgames Acum o Zi
B whoops forever
Salem Acum o Zi
I relate to the vein compliment thing "You have such nice veins" Thank you, but don't bring a needle near me or I will karate chop you
Gabriel Bitecofer
Gabriel Bitecofer Acum o Zi
2:08 back bones
c4arla Acum o Zi
Bone cancer expands bones???👀👀👀👀👀
c4arla Acum o Zi
@Code Name :0
Code Name
Code Name Acum o Zi
It’s a tumor made of bone. It’s terrifying to see
Mochi Acum o Zi
3:56 Why did my brain make the head move in that picture?
Bruh Acum o Zi
3:40 the guy on the computer looks exactly like mike in this video
veronica Perez
veronica Perez Acum o Zi
You look way younger in the color green
stop it, get some help
stop it, get some help Acum o Zi
ive been to body worlds and it was fun
Tilty Acum o Zi
Imagine a muscular dragon storming towards you
Unifox playz
Unifox playz Acum o Zi
I just noticed how pretty his eyes are 😯
Aaron Barreiro
Aaron Barreiro Acum o Zi
KittyKittwoof Acum o Zi
I'd be nervous if the nervous system walked in-
Dannis Day
Dannis Day Acum o Zi
The flawless japanese pathomorphologically stretch because brother biosynthetically sneeze round a tan tune. bright, spooky stem
Roderick Nguyen
Roderick Nguyen Acum o Zi
OMG I PLAY MINESWEEPER, its such a fun game that i can play anywhere :)
Claudie Dream
Claudie Dream Acum o Zi
At 27 secs in the vid my dad sleeps lioe num 13 positio
Void Reaver
Void Reaver Acum o Zi
Did you kill someone for the skull?
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar Acum o Zi
0:20 270🤔
Jacob Woodbury
Jacob Woodbury Acum o Zi
Common Mike, you know that faeces inside the rectum is called stool...Hence stool sample
Freedomcat Acum o Zi
@7:25 too late. Chased my dad's cat through that stuff.
Timmie, Actually the 4th Fatui Harbinger
Timmie, Actually the 4th Fatui Harbinger Acum o Zi
4:06 this must be the reason why my mum's doctor was being specific like, "Only 800liter of water a day."
RDP Acum o Zi
"Let's eat Grandpa!" idk bro kinda sus
Myrtle Shawn Sabido
Myrtle Shawn Sabido Acum o Zi
ayush sutar
ayush sutar Acum o Zi
^ 7:48 same name
Liam Zito
Liam Zito Acum o Zi
I was not ready to have a heart attack at 6:05. Warn us before playing the most dreaded sound of the day
Mel :3
Mel :3 Acum o Zi
dior awesomeness
dior awesomeness Acum o Zi
I used to love mine sweeper and book worm
JRC The Gamer
JRC The Gamer Acum o Zi
0:53 What does apple phone looks like when hes sick lol
It’s Charles
It’s Charles Acum o Zi
Idk if someone mention this already but The muscular system is literally the Colossal Titan
Ben Graves
Ben Graves Acum o Zi
Why does everything in California "cause" cancer? Prop 65 warnings are everywhere.
Victoria Sparks
Victoria Sparks Acum o Zi
ya know the doctors always loved me for getting posion ivy on my eye and it was not fun anyone else have that experience
Summer Stine
Summer Stine Acum o Zi
I play minesweeper LOL
Etai Shuster
Etai Shuster Acum o Zi
When Dr. Mike says "I see you" I don't know if he means I see you or ICU
NotPetya Acum o Zi
Aren't doctors meant to say things like "there we go" or other reassuring when they make a mistake, in case the patient is conscious?
Alexis See
Alexis See Acum o Zi
it is basil not poison ivy
Beverly Kell
Beverly Kell Acum o Zi
Is this normal? Me and my dad are both immune to poison ivy and such ... like we can walk through it ... nothing ... but my sister can walk through the same area and break out
Noboby Owens
Noboby Owens Acum o Zi
When I was in 3rd grade I got really bad poison ivy all over my body and I had to go to the doctors because of it, it was bad I couldn't open my eye. I'm fine now but it was a nightmare.
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