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We all get headaches. Often it’s from stress or lack of sleep, but sometimes the cause of our headaches might be coming from sources you didn’t realize. For instance, I love cheese so much, but did you know cheese can actually be the source of your headache? How about wine? Your phone? Even your pillow or hat or caffeine withdrawal from not drinking coffee! Today I discuss 10 surprising causes of headaches you probably didn’t know about. Is there anything you’ve found that gives you a headache that I didn’t put on this list? Let me know down below!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Sara Morgan
Sara Morgan Acum 6 minute
I have IIH. I get them all the time!
Katrina H
Katrina H Acum 9 minute
Drinking water is a game changer, if you get headaches it could be because you are dehydrated so stay hydrated! 💧
SophieThePenguin #roblox squad
SophieThePenguin #roblox squad Acum oră
The stupid thing is I tech and I look at many devices
Mothers Heart
Mothers Heart Acum oră
I had migraines, one every four days for about 40 years.I was living on migraine excedrin all the time. About 8 years ago i went on a STRICT gluten free diet and all my migraines are gone.
Vanessa Avila
Vanessa Avila Acum oră
Doc, do something about pain killers! Please 😬 and the effects it has on persons who take them like daily vitamins. Thank you😬
Parth Kalia
Parth Kalia Acum 2 ore
So Justin is in this video as an actor?
Aesthetic Stuff
Aesthetic Stuff Acum 2 ore
Guess I have to get a new pillow😩
Aliena Merten
Aliena Merten Acum 2 ore
Every time there’s a strong scent I get a headache, I can smell thing in a large distance! Sometimes is good but sometimes is really annoying 😂 And every time I have a ponytail I get a headache, but it’s not only with a strong ponytail, a light ponytail too. I really like to use a ponytail when it’s hot, but I can’t use too long because I get a headache!
Nooshi Acum 2 ore
Good video but you forgot to say hormones! Many women get migraines around their period or with pregnancy.
Ghost_Pepper Acum 3 ore
i need some more videos like this i’m a month away from turning 15 and i’ve been thinking about what i want to do when i’m older
Ghost_Pepper Acum 3 ore
we need some merch
Rebecca Staniewicz
Rebecca Staniewicz Acum 3 ore
My orthopedist came to speak at my office (health workers) on this once. Had nothing to do with me, slightly awkward. But he pointed out that since you are basically holding the same position for hours, you want to sleep in the position you would hold if you were standing up for hours. It was actually good advice.
Gillian Acum 3 ore
My book: “aight, listen up. You’re either gonna get 5, or 6 hours of sleep tonight. Argue, put me down, or read something else, and it’ll be 4.” Me: “but I have school tomo-“ My book: “4 it is. No- shut up. I don’t care what dr. Mike says, you are gonna read, or your gonna have nightmares. Go.” Me: *pets cat aggressively
Elia Rodríguez
Elia Rodríguez Acum 4 ore
sometimes I get headaches when I smell coffee or cigarette smoke 😬 I also get them from eating things with too much butter or mayonnaise... is that the same as the cheese thing?🤔
Tiny Flame
Tiny Flame Acum 4 ore
My moms told me that lack of water causes headaches, is this true?
marit hietbrink
marit hietbrink Acum 5 ore
What about a chaotic sleeper? Sleeping on the back side and belly and knees up also upside down hanging half out of the bed.... you get the idea
Nevaeh Warren
Nevaeh Warren Acum 5 ore
I ended up in the hospital because of caffeine withdrawal
CNA ,Sarah A.
CNA ,Sarah A. Acum 5 ore
I love cheese too , but I have IBS so I could only have specific kinds of teeth...
WaffleAssassin Acum 6 ore
I'm definitely a 7incher.
William Eldridge
William Eldridge Acum 6 ore
Stomach sleepers left out. :-(
shoot gun man
shoot gun man Acum 6 ore
At least it's not Dr Oz trying to sell me magic coffee beans
Caitlyn Osborne
Caitlyn Osborne Acum 6 ore
Woke up to a pounding headache this morning and this one of the first videos I saw today
Legs Star
Legs Star Acum 7 ore
Pako Mongwaketse
Pako Mongwaketse Acum 9 ore
Dr Mike . Breathe
Laura Boix
Laura Boix Acum 9 ore
Thank you so much. I have usual migraines and your video was really helpful! Specially the advice about tyramine containing cheese 🧀 that I didn't knew
Abraham Weiss
Abraham Weiss Acum 10 ore
Thank you so much because no one has ever paid any attention when I told them aged cheese gave me headaches. They always just laughed and said that it was a first world problem but now I can say that the hot doc on youtube agrees.
nadeenz Acum 10 ore
And water !! If you don’t drink enough water you’ll get headache
R. M
R. M Acum 10 ore
When I read about all the possible triggers for migraine,I just gave up
Rebecca Gonzalez
Rebecca Gonzalez Acum 10 ore
I grind my teeth at night....since I was I was 5 years old...I dont know immediately doing it but....yea now I'm scared
Tina Mooney
Tina Mooney Acum 11 ore
Ok migraine and headache sufferers, I dont know who this will help, but here ya go.... Drink a big glass of water and go sit on the toilet. I dont know why exactly this works, but having a bowl movement seems to get rid of it on occasion. Maybe it has something to do with the nervous system. Maybe it's eliminating the food we are sensitive to. Either way it works. Just like when it goes away after throwing up. I know everyone has different triggers, but when I noticed a correlation, I mentioned it to a friend and now she swears pooping gets rid of her headaches sometimes too. In the same realm, my mom swears having an acidic stomach and not enough salt can cause headache.
reaction X10
reaction X10 Acum 12 ore
Wait....... Cheese causes MIGRAINES? 🤯 No wonder I have regular migraines 😱😱😱 I eat cheese regularly
xXxNerdyTomboyxXx Acum 14 ore
I have never had a headache before in my whole life of staring at my phone screen for hours......
Adrian van Niekerk
Adrian van Niekerk Acum 14 ore
I drink green tea once in a while, but it causes a slight irritation in my throat an makes me cough sometimes. Black tea (same plant) doesn't have that affect on me.
Jessica Renée Pettit
Jessica Renée Pettit Acum 14 ore
Doctor Mike! You forgot about periods! I suffer from a 2-3 day migraine every month (and from my tracking it, I believe it's due to my period). It's gotten a little better since I started taking iron pills, but they still rudely interrupt my daily life and workout routine. It sucks. 🤢
Thumper The Bunny
Thumper The Bunny Acum 15 ore
You forgot menstruation. Right now I have a bad headache and nausea. Before my period I’m having a headache and 3-5 days after my period. How do I get rid of it?
Elisa White
Elisa White Acum 16 ore
Me having chiari brain malfunction problems 👁 👄 👁
Carmen Gilbert
Carmen Gilbert Acum 16 ore
The one thing I hate about being a dancer is the daily compression headaches from the ponytails
Socc Acum 16 ore
One thing that gives me a headache is listening to people talk about headaches.
Riath21 Acum 17 ore
I had to deal with migraines for the better part of a decade. Was put on several meds for it before my current doctor decided to check my blood pressure and, lo and behold, high blood pressure. Put me on meds for that and now I only get a migraine every now and then, usually due to weather extremes.
aldous gamer tv
aldous gamer tv Acum 17 ore
Fortunately I don't have a curved vertebrae
Victoria Cook
Victoria Cook Acum 17 ore
I grind my teeth
Syuria Khafi
Syuria Khafi Acum 17 ore
compression always lead me to a headache..
Ashton Wilson
Ashton Wilson Acum 17 ore
Now I know why I had headaches at school Because of the hats
Dr Mike is so handsome! Hahaha
LUZCILLE 12 Acum 19 ore
Can eyedrops with menthol help lessen the headache after staring on the screen for a long period of time or lessen the chance of having a headache?
Vanessa Huskić
Vanessa Huskić Acum 20 ore
well .. I just had a headache yesterday it was so bad I thought I had a migraine this video should come in handy thanks ❤️
Sydney Phillips
Sydney Phillips Acum 20 ore
Hi!! I love your content. Can you make a video for people with medical anxiety? Or any anxiety causes by things they think they might have but often don't, or anxiety around certain procedures like surgery of any kind
Cressha_ 27
Cressha_ 27 Acum 20 ore
LMAO i frickin thought i was allergic with perfumes or the room spray thingy bcs i always get a migrane everytime i smell perfumes
Satine Acum 21 oră
The problem is that I sleep in almost every sleeping position possible, so it’s like I need a new mattress and pillow every time I change my sleeping position lmao. I’m young and yet I wake up with internal snapping hip, sciatica, and lower back pain. Ugh it’s annoying.
Isabel Dulay
Isabel Dulay Acum 21 oră
What kind of cheese doesn’t contain tyramine?
TinkyTheCat Acum 21 oră
Huh. I've always been very moderate with wine because I'm more prone to getting headaches after drinking it than other alcohols. I'd always thought I just couldn't metabolize grape alcohol well and was experiencing hangovers, but perhaps it's actually the tyramine - I do typically consume wine and cheese together.
Ariea Ilezion
Ariea Ilezion Acum 21 oră
this makes me realize how much i know about getting headaches because of how much i get them
Di Ray
Di Ray Acum 22 ore
The eye doctor enlightened me that my headaches could be from my ptosis because it caused me to raise my eyebrows unconsciously to try to raise my eyelids to see. As soon as he said it I could feel the tension and relax my forehead on purpose. No more headache.
LunaBianca1805 Acum 22 ore
I'm totally sure when I got headaches it's usually because of me clenching my teeth and that stupid tray doesn't help, because I might not have headaches after using it, but my teeth do hurt from biting down so hard ^^' The mattress is a matter of itself for me because I definitely get backaches if I sleep too long and a softer one didn't help, either :/ Oooh, caffeine, charged as guilty here. I usually pride myself in not doing any drugs, no alcohol, no cigs, but I actually do drink coffee and tea ^^'. If the headaches were supposed to be a weather change warning (I do get those, too.), then my asthma totally is, as well. I usually get trouble breathing when weather gets too humid and warm, so I get almost definitely tell you when a thunderstorm is brewing ;)
Emily Acum 22 ore
Dr. Mike, can you talk about the difference between migraines and headaches? I am a chronic migraine sufferer and I think people often just think of them as "bad headaches" when they affect the whole body and can be really debilitating.
Mini Maiden Allie
Mini Maiden Allie Acum 23 ore
... i sleep on my stomach soooo... yeah. The headaches form teeth clenching, i get that when its super cold and I'm shivering. Yep from ponytails, had it Yep from glasses, had it Yep perfumes, had it
Gabriela Finocchio
Gabriela Finocchio Acum o Zi
What if I grind my teeth at night, but it's only occasionally? Is that something that can happen from time to time, or should it never happen?
ur local smiley face
ur local smiley face Acum o Zi
so apparently people are reading books 16 inches away from their face while im over here at like 7 inches
Fernanda Peña
Fernanda Peña Acum o Zi
Hi can we talk about nicotine!!!
camille cavell
camille cavell Acum o Zi
Why does my headache usually get worse when the sun is in my eye or I'm looking at light?
samantha cesaro
samantha cesaro Acum o Zi
Other possible causes from my experience: Dehydration, over sleeping (8 or more hours), not sleeping enough(4 or less hours), stress, or even not eating properly.
Sebastien Fey
Sebastien Fey Acum o Zi
I already following all these advices but I still have a nonstop headache 24/7 for the past 12 years :/
John Hlatky
John Hlatky Acum o Zi
Surprised lack of water isn’t one of those reasons
marlee wells
marlee wells Acum o Zi
My mom has TMJ, gets terrible headaches
PixieAntix Acum o Zi
Blasphemy! My phone is not giving me headaches. ;)
Froggy_Leaf Acum o Zi
:o omg I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep for all of my life- this explains my jaw pain :O
Betina Hill
Betina Hill Acum o Zi
"and watch that screen time" me marathoning his videos all day: 😳
Adam Acum o Zi
I sleep without a pillow
Michelle Holmes
Michelle Holmes Acum o Zi
Me, watching on my cell phone. Cause #1 plays. Me, guiltily watching on my cell phone.
Chetan Padiyar
Chetan Padiyar Acum o Zi
Woooo hooo I don’t if he made this video because I constantly tweeted about this in Twitter. Either way thank you mike
Chetan Padiyar
Chetan Padiyar Acum o Zi
Thank you so much @drmike. I have severe migraine and still I’m not able to cure it
Chetan Padiyar
Chetan Padiyar Acum o Zi
Waiter: what would you like to have sir? Me: anything but tyramine
undecidedgenius Acum o Zi
Question on the sleeping position...what kind of pillow for all the above, plus 37 position no one has ever heard of?
December Acum o Zi
Definitely weather and strong scents for me. I can't even walk down the laundry/cleaning products aisle of a grocery store or the cosmetic counters in department stores without getting a headache.
Elinnaj joist
Elinnaj joist Acum o Zi
I like how he's glowing and passionate about this
Jan Uhelj
Jan Uhelj Acum o Zi
I do the thing with my eyes automatically, idk why but at some point I just started doing that and after doing it for a few weeks realised my headaches are wrong
Joan Acum o Zi
The problem with the 20/20/20 rule: you gotta be somewhere there's actually something you can look at that's 20 ft away that is not the sky
Vanessa Acum o Zi
Doctor Mike: Cheese! Me: hehehe ^continues eating vegan cheese^
Giovanna Anjos de Araújo
Giovanna Anjos de Araújo Acum o Zi
For me It's tough because I'm very anxious and have TMJ desorders...so double headaches. As crazy it may seem, i don't have bruxism. Doctor Mike, could you talk about this chronic disease some day? I think there's not enough discussion about it and I'm almost going to my second surgery...
Brianna Atis
Brianna Atis Acum o Zi
Are we just gonna ignore the way he said parmesan 3:16 😂
Annabelle Young
Annabelle Young Acum o Zi
Not me watching this video while having a migraine...chronic migraine sufferer here! I get one almost every day :(
Leo K
Leo K Acum o Zi
Hey Misha, next please do a video about what's going on with your neck veins. Lifting heavy, speaking too loud, or just body adapted to flow all the extra blood your brain needs to make these videos? lol
Syed Hasan
Syed Hasan Acum o Zi
Can we get a video on the cures for a headache?
m0t0b33 Acum o Zi
Yeah... about 4 of those causes are happening to me periodically, but you forgot about the PMS migraine, the sinus infection, the ear infection, tooth infection, allergy triggered migraines ( sometimes it's not just the strong scents), light sensitivity migraines, noise sensitivity migraines...indigestion can cause them too... sh*t I got a whole new list... but yeah, those things happened to me, especially the weather one, and all I like to do is chew some gum (it alleviates the tension in the jaw), or drink some chamomile tea, cover my head with a light fluffy blanket and make it quiet or play some smooth music until I ideally fall asleep, or if it's a head cold, I give myself the hair treatment with the oil mixture, massage lightly, put a plastic cap and a beanie on, to keep it incubated and cozy and then just relax and let the oils do their thing ( if there's peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and say.... maybe a bit of BHA extract of salicylic acid in that concoction, they work just fine in decongesting and alleviating migraines... besides the benefits to the scalp).
Tiffany Muller
Tiffany Muller Acum o Zi
Start watching this cause of having migraines 19 and have had migraines since I was 8ish. So far known causes for me, sleep (too much), food (specifically beans, soy, peanuts) dehydration, scents, light, heat, stress, masks (new one 🙄😡) and having over 3-4 a week, the compression, and the glasses (much better with contacts I feel). So far haven’t figured it out yet
Danielle Connick
Danielle Connick Acum o Zi
LOVE OH Arnold Palmer! I had clinicals there and it’s such a nice hospital!! I’m excited to learn that they are building a epilepsy monitoring unit, can’t wait to see how it turns out.
Crystal Acum o Zi
i stopped the video at 21 sec to say.. sleeping like a pretzel is sure fire way to get a headache lol
Pon Ky
Pon Ky Acum o Zi
What about iron deficiency.
caa Acum o Zi
Yeah... I have migraines since that I can remember... I was beeing followed by a neurologist and everything and no one could really help me... I take zolmitriptan like 3 times per week or more, I hate the side effects but I can't do anything if I don't take it.
Uquo Mama
Uquo Mama Acum o Zi
Even talking about headaches gives me a headache. What is wrong with me????
Stacey Parfait
Stacey Parfait Acum o Zi
Mine is the ponytail and caffeine withdrawals!!!!!
Clara Catlady
Clara Catlady Acum o Zi
Me, an idiot, who wears an overear noise cancelling headset at night, because it helps me sleep 😴 You win some you lose some
Clara Catlady
Clara Catlady Acum o Zi
I honestly don’t remember a day in the past year where I haven’t had a headache 🤕
Audra G
Audra G Acum o Zi
So many of these triggers apply to me. I told someone that MSG was a headache trigger for me and he said how is that possible since we already have a small amount in our bodies. I told him we also have a small amount of arsenic in our bodies...do you want more of that?
HeatedSamurai No u
HeatedSamurai No u Acum o Zi
I use my phone 8 hours a day but I don’t get headaches
Sindhu Shukla
Sindhu Shukla Acum o Zi
Dr Mike : let that hair down Me: ok (let's down 2 and a half meter long hair down, instantly snaps my neck , dies of a heat stroke and also gets suspended from school)
Amy Plowman
Amy Plowman Acum o Zi
I’m a migraine sufferer and I cannot under any circumstances give up CHEESE. 🧀😍 I am somebody who’s migraines are more often triggered by strong smells though, so I’m not blaming my love for cheese. 🤣
mr. creosote
mr. creosote Acum o Zi
cheese has tyramine, the aged cheese has lots of it tyramine is a head ache trigger if you eat it a lot it would be the best for you to leave the cheese, at least for a certain period of time
Lisa Tinbliki
Lisa Tinbliki Acum o Zi
Dr. Mike Help!!! Please analyse Jennifer Burrows, an assistant pathologist with the Jackson County medical examiner services, is accused of having sex with dozens of corpses over the course of the last two years, a behavior which led the birth of a baby boy on January 7. How did she do it? Can a dead men have a baby? Thank you.
Pipananda1 Acum o Zi
I never had migraines until I got my first smartphone - it had 4G LTE - within days I started having 1 to 3 migraines a week - sure, eyestrain can be a trigger, but that's not the danger of cell phones - it's the radiation! After 3 months of tests and being diagnosed with complex migraine a friend suggested turning off my cell phone. No more migraines! The effect was immediate.
Mary FARNELL Acum o Zi
DOCTER MIKE!!! i have a question!!! is there anyway to reduce or get rid of Hyperhydrosis?
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