Answering Sasha Spilberg’s Health Questions

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Recorded in December of 2019 during my trip to Los Angeles for the Streamy Awards!
Sasha Spilberg is one of my favorite ROkeyrs, and it’s not just because she makes great videos, but because she’s also a ROkeyr from Russia! Sasha asked me all sorts of health questions and we both got to enjoy the rare chance to speak Russian together on camera. I talked to Sasha about the way she walks in her vans shoes, acupuncture, osteoporosis, and the heavily processed food in the American diet. What do you think our our Russian? Should I use it more?
Check out Sasha’s channel here:
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Ing. Joel Manzino
Ing. Joel Manzino Acum 5 ore
Diiii hateeee is real
Ayesha Cullen
Ayesha Cullen Acum 9 ore
I am glued to your channel. Inhale the positive energy and exhale the negative energy. Love you!:)
Pisces 28
Pisces 28 Acum o Zi
Next: Sasha Grey 😅
arktana Acum 3 Zile
You are both Jewish though:)
Lila Hartwig
Lila Hartwig Acum 5 Zile
You really do a great job explaining complicated topics. Thats what makes you a great doctor. Love You Man
nonsensicali Acum 6 Zile
literally stopped watching this video after there were photos of a british candy while discussing american diet. just gonna say.
Mike Hurley
Mike Hurley Acum 7 Zile
Video idea - talk about specialties. Summary of different ones. Are they required to practice in that field? Or is it like a lawyer who can practice in all areas of law after passing the bar? Could you as a family medicine doc legally do say open heart surgery? Etc, etc.
Mike Hurley
Mike Hurley Acum 7 Zile
Related, I've heard docs who specialize in internal medicine tend to be people who really love it since it's one of the harder ones but one of the lowest paying.
Everyday with Pam
Everyday with Pam Acum 9 Zile
Insert: ussr anthom
Sharym Laverde
Sharym Laverde Acum 9 Zile
I have eaten up to 10 oranges!!! And maybe 5 mangos and probably more than 12 tangerines in 1 sitting, so no 6 oranges is barely enough... For me... Don't ask for my weight.
Дарья Acum 9 Zile
Блин и смысл делать видео с русскоговорящей, если в итоге так не заговорил на русском?(( Я так радовалась, когда увидела превью, а в итоге ничего...
Lordaxel Blaze
Lordaxel Blaze Acum 9 Zile
No offense but she is dumb
RikFTK Acum 10 Zile
I got a commercial on this video for some Super Foodie writer's books that made claims that would trigger Doctor Mike sooooo bad.
Grigoriy Kozychev
Grigoriy Kozychev Acum 12 Zile
Pulling through is how the Russians won the battle of Stalingrad.
Julie Kostas
Julie Kostas Acum 12 Zile
Spasibo! She was delightful. I’m studying Russian at the UN 🇺🇳 and it was so nice to hear authentic Russian pronunciation! 🇷🇺!
Ana OS
Ana OS Acum 12 Zile
The Standard American Diet is literally SAD!
Anastasia Elina
Anastasia Elina Acum 12 Zile
Well, at least he has translated a word 🧐
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Acum 12 Zile
Jesus is the way Truth and Life. The Bible has all the answers people seek
Puffersquish66 Acum 13 Zile
Osteopetrosis here I come
Miss L
Miss L Acum 14 Zile
Why did my podiatrist not mention shoes that can correct overpronating? Why did my podiatrist not mention most of the things you explained here? It's been 'ditch your Converse, wear orthotics in solid shoes, and let me shave off the callouses whenever you come in with a new issue.'
Jeanette N Freeland
Jeanette N Freeland Acum 14 Zile
I liked the beginning when he spoke Russian
HScarlet Acum 15 Zile
For weight loss, I'd recommend 16/8 intermittant fasting as a lifestyle change. So when you do eat healthy, you'll lose weight, when you don't, you won't really put weight on. The one thing I've learned is that we as humans were never meant to spend all day eating (triggering insulin from morning to night), it's led to weight and other disease problems. That isn't how we've evolved, hundreds of years ago, no one was eating all day, so this recent change doesn't work for us. 16/8 intermittant fasting also resets your hormones, so you automatically eat less in a meal and expect less through out the day and a few weeks in, you don't feel like eating junk.
HScarlet Acum 15 Zile
The problem with this complaint is, that pronating feet is VERY common with women. Watch women who walk in front of you and most of the time, their feet pronate. I've been wondering why for a long time.
Chantelle Grahn
Chantelle Grahn Acum 17 Zile
While everyone is worried about how he spent his birthday, I’m like wow! So all Russian people are gorgeous?! Lol
David Shagoyan
David Shagoyan Acum 17 Zile
Все мы знаем, что ее папа богаче, старше и умнее каждого из нас.)
Melissa Rehmeier
Melissa Rehmeier Acum 17 Zile
Damn people are f’ed up in the comments... I absolutely agree that it wasn’t okay for Mike to do what he did! I’m terrified that I will get this horrific virus at some point, because I have multiple pre-existing conditions, so does my dad + he’s 68, and both my little brother and my boyfriend have severe asthma- so most likely we wouldn’t survive if we got it! HOWEVER!!! Mike is a PERSON- just like the rest of us? Ergo mistakes, bad decisions, bad judgment etc. is impossible to avoid. Yes, this one could easily have been avoided and should not have happened at all! But it did. All of you who’s posting these extremely toxic comments, are in no way perfect or anything close to perfect! I get the point some are making, about Mike being a public person, so he has influence. But if you yourself were a public person, you 2 would make mistakes etc. left and right! Instead of posting such toxic and negative comments, how about you put some positivity out in the world instead??? I know we’re in a global pandemic, I lost one of my brothers to this virus... but I’m not letting my pain and grief, affect my surroundings??? Put a smile on your face, even if you don’t feel like you have anything to smile about, watch some comedy etc. All the best from me 2 you 💕✔️
SailorOrbiter Acum 17 Zile
I remember when I went on a family trip to Amsterdam and Paris, and seeing the portion sizes made me realize why we're bigger.
Sofie Arts
Sofie Arts Acum 18 Zile
I have the same feet problem thing except mine are inwards.. It's so painful but I do try to do my exercise things.. I trip and sprain my ankles really easily. :/
The_silvermario Acum 18 Zile
I have learned a lot from this video
fortnite master 18
fortnite master 18 Acum 19 Zile
He has spoken russian on this channel it was in the roast video when someone said do you even russian bro
Nash J
Nash J Acum 19 Zile
Privet! Kak dela? Vrach Mike.
Aiden Lafferty
Aiden Lafferty Acum 19 Zile
Your wall looks like giant colored pencils
ChrisSunHwa Acum 20 Zile
I love the sound of Russian language! It's so beautiful! ^_^
Anna Judelson
Anna Judelson Acum 21 o Zi
I used to watch her when I was 13 when she was a teenager herself😜 Now I'm 20 and I'm getting nostalgic
Mothiur Rahman
Mothiur Rahman Acum 21 o Zi
Such wise words of wisdom filled video. Just as the Sasha noted you explain it in layman's English (or Russian) Thank you @Dr Mike and for Sasha asking the questions.
ZITI Notgivingawaythisinfo
ZITI Notgivingawaythisinfo Acum 21 o Zi
She’s hella CUTE.
Сергей Кравченко
Сергей Кравченко Acum 21 o Zi
Жаль что не сказал)0))
Gamunu Bandara
Gamunu Bandara Acum 22 Zile
7:10 Still no Russian spoken by Dr. Mike.
Lmao Hanz
Lmao Hanz Acum 22 Zile
**Me seeing this video** Expectation: **seeing doctor Mike speak Russian when he needs her to understand better** Reality: **only Sasha speaks Russian and doctor Mike speaks English all the way**
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Acum 23 Zile
I've heard that it's easier to intake more fluids when using a straw than just drinking out of a glass???? True or false?
Балзия Суебаева
Балзия Суебаева Acum 23 Zile
ой ни одного русского комментария
Lucía Nieves
Lucía Nieves Acum 24 Zile
I wanted to hear you speak russian, but good video learned a lot.👍
Dr. Adamsen
Dr. Adamsen Acum 24 Zile
Deal with it. Go forward. This is the way. Sadly...
bruh chill0ut
bruh chill0ut Acum 24 Zile
Leave him alone. This is what they say that no matter how many good things you did, if you did atleast 1 bad thing then everyone will think if u badly. I get that he's an influencer and a doctor. But everyone makes mistakes. So cut d bullsh8t and leave him be.
clorox bleach
clorox bleach Acum 16 Zile
yu narukami
yu narukami Acum 24 Zile
um thats weird because i for some reason in one week lost like ten pounds.
sup y'all
sup y'all Acum 24 Zile
I am scarred from what I learned
Jahan Myrie
Jahan Myrie Acum 25 Zile
I understand that alot of people are upset about his photo, but remember he never said he was perfect. Just like we aren't all perfect and even if he comes across that why to you, I pray you'll see that the only one in this world who has never and will never make a mistake is God. GOD loves all of us even when we mess up, whether in public or behind closed doors so lets not chase stone lets just move on. May God bless you all and may God bless Dr Mike. Amen
Skylar Burke
Skylar Burke Acum 25 Zile
Its funny when the green screen eats his nose a little
Just me
Just me Acum 25 Zile
Я: Живу в Германии, сама русская, смотрю ROkey на английском Миша: Существует Я : Довольна
Andrei Mirt
Andrei Mirt Acum 25 Zile
7:54 it's not the portion sizes. People stop eating when they're full. It's the sugar in absolutely everything. From bread to potatoes to steak, everything has sugar in the USA. I was with a non-English speaker visiting US, so I was the person ordering at a restaurant, and my guest pretty much begged me to order him anything that is not outright sweat. I tried... and I failed. Every time I went to the US, I only ate twice a day and always the small size of whatever I ordered, and I still got 3-4 kg fatter. I would for sure be obese in USA because I don't have the patience to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. This is one of the reasons I would not even consider moving to USA, regardless of what other opportunities there might be, like way higher salary, etc. Health comes first. The thing is, I don't even know how is it that in Europe, or the rest of the world, the food is not exactly as sweet. From a business point of view, sugar is cheap, addictive, and legal. Why wouldn't food producers put more sugar in everything to hook everyone up? It makes perfect sense from a business perspective, so I don't know why the rest of the world fails to capitalize on this, but I'm happy I'm not obese.
maaki1234 Acum 26 Zile
no russian????
Ibadete Hoti
Ibadete Hoti Acum 27 Zile
Please tell me how can i stop eating too much sweets i watched a lot videos and trying to practice them, but again i can't stop sweets plz give me some good advice
Spongebob SquarePants
Spongebob SquarePants Acum 27 Zile
Ты очень хорошо разговариваешь по русский
Naina Gill
Naina Gill Acum 28 Zile
This person is complaint about gaining weight! Jesus Christ!!
Apollyon Acum 28 Zile
Perhaps he's a kgb spy
Aleksei Muhhin
Aleksei Muhhin Acum lună
Майк красавчег ! Love your vids!
Вера Курдова
Вера Курдова Acum lună
Sweetheart, Миша! You should speak more Russian in your videos! It will bring more russian auditory to you! Говори по русски!
Vanessa Jamison
Vanessa Jamison Acum lună
You are smart if you can relay the information effectively to others quickly . When I watched you, I learned. ❣️ More power.
MariaV0071 Acum lună
This was clickbait Mike, and you know it.
ElvenstarRF Acum lună
Wow.всегда задумывалась про еду в Америке. Многие спортсмены говорили как они набирали вес там. Спасибо за объяснение!!!
maiBleedingheart Acum lună
Uhhhhhh didn’t really catch too much Russian
Zena Shizofrena
Zena Shizofrena Acum lună
Pls make more vids with Sasha! This one is awesome! 😃
SansAziza Acum lună
That girl has probably never seen a VHS. 😅
Amal Derhim
Amal Derhim Acum lună
It’s a good topic 👍🏽
Michele Dennig
Michele Dennig Acum lună
Love your channel! Question on the juice note: When you talk about eating the fruit vs drinking the juice because of the fiber, is that specifically store bought juices, or is the same true if you were to take a whole apple and put it through a juicer or blender yourself at home? I've heard that the way in which food is prepared can change the amount of fiber or nutrients in said food. Following up on that, are there any simple rules to cook by to receive the most nutrients from the foods you eat?
Aser Toshiba
Aser Toshiba Acum lună
Значит разница не в том кто ты , к втом где ты вырос.... А разница то не маленькая, большая, хотя нет .. огромная разница...
Eliosfan Acum lună
I bet the majority of dislikes here is because of Sasha's appearance on the show. She is not very loved back here in Russia (yes, she is a well known, especially were 3-5 years ago among kids and teens). Kinda because of her behaviour and father's connections in the government.
Saumya Suvarna
Saumya Suvarna Acum lună
I only know one word in Russian and it's no in Russian
brunettekoala Acum lună
I do worry that the dieting chat leads to some disordered eating. That lovely young woman is so slim, and would hate to think she is trying to lose weight.
hz Acum lună
А говорила, что в совершенстве на англ говорит.
1but19 Acum lună
Sasha spilberg: datka (idk,ตาตกา) Dr mike: heel Me: are we alchoholic in here?
Nataliia Yermolaieva
Nataliia Yermolaieva Acum lună
They are both Russians, why are they speaking English? Dr. Mike it's slightly upsetting.. I understand that the majority of your subscribers are Americans, but still would be nice if you made a video for your Russian audience in Russian💔
Gwop Talk
Gwop Talk Acum lună
Dr Mike what about juice that is made at home? Not the processed ones from the store
Messa Yousa
Messa Yousa Acum lună
Dr. Mike это причина я узнаю русский. Я смотрю твои видео когда ты говори па-русский. Это “I dare you to roast me”. Одна вопрос «do you even speak Russian, bro» и ты говори «да я говорю па русский». Эта когда я начал любить русский. Сейчас, я говорю па английски, па испанские, и Малиновка па-русский. Спасибо большое доктор.
ruchir rawat
ruchir rawat Acum lună
i hope that we get to see "Answering Sasha Spilberg’s Health Questions PART 10" some day
Chillin N Livin
Chillin N Livin Acum lună
Jeez Dr. Mike you are great at teaching things with pinpoint explanations.
Jeanette N Freeland
Jeanette N Freeland Acum lună
The Nike React infinity shoe would be good for her
ethan weber
ethan weber Acum lună
I thought that Dr. Mikhail was going to be speaking Russian 🤔 so disappointing
Tyler Hunter
Tyler Hunter Acum lună
Okay he makes one bad decision and now everyone is calling him and unfit doctor etc seriously people sometimes make bad divisions but it doesn’t make him less of a person or less of a doctor he apologized let him be
Mentally Not There
Mentally Not There Acum lună
Woah, Sasha, didn't knew that you were that good at english.
Mentally Not There
Mentally Not There Acum lună
Oh, and also, about osteoporosis - traumatologist said i might have it :") (i'm not even 20 like i'm scared)
Tal King
Tal King Acum lună
I want to hear you speaking for real Russian!
Kingsears 99
Kingsears 99 Acum lună
Everyone in the comments is being very disrespectful. No one is perfect. Not me not you. People make mistakes were all human it happens. But the true test of character is understanding that someone made a mistake and forgiving them. You can’t live in the past. It’s time to move on. You are all acting like children I’m very disappointed because I thought Dr. Mikes fans were better than this I was wrong.
Remember , no russian .
Tim Anglen
Tim Anglen Acum lună
Shame on you for saying we don't in acupuncture works. There have been numerous studies that show acupuncture and homeopathy don't work. It is dangerous for you as a doctor with some many followers to promote these ideas
Victoria Elizabeth
Victoria Elizabeth Acum lună
Why r ppl acting like he’s not human and abt make mistakes in this comment section?? It’s like, the whole point of his videos. Ik he did what he told us not to do, but be honest, how many of u r doing exactly what he says?? It was a risk he made, but let’s forgive him, alright?? I appreciate the knowledge he’s sharing, and that’s what matters :)
Anh Huynh
Anh Huynh Acum lună
For all the people still bashing him for those photos, he made an honest mistake. Most of yall smoke your lives away but no ones talking about it.
Torian Antonio
Torian Antonio Acum lună
Why is everyone talking about these photos as if they've been doing EVERYTHING RIGHT during this whole quarantine period??? Such hypocrites! Yes he's always preaching to stay safe and what not but sometimes I'm sure he wants to let down his sleeves too! He's human! Why are you talking about disappointed and all??? If u disagree with the ONE THING you've seen him done wrong. LEAVE! YOURE NOT ENTITLED TO AN APOLOGY YA'LL DIGUST ME!!!!!! Give him a break Mr/Miss perfect. I'm not saying it's right but damm y'all just EXTRA FOR NO REASON!!!
russian pooch
russian pooch Acum lună
Peter Burman
Peter Burman Acum lună
Who cares if he went to a party? People need to stop living in fear of the Chinese flu. Protect the elderly and vulnerable, the rest of us are fine.
Angela Harris
Angela Harris Acum lună
dude lol.. yall need to chill y’all acting like he juss killed your dog or something juss because he went out somewhere WHO CARES !!
K B Acum lună
I Feel a food special coming up 😉 10/10 would watch..
Aibar Atygaev
Aibar Atygaev Acum lună
Don't mind the photos. Party on! Americans are so sjw as always...
Arty GG
Arty GG Acum lună
At the start i actually believed that he is Russian and i was so surprised beacuse he didn't have any Russian accent (i am Russian)
WAT DOK Acum lună
to be honest sasha spilberg isnt the best person out there to collab with.
Karolina Acum lună
That one question about weight is so true! I’m from Poland and went to US on exchange program, my whole life I couldn’t gain weight and within 2 months after coming to America I gained 3kg without even trying or changing my diet, crazy
Fifer94 Acum lună
Has anyone actually read the description? This was recorded in December of 2019...
Mide Fatanmi
Mide Fatanmi Acum lună
Hey! He didn’t speak a single word of Russian?! We’ve been had!?
Talsin1989 Acum lună
that orange analogy was brilliant
Talsin1989 Acum lună
I don't give two flying about your personal life, all i care about is the content. people who break the rules will eventually get theirs so there's that :P
lexi carlson
lexi carlson Acum lună
You know how many ROkey influencers have messed up WAY worse than this and still have an insane following? ALOT. Everyone messes up. He apologized whether you approve of how he did it or not. It was addressed, he spoke on it so MOVE ON! He also says drinking isn't great for you yet he does it anyway are you going to get all pissy about that too?
Simon Tracer
Simon Tracer Acum lună
The way I was eating when I was younger I could eat so much and be only so active and somehow I got it into my head that I didn't have enough energy to do a proper job. Like somehow I was always sleepy. I don't know if I needed more Foods more proper types Foods or more breaks. But I literally eat only so many meals a day and I can sit around for 16 hours plus doing live streams but doing like stock the shelves work or something I'm not sure I would be able to do for some reason. This paranoia has made me avoid certain jobs because I don't have a clue what I need in order to do those jobs and I don't even know if I would be physically capable of doing them even if I'm mentally capable. I'm on ODSP because I don't know if I'm actually able to do a job if given the chance except for I have strength that I can burn kind of quickly but then my budget doesn't support the food to support the function towards it's like a spiral. if I didn't have to worry about money I probably easily get the food that I need and do the job that I want to do maybe. So about that job Supply in the money than I end up having less food and not feeling like I can fuel myself enough so that I don't under perform. Truth be told I've only had one job and it was a fast food restaurant and they did not train or teach or be considerate of my needs even mentally because some of the practices did not make sense to me and it took me longer to figure it out and the employment centre wasn't very helpful to assess what I need in order to function correctly at the job. and I feel lack if training in a food situation I didn't even need to take safe food handling to get that job which I have since at least past that benchmark. I feel if I had safe food handling knowing how to make the food or what I needed to do in order to be effective in the job. Because in the first what do you call it probation or testing shift they said I didn't do enough work to felidae paying me for the hour even though I was doing as much work as was given me. I felt like I was working all the time but the mismatch of how to do jobs and lack of training and expectation was just the worst experience I've ever had. Borderline abusive neglect on their part. if not actually just completely abusive. then again it's been a decade. and maybe I have more understanding of what went wrong now and how I would stand up for myself a bit more. except for I still wouldn't know how to properly assert myself. It can be demoralizing. and this went from how much food do I need to eat so that I can be active for work day that's requiring effort. And it turned into a lot more of a comment. I hear people talk about eating one meal a day. I eat at least two most people say eat 3 meals a day. I have a lot more I think about. PS have you seen Markiplier's feet? how they turned backwards or whatever that is? Love you videos
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