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I wish my doctor is as good as you
Snow axe
Snow axe Acum 23 ore
Ahhh, It went by so fast, i need one hour of this
Kurachi84 Acum 23 ore
I forgot that since Dr Mike is a doctor, i might see or hear about bawlbreaking stuff. I'm a guy, i know what -sitting on- hitting them feels like... it hoits.
natsu dragneel
natsu dragneel Acum 23 ore
These people are fatphobicphobic.
Amanda Graham
Amanda Graham Acum 23 ore
My cousin went to dump out a huge pot of hot water and accidentally dumped it on herself and got 3rd degree burns on her legs! She’s super lucky she didn’t need skin grafts or any type of surgery. Thankfully she was within an hour of Stanford, UCSF, and Davis in case she ended up needing a higher level of care. She’s fine now, she just has some skin discoloration and has to apply sunscreen on her legs every day before leaving the house.
Melissa Croucher-Hoten
Melissa Croucher-Hoten Acum 23 ore
Would you consider doing a video on Fibromyalgia?
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole Acum 23 ore
The only time I’ve peed that much is with UTIs which is like kind of all the time
Jynxedlove Acum 23 ore
7:20 yes yes yes YES YES. I'm a part time (electric) wheelchair user because of my EDS. I am still weak enough that it is dangerous for me to do a lot of walking at once, because as my muscles tire, I start dislocating stuff. I use my wheelchair sparingly, and walk as much as possible. I make sure to exercise, that I'm hitting a certain step count each day to make sure I'm getting continuously STRONGER not weaker. My parents were both disabled, and they did NOT cope well. My mom would eat and let herself get heavier, then move less, then her MS would get worse and worse. My dad loved to use sweets to raise his blood sugar, and refused any mobility aids and always did more walking than he should have. I grew up trying to parent them to listen to their doctors and physical therapists, but they never would. I found it so infuriating that way back as a teen I promised myself I would use the tools provided in the right ways, that I wouldn't let my disability be an excuse to just not try. Even my boyfriend, who has a similar joint condition, used my wheelchair to go up the street or on a walk while he was feeling weak, tired, or in pain. He started relying on it, and over a few weeks got noticeably weaker, so I had to ban him from using it without first asking again, and lectured him on using tools as crutches.
Randumb Master
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Doctor Mike: so uhh yea I drank soda and alcohol, *you probably think I'm a failure...* BUT REMEMBER, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES, THAT'S PART OF LIFE Like we get it you drank soda and alcohol you don't need to make a whole tedtalk abt it-
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Lucky cabbage
John Melmar Losauro
John Melmar Losauro Acum o Zi
Doc. Mike, I'm a freshmen nursing student, can you make a content about the difference of medical terminologies? like the difference between syndrome and disorder, disease and cancer, illness and sickness etc.. that really drives me crazy when I'm reading my books, cause no one is there to help us to answer those questions.
louise bakker
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I really appreciate the vomit warning I have emetofobia which is a fear of vomit. You just saved me from a panic attack. Thank you dr mike😊
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I came here for entertainment....but then learned a lot of new things! Dr. Mike is amazing!
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Talks about American processed foods, shows a Canadian candy.
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I love that half way through this competition, dr. mike finds out his opponent is the grand champion of debating.
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could you do a video about sunscreen and skin cancer awareness:( maybe with a dermatologist featured! a lot of high school age friends of mine don’t care ab skin protection;( and even telling them about aging doesn’t change their opinion!
Wonderful ; I go through life keeping my 'backdoor' cherry and loose it to a mortician simulating that I'm an igloo.
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do more kdramas !!
Adit Bagaitkar
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Obviously, Mike is already married to bear.
Aelijahhugh Ruiz
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Hello Dr mike i have two question does a person have brain problems if you talk to yourself other people may think that its creepy , weird or something is wrong with me , Second what causes deja vu or its just coincedence to happens the same situation yesterday right back to the present ?? 🤔
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where is the workout video this video has 300+ k likes :(
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Can you react to New Amsterdam?
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30 min nap? I can’t do it. I get 2-3 hours in the early morning. Two one hour naps during the day. Then 2-3 hours in the late afternoon. My life is a mess.
CJ's Deaf Diaries
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You should watch House season 5 episode 22
Núbia Cardoso
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React to Under Pressure! It’s a brazilian TV show about medicine in poor hospitals with few equipments etc
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5:15 like a lil MoNkEy ThiNg
I enjoy the show 6' under. The coolest was the old man who drove himself to the funeral home in the suit he wanted to be buried in then died right on time . Im sure St. Peter was high five that's class , way to go bro !
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I have the geographic tongue lol
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I’m currently in the MOA program and watching your videos I think has inspired me to possibly doing my RN after, thank you!!
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Where did you buy that Wall art of the brain and heart lol 😂
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I don’t understand the chicken
Alejandra Gonzalez
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I think Vegans are anti vaccine, not because they are not healthy but bc the animal testing involved in their development.
Kitsuné Shadow
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I call it the curse! But mostly as a joke and as a reference to werewolves. 🤣 Also materia médica is used to refer to the encyclopedia of substances used for healing. The term is more commonly used in courses for phytotherapy and homeopathy these days.
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I love how much we learn about Dr. Mike in this
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I don't think you had questionable hygiene 😂😂 Washing yourself with water is waaaay better than wiping. And taking a bath does the same purpose as a shower does.
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I was actually really worried about this, so thanks for makjng this short!
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These vaccines are for world depopulation
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sleeping keeps ppl from smoking it 24/7 and when your too high you literally cant smoke anymore as far as i know the long term effects are athsma unless you smoke blunts then its an increase in lung cancer you cant die from weed you cant overdose on it unless you start mixing it with other drugs but i think cbd decreases testosterone and thc increases it from what ive read it might be wrong indica will make you more sleepy and lazy while sativa makes you more active and energized sativa would make a decent replacement for energy drinks now that i think about it. Alot of people will smoke sativa in the morning and smoke indica at night as a balance because they have a condition to where its hard for them to sleep at night so other than asthma there is no serious risk unless you are schizophrenic then it can put you into psychosis because of the thc other than that as far as we know there is no serious side effects
GaijinWolfR34 Acum o Zi
Torn scrotum, you could just walk way from car crash, you can't walk off a torn scrot.
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Dr.romantic 2
Makoosh Acum o Zi
The media, right, left, CNN, FOX News, has decayed into a mess of hearsay in order to get many views as possible instead of having the duty and responsibility to provide the citizens of the United States with correct information. I don’t know where to get my news any more.
Nadine Nijstad
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Mike: *talks about ccthr Derek: *never git a ct*
Totally Not A Lolicon
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Why the white blood cell have such uh large chests
soundbreaker Harms
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my grandfather had a third haert attack about a week after getting a pacemaker he was in our bathroom my aunt mother and i had to do chest compressions for an hour before i finally got an ambulance to show up but unfortunately he had already passed away i was there with im in aouther city at a hospital visiting my grandmother we were walking to our car when he fell down and had a haert attack i was in shock but a doctor came and helped him along with many nurses two days later he had another haert attack in the icu so they put in two stents and a pacemaker a day after the pacemaker was put in they sent him home and a week later we lost him. unfortunatly chest compressions didnt work for us that time
Lilith Acum o Zi
Somebody: *on the floor after a heart attack* Dr Mike in his head: "Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk.."
Sanguinemluna Acum o Zi
Hey, that's my headset! Also, wow it's weird looking at the older state of the game these days.
Abid ullah official YouTube
Abid ullah official YouTube Acum o Zi
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I told my friends that cells at work anime is awesome, some of my friends wanna be a doctor too, so this one can make them learning to be doctor ^^