vandergrad Acum 21 oră
Mike, I get what you are saying about this kid being "unbelievable" ... however, I work with a man who has autism and savant syndrome. Trust me, someone like that can do amazing (almost superhuman) things.
TJI Acum 21 oră
Korbinian Kroha
Korbinian Kroha Acum 21 oră
I can just relate Bro! I have just finished Friends, I‘m also a geek and I‘m also in love with Rachel!🥲💗
CP368 Productions
CP368 Productions Acum 21 oră
Blood needles feel like a pick axe in your arm, not a pinch.
Red Chain
Red Chain Acum 22 ore
I thought it I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it ya know?
Elizabeth Wolfe
Elizabeth Wolfe Acum 22 ore
I love when he gets triggered of the smallest things
laughing cow
laughing cow Acum 22 ore
The girl who said she isnt a fan of intermittent fasting because she likes eating must not know what it is, because you do eat but you just do it in a smaller window of time, she should have listened to what he had to say about it before cutting him off to say shes not a fan
Giyuu前輩 Acum 22 ore
3:00 Hmmm That Face Looks Familiar :-)
Chastity Thomas
Chastity Thomas Acum 22 ore
Y’all put the wrong singing group for No Scrubs … that TLC ‘s song. Not Destiny Child
Godzillagetsnoob FNF and Roblox YA
Godzillagetsnoob FNF and Roblox YA Acum 22 ore
You should watch this videos it’s name is 12 things your stool says about your health
N4INC - Ate Nessa Banez
N4INC - Ate Nessa Banez Acum 22 ore
ohhh. DR. ROMANTIC!! it's on VIKI also. It has 2 seasons. The setting is an Emergency Trauma Hospital.
Godzillagetsnoob FNF and Roblox YA
Godzillagetsnoob FNF and Roblox YA Acum 22 ore
Should watch this video it’s name is 12 things your stool says about your health
AnzaShadow Acum 22 ore
As someone who's been fat in the past and managed to get rid of that extra weight, I can honestly say it feels a lot better being normal weight. Aesthetics obviously matter too but I feel a lot better physically as well. Things you do everyday: walking, going up and down the stairs, chores etc. are a lot easier, you don't get exhausted as easily. Also the biggest problem with diets is that they aren't sustainable. The person trying to lose weight should talk with their nutritionist about the things they enjoy eating, coming up with lower calorie versions of those foods. I'd imagine that more often than not they don't decrease the amount of calories eaten a day steadily but it's rather a huge change which makes it unsustainable. Good nutrition works but no one should expect drastic changes immediately, it's about adjusting to a new lifestyle and doing it long term.
Layla Universa
Layla Universa Acum 22 ore
I’m allergic to face paint, greasy makeup, heat ( possible just my sweat ) and other random skin things. No joke.
CP368 Productions
CP368 Productions Acum 22 ore
Last time I had my eyes checked I had 40/20 vision, I haven't had it checked in over 10 years but haven't noticed anything changing in my sight.
Krystal Massey
Krystal Massey Acum 22 ore
Fast forward to 2021 and now there's the Delta variant. so much for it "fading away" lmao. (claps sarcastically in slow motion)
Kaan Kavlak
Kaan Kavlak Acum 22 ore
House is the most on point show in this list. NO WAY ITS NUMBER THREE! Well I have to go to sleep to forget this now. Thanks Doc.
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube Acum 22 ore
Rewatching. Just like first time, starting from second. Actually this could be great onion article
Metro Atom
Metro Atom Acum 22 ore
Me:who is hearing smart cheese and uncle padji
chaotisac Acum 22 ore
*how to make Doc Mike angry* Step 1: Facebook
LoonRider Acum 22 ore
Dogs have a few things in common with people: lashing out indiscriminately when stressed is one of them. Dealing with dog aggression can be scary as hell. I was walking my little poodle shih-tzu cross by a house with an open garage (I didn't know it at the time, but the door leading to the house's back yard was open) and their big dog came hurtling out and latched her jaws onto my dog's hips. From my dog starting to yowl-scream in pain, to being on my knees with her in my lap and my arm out to ward off the other dog... I have no memory. I don't remember how I got them separated, so I totally feel the adrenaline spike spoken of here. I also have experience with an unknown dog charging. A big dog was loose in my neighbourhood and ran towards my dog and my mom, and I put myself between them. The dog left when I told it to. Wishes that people here don't have to deal with this sort of thing, for themselves or their animals.
Gomez G
Gomez G Acum 22 ore
Omg u know about Chile. A chilean here I felt so happy usually people doesn't know where we are or who we are hahaha. Happy to see you beat your fear with a tarantula that's very scary
Dakota Young
Dakota Young Acum 22 ore
In January of this year, I was about 285lbs. I went and saw a nutritionist and she told me that if I increased my water intake and decreased my portions in what I eat, I would become much healthier! It is now the end of July and I am 250lbs! It is a real struggle and a big life change but I am really proud of how far I’ve come so far. Everyone should be proud of who they are, and also try their best to stay healthy.
Altea Guevara Alonso
Altea Guevara Alonso Acum 22 ore
I had nodules in my thyroid and they disappeared in 1 year without any treatment. The doctors were a bit confused, is that normal?
UG TITAN Acum 22 ore
For someone who was fat last year and now in shape, i believe being fat was the most uncomfortable life experience
Gerard Morvan
Gerard Morvan Acum 22 ore
What about St. Elsewhere, Chicago Hope or even Diagnosis : Murder ? Worth doing a reaction video, I think.
ISAAC Lalnunzira
ISAAC Lalnunzira Acum 22 ore
as much as i hate to argue, looking at a bright source of light HELPS ME SNEEZE!!!!
Angelica Cosme
Angelica Cosme Acum 22 ore
I slept like 13th and was scared of myself.
Awais Khalid
Awais Khalid Acum 22 ore
My childhood
Riley Westerlund
Riley Westerlund Acum 22 ore
How do you find out your blood type?
Baz :3
Baz :3 Acum 22 ore
Dr Mike: *going ham abt how good dogs are* me a cat lover: "u cannot tempt me mortal"
Kaya Chan
Kaya Chan Acum 22 ore
3:48 doc we founded out you been in "interesting" web-sites lately
mojo Acum 22 ore
I have been drowning in toxic thoughts the last few months and it's a daily struggle
Jason Carpenter
Jason Carpenter Acum 22 ore
punch, smack
gavin menagh
gavin menagh Acum 22 ore
do growing pains exists
Zoe Soteriou
Zoe Soteriou Acum 22 ore
only the desperate know about the poop music. I was...
Dakota Young
Dakota Young Acum 22 ore
“Is there a doctor on board????” *me having watched every season of greys anatomy*
Adesuwa Omo Arase
Adesuwa Omo Arase Acum 22 ore
Like the new. One better
Jeannie Brown
Jeannie Brown Acum 22 ore
I watched this before and know I remember
Vasiliki Liotsiou
Vasiliki Liotsiou Acum 22 ore
These 2 videos made me feel so sad. I will never go to the hospital again. I have been treated so rude so many times. I was complaining for back pain for 5 whole months, doctors were laughing at me when i told them i think i have a slipped disc. Eventually, i have a bad slipped disc and 2 bulges.! Another time i had extreme stomach pain, i went at the hospital, i told them i have a family history of ulcers, but they laughed because im 25. Eventually, i have stomach ulcer.
Aaron Sugden
Aaron Sugden Acum 22 ore
People whos watching on a pc tower : me :Ihave a pc and £100
Saranyya Chatterjee
Saranyya Chatterjee Acum 22 ore
Oh look at me re-watching a year later at 2 am
darci peeps
darci peeps Acum 22 ore
ER was my moms favorite
Samsung Phone
Samsung Phone Acum 22 ore
I thought she's Lita of WWE.
TheTaco Spirit
TheTaco Spirit Acum 22 ore
Well I have bad news for you Doctor Mike I listen to Doom music at full blast
The Aapeman
The Aapeman Acum 22 ore
I don't know if your gonna see this, but I think a collab with FDC and your channel would be insane. You might want to check it out.
babee woda
babee woda Acum 22 ore
Mike: this is bears bone me: hmmmmm sus
Myduh Treasure
Myduh Treasure Acum 22 ore
CJ Wolf
CJ Wolf Acum 22 ore
The light sneezing thing is real. It's a genetic phenomenon that works for some people. It's called your "Photic Sneeze Reflex".
Rhy Hunt
Rhy Hunt Acum 22 ore
without finishing watching it yet, I can already tell you are Physical Touch first then Quality Time.♡︎
_J B_
_J B_ Acum 22 ore
Reading the comments makes me think we don't deserve to survive as a species...
Paul M
Paul M Acum 22 ore
What about Modal material that wicks moisture away? I notice a lot of time my cotton briefs feel damp after a while.
Reptile Pals
Reptile Pals Acum 22 ore
As an autistic person I just wanted to comment about the early intervention thing. Its actually harmful because for many autistics including myself, eye contact causes actual pain and with a lot of those early intervention programs they force the person to make painful eye contact and encourage the person to suppress stimming (it means self stimulatory behavior and it's how autistics self regulate) and stim suppression is really painful and harmful too.
Metro Atom
Metro Atom Acum 22 ore
Mike:*tries to explain what i am thinking Me who is a 15 year old who does not make money:༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
Shahd Ahmed
Shahd Ahmed Acum 22 ore
They are twins?
Gomez G
Gomez G Acum 22 ore
Lol regarding the c section I think is normal in our latin American culture to ask our parents if we were planned or not if we were c section or not 🤭🤭 usually really interesting and funny stories from out from those conversations
Ajr pigeon
Ajr pigeon Acum 22 ore
Bianca Mars
Bianca Mars Acum 22 ore
Tyler Sew
Tyler Sew Acum 22 ore
I agree the main issue with anti-vaxers is them trying to convince everyone else of conspiracy theories. The main issue with pro-vaccine angle is alienating people who make a different choice. Now you have no chance of educating them and it's half the reason it has become so polar. Also give more information on vaccines some are more effective than others and carry different risks, you should be allowed to make that decision.
Meyer Tech Rants
Meyer Tech Rants Acum 22 ore
Why doesn't bear have skin? Dogs are supposed to have skin.
Saranyya Chatterjee
Saranyya Chatterjee Acum 22 ore
I want him as my uncle Apparently, I watched this video one year ago too
Elesis Seighart
Elesis Seighart Acum 22 ore
a good way to alleviate headache is to take a hot bath
hesja88 Acum 22 ore
I can t believe he caled TF2 medic a guy from ghostbusters
Rick Perry
Rick Perry Acum 22 ore
I like your videos, but if you really have some gray hair, I have no sympathy for you, none, absolutely none.
Luis Otero
Luis Otero Acum 22 ore
So you know how chocolate is toxic to dogs? So are grapes. So if you feed your dog grapes...they finna die
Alexandra Plaza
Alexandra Plaza Acum 22 ore
I prefer whatever you like! you look soooo handsome no matter what! Like... even with your spikes there! LOL
That one dude •-•
That one dude •-• Acum 22 ore
Finally, someone understands that a show/movie with a woman protagonist can be good without making everyone sexist lol
aneeqa ali
aneeqa ali Acum 22 ore
How to get rid of a double chin? ‘ Idk Im not a plastic surgeon’
Maria Gomonova
Maria Gomonova Acum 22 ore
wait, is it just me,? or does he actually has eye shadow on?
Kiara Tyler
Kiara Tyler Acum 22 ore
“If i was a better doctor and a smarter human..” 🤣🤣🤣❤️ omg love it. Just stay you Doctor
Jemma Bell
Jemma Bell Acum 22 ore
ER is my fav and will forever be my fav until someone tops it. it brought up real problems, race, sexism, sexual harassment, homophobia, mental illness, addictions, HIV/AIDS stigma, and many more without it being done just to check off boxes. They portrayed them accurately and didn't do it just to be dramatic and for wow factor (looking at you greys). They put the show in a place where gangs are a real problem, hence it's not 100% dramatic for there to be shootings in the er and things like that. They also had the whole setting react, ie putting in the nurse check point, adding medal detectors, bullet proof glass ect. it's over all just quality
Amanda Acum 22 ore
Me: Puts Cinnamon in my Hot Chocolate Everyone Else: No
cgmoney_skates Acum 22 ore
5:31 fun fact the vape pen was made because a man's dad died of lung related problems cus he smoked the man made the vape for smokers who wanted to quit
ATE0009 Gaming
ATE0009 Gaming Acum 22 ore
8:27 this guy has an onion blasting essential oils in his apartment
Kenzie Dorantes
Kenzie Dorantes Acum 22 ore
So what's wrong with him being a doctor and explaining why he said what he said? It sounds like this comment is fatphobic or being obese is okay.
Yo[name] Acum 22 ore
and don’t ask me to fight you because that would be animal abuse
Account that I'll use to comment
Account that I'll use to comment Acum 22 ore
I've heard this "I lost brain cells" thing soo much that I'm starting to think that's how it works